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Our Favorite Mystery, Suspense, and Thriller Books

April 19, 2014

Do you enjoy Mystery books? Or Suspense? Or do you enjoy Thriller books? Check out the great books listed below from some of the best Indie authors in the marketplace.

30+ New Best Free eBooks For Kindle For Saturday

April 19, 2014

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We have a great list of the best free eBooks for Kindle to read that exceed our minimum guidelines. These are proven winners based upon user reviews. See the entire list of free eBooks for Kindle from The Best Free Kindle BooksEnjoy the best free online eBooks to read with 30+ new books for Saturday.

The 56th Man 

4.1 stars on 25 reviews.  Mystery.

Free 4/19-4/23.

A former member of Saddam Hussein’s Special Security Force arrives in Richmond, Virginia. Under the name of Ari Ciminon, he sets up house on the James River. The house was purchased for him by the U.S. Marshals Service, which is responsible for watching over him while he supplies intelligence to CENTCOM. Because he is fluent in Italian (as well as a host of other languages) he is presented to his new neighbors as an Italian of Arab descent. Ari learns on his first day that the previous occupants, Jerry and Moria Riggins and their two sons, were murdered in their home nine months ago. The murders are unsolved. Ari has plenty of free time on his hands and sets out to solve the crime–in his own peculiar way.

Roaring Mountain 

4.4 stars on 46 reviews. Memoir.

Free 4/19-4/21.

When my son, Gary Gray, was killed by an avalanche while climbing Mount Shuksan in the North Cascades, he was buried under tons of ice and snow. I was told his body might never be recovered and that perhaps I should consider him now a part of the mountain. It was the beginning of a journey unlike any I had taken before. For the next few years I traveled through devastating grief and tortuous self-doubt while unsuccessfully searching for reasons why my son’s life was taken by the very planet he was trying to save. Was it his destiny, kismet, or fate? Or was it just plain old bad luck? I had to try to find out.

After three years of being in limbo and soul-searching, and just when I thought he would remain in his icy sarcophagus forever, the mountain was ready to give him up. His body was recovered under extraordinary, miraculous circumstances and the stunning sequence of events surrounding the incredible recovery was to change forever the way I think and believe. My slightly skeptical nature could not help but grow into spiritual enlightenment after experiencing such miracles first hand.


The Best of the Best Free Books for Saturday

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Shiloh Stark

4.3 stars on 9 reviews.

Western, Historical, Action/Adventure.

Regular price $7.99. On sale for only $0.99!

In one of the bloodiest battles of the War Between the States, he became known as Shiloh Stark by outshooting everyone else in his outfit.

After the war he roamed the world in search of a peace he did not find.

Ten years after the war ended, a tall man wearing dark clothes and two tied-down guns appeared in No Man’s Land, where there was no law and no peace.

But Shiloh Stark was no longer looking for peace. He came prepared for war.

Click here to see more action-packed gunfighting westerns by Van Holt.

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The Keeper

4.1 stars on 12 reviews.  Contemporary fiction. 

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal.

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99.

The Keeper is a thought-provoking, PG-rated contemporary women’s drama that explores the mysterious power of friendship and love. Initially, powerhouse surgeon Dr. Chris Seacrest finds little of interest to him in the young, post-stroke patient Caitlin Rosenberry. But a brief encounter in an exam room sets a series of cataclysmic events into motion from which there is no turning back. In the midst of it all, Dr. Seacrest finds himself in love with Caitlin, yet she never wants to see him again.

  • I recommend this book to anyone interested in the psychological healing process and who just enjoys a good read. Amazon Review.
  • I read it in a couple of days with the last half all in one evening.  Amazon Review.
  • This is an engaging story about our misconceptions about social position, medicine, and love, and the choices we must make. Amazon review.

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Soundtracks of a Life

A New Adult Rockstar Romance.

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99.

At the tender age of 14, Lorelai, suffers the traumatic loss of both parents in a fatal airplane disaster only to be met four years later with the sudden death of her sister. It is only her love of music which keeps her from being swallowed up by her deep depression. During her college sophomore year, her life takes a turn for the better when she decides to start a band filled with other extremely talented musicians and rather cute classmates.

Quickly gaining notoriety and building a loyal following, the band is approached by a hot shot manager but being under the wing of the powerful Susan Carmichael comes with a catch – Absolutely no relationships between the band members! Unfortunately, Lorelai is already helplessly in love with a fellow band mate.

Still fighting the demons of her tragic past, these new feelings of love and a sickening fear of possible loss, Lorelai is caught up in a downward spiral that eventually puts her life at great risk and drives a wedge between her and the love of her life.
Now, In order to win him back she must prove that she is fully committed to life.

LAST DAY!! Spring Break Kindle Fire Giveaway

April 18, 2014

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New Book Releases for April

April 18, 2014

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for April 2014 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

Small Town Seduction

Part 1

Katie has Lived in St Elmo for most of her life, While she believes that she is quite happy with they way that things are, when a gorgeous boy shows up on a motorcycle she can’t help but be interested. She allows herself to be seduced, and starts on a journey that will eventually change her life.

This is PART 1 of Zoey Lee’s Small Town Seduction Series aimed to fulfill all the lust and desires of a woman’s heart.

Think you can handle this one of a kind erotic read? You will never know unless you try. Experimenting is always fun! Read more on Amazon.

Book One: The Traveler

Kabe Garenth was a man who, other than being an inventor, didn’t seem all that extraordinary. That was because his family kept him out of trouble. However, no one could protect him from his true destiny. After all, how could anyone, when he himself didn’t know it just yet?

What Kabe learns is that he is a member of the Gifted Universe, a place separate from the parallel universes like the one Kabe lived in, and that he has the ability to teleport.

Why was he there, though? Who was the one who finally came forth with the truth?

Most importantly: why was this truth revealed? Read more on Amazon.

(45+) Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books? Check Out This List (45+)!

April 18, 2014

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Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books? We provide a daily list of the best free Kindle books that exceed our minimum guidelines. Today we have a very large list (45+ books) that are are proven winners based upon user reviews. Below are selected free online eBooks from The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free online books to read with these Friday freebies.

Of Little Faith

4.8 stars on 10 reviews. 

Thriller.   Free 4/18-4/20.

What would you do if everything you held precious in life was suddenly ripped from you? How would you react to the torture of your spouse and murder of your only child–a five-year-old boy? What if you were forced to witness the savage events and made to feel responsible for the horror? Would you abandon all hope in humanity? Would you lose all faith in a life and ideology you once cherished? If offered the chance and the resources, would you track down the man who destroyed your life? Would you kill him? Would you be willing to chase this madman straight to hell to finish the job? And, once there, what if you had a single opportunity to abandon your vengeful quest and exit hell? Would you escape to save your soul or would you stay to exact your revenge. . . ?

Living Lies (Agent Ward Novels) 

4.2 stars on 106 reviews. 

Romance. Suspense. Humor. Action Adventure.

Free 4/18-4/20.

Agent Ward Adventures Begin with Living Lies


Meet secret agent Melanie Ward, who quits the spy game, after 10 years, when a justly earned promotion is snatched away by her nemesis, the arrogant and smug, Son-of-a-Senator.

  • Second Chance (Book2 of the Agent Ward Novels)
  • Heat Wave (Book 3 of the Agent Ward Novels)
  • Chase (Book 4 of the Agent Ward Novels)

Another Sanibel Sunset Detective 

4.7 stars on 27 reviews. 

Mystery.  Free 4/18-4/20.

Welcome to Tree Callister’s Sanibel Island. . .  Meet some of his friends.

THE MYSTERIOUS WOMAN. She tries to seduce Tree in Paris and Key West–and she may be trying to kill him on Sanibel Island.  TWO SHADY CHARACTERS. A former director of the Pakistani Secret Service, Miram Shah, wants Tree to find his missing fiancée. Accused Serbian war criminal Javor Zoran has lost his true love. He insists Tree find her. THE DOCTOR WITH A MACHETE. Actually, Dr. Edgar Bunya says the correct name for his machete is a cutlass. Dr. Edgar plans to use it to cut off Tree’s hands.  THE DEAD BODIES. From Key West to Useppa Island to Sanibel, Tree keeps stumbling across corpses. The cops don’t like this one bit.

His marriage is in jeopardy, his son is in trouble, his life is being threatened, and time is running out for Tree Callister in his most dangerous and action- packed adventure yet.


Our best free books for Friday.

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The Septic Circle

Contemporary fiction. Humor.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal.

Regular price $5.99. Sale price $0.99.

As the only sceptic in Cravenly’s new and not-very-psychic circle, how many haunted toasters, possessed worry dolls, and sabotaged book signings can one man cope with? Jay Taylor’s patience may already be stretched to breaking point, but the odious presence of ego-ridden psychic star, Fenwick Arcana could just push him over the edge.

Having taken the nervous wreck who started this whole mess, Freddy, under his wing, and with gossip-monger Lysander and irrepressible believer Marnie to cope with, the circle’s most reluctant member is about to have his sanity severely tested.

Gathered together, their diaries chronicle the circle’s first year, as they fight through a minefield of paranormal detritus, smug wizardry, toxic baking, revenge plots, and the filming of disastrously amateur paranormal TV show, Spirit Squad. But through all that, perhaps the biggest battle any of them will face is one another. And the loneliness.

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The End Came With A Kiss (Beautiful Dead)

4.9 stars on 39 reviews! Romance. 

On sale for only $0.99!

My friends and I used to laugh about the zombie apocalypse, the absurdity of it. But when it came, it was nothing like the movies had portrayed. We couldn’t have had it more wrong. There was no gore. There was no blood or tearing of flesh. It was the most beautiful thing the world had ever seen, and that was what took us by surprise. We were not prepared to have our destruction lure us in like a harlot.

You see, the end did not come with a scratch or a bite. It came with a kiss.

  • A page turning, on the edge of your seat, roller coaster ride of a story! Amazon Review
  • The characters are likable and believable, The plot is smart and the story delightful.  Amazon Review

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To Love An Alpha

A BBW Shifter Romance Boxed Set (4 Book Bundle)

4.5 stars on 34 reviews!  Paranormal Romance.

Regular price $9.99. On sale for $3.99!


For a very limited time only, you can download this special collectors boxed set featuring all of Adriana Hunter’s popular shifter romance novels!

This scorching hot collection includes 4 never before bundled novels and novellas including:

  • Taming The Alpha
  • Claiming The Alpha
  • Better Mate Than Never
  • All American Wolf

Includes full length novels & novella’s. Over 250 pages! Grab your copy now!

For Fans Of Romance Books

April 17, 2014

Do you enjoy romance books? These are some of the Romance books that are featured on our Romance Books page.

A Great List of New Free Books (35+) for Kindle for Thursday

April 17, 2014

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Looking for some new free books for your Kindle that have great reviews and are free? We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with 35+ new Thursday freebies.


4.6 stars on 26 reviews.

Free 4/17-4/18. Contemporary Romance.

One Thing Emily Taylor has always longed for is a happily ever after. After a series of losses, betrayals, and a few crap-tastic dating experiences, she has settled into a simple life which includes little more than her cat, work, and a foul-mouthed best friend. Then, she meets Avery. . .

Avery Martin is a simple man, a country boy at heart who is working at his dream job as a fireman. When he responds to a nasty car accident, he is immediately taken with the petite blonde he finds pinned in the wreckage. Crossing professional lines, he strikes up a friendship with her. But can they settle for friendship when their forever is staring them in the face? Or will an ex with a vendetta drive them apart?

Rebekka Franck Series Box Set 

4.3 stars on 64 reviews. Mystery. 

Free 4/17-4/20.

  • Book 1 – One, Two … He is coming for you is the first book in Willow Rose’s mystery-series about the reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune.
  • Book 2 – Three, Four … Better lock your door: Zeeland Times star-reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune are covering the case for the news-paper and soon they find themselves deeply involved in a story of terrifying horror and ugly secrets.
  • Book 3 - Five, Six … Grab your Crucifix: Rebekka Franck and Sune are on a vacation in Northern Zeeland when they suddenly find themselves involved in what turns out to be their most horrifying case to this date.

The Visionary Mayan Queen: Yohl Ik’Nal of Palenque (The Mists of Palenque)

4.9 stars on 24 reviews!

Historical fiction. Free 4/17-4/21. 

The Mayan calendar molded her life. It decreed when she would ascend Mayan pyramids and become the first woman to rule in her own right. In misty tropical jungles 1500 years ago, at the height of Mayan civilization, a royal girl with visionary powers was destined to become the ruler of Palenque. Last of her lineage, her accession would fulfill her father’s ambitions. Powerful forces were allied against them to overthrow the dynasty. Her father trained her intensely in Mayan calendars, history and politics and cultivated support among nobles, while his cousins plotted with enemy cities to attack Palenque (Lakam Ha).

Yohl Ik’nal (Heart of North Wind) put aside her personal desires and the comfortable world of palace women to meet challenges as royal heir.

The Best of the Best Free Books for Thursday.

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Paleo Smoothie Recipe Book: 120 Healthy Smoothie Recipes

4.3 stars on 22 reviews. 

A Kindle Countdown Deal

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Delicious Smoothies packed with Goodness for the Entire Family.

Whether you are new to blending or a smoothie connoisseur, this comprehensive collection of Paleo Smoothie Recipes is a must have in your journey towards great health. This beautiful book comprises complete guidance on the smoothie making process, 120 delicious smoothie recipes, nutritional information and full color photographs.

The quick and easy recipes in this book are inspired by the Paleo diet and lifestyle. They are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and soy-free. They are also suitable for those following vegan or raw food diets. Even if you are not “on a diet”, but are simply looking for a way to quickly and easily incorporate wholesome, natural goodness into your diet, you will benefit by these smoothie recipes. Vegetables, Greens, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds have been used in these tried and tested recipes that are sure to delight you.

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4.1 stars on 175 reviews!

Mystery. Suspense.

On sale for only $0.99!

No. 1 bestseller in Mystery>Women Sleuths (Amazon UK)
Top 30 US, Canada & Australia
Over 100,000 copies sold

A mind-bending mystery. . .  A woman’s search for answers.  On a rain-drenched night, a young husband runs to the corner shop – and never returns.  Eighteen years later, his body reappears.

-Reappears, wearing the same clothes, and on the same street from which he went missing.
-Reappears, and is the victim of a hit/run driver.

He looks exactly the same now as when he vanished. His widow, Jennifer Parkes, is determined to solve this enigma once and for all. Other bodies are found, all missing eighteen years. None seem to have aged.

On the trail of a vicious killer, Jennifer and homicide detective Neil Lachlan are drawn into a human minefield of deception and terror; into the depths of a mystery that baffles the police and defies logic. Investigating at the forefront of scientific and medical technologies, they confront a threat that is closer than either of them could ever have imagined.

Order Page DBT Book of the Day

Sacred Breath Boxed Set (Books 1-4)

Paranormal Romance. Epic Fantasy.

4.7 stars on 28 reviews. 

Regular price $9.99. On sale for $0.99!


The first four novels of the Sacred Breath Series compiled into one deeply discounted digital box set:

Book #1: Drowning Mermaids
Book #2: Fathoms of Forgiveness
Book #3: Boundless Sea
Book #4: Abyssal Zone

Click here to read more about each novel.



Author Interview #272: Desert Mojito by Nazli Ghassemi

April 16, 2014

Our interview today is with Nazli Ghassemi author of “Desert Mojito” with 4.9 stars  on 32 reviews on Amazon. Ms. Ghassemi’s debut novel which is set in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has been described as “Engaging Women’s fiction with an international twist” by Kirkus  Reviews. Before we get to the interview here is a brief description on the novel.

Maya, a freelance photographer and a five-year Dubai resident, along with her friends—globe-trotting Arkansan Janet , Lebanese seductress, Michelle, and gay Pakistani-British, Asif take us on their adventures through this modern Middle Eastern city. As they stumble into social, sexual and romantic challenges posed by religion, tradition, and politics we are given a glimpse of life in this mysterious city of “sand, glass, glitter, and fake grass—an oasis, a mirage,” as described by the protagonist, Maya.

1. What inspired you to write this novel?

Multiculturalism and the visible clash of cultures in Dubai was the main inspiration behind my novel. Traveling and living in different cultures, I have come to believe that stories are important in helping understand another human being. Desert Mojito is just one story. But stories in general make us realize how despite our cultural, sexual, political and religious differences we all share the basic human needs and emotions. We all laugh when happy, cry when sad, we all know what it means to love, to lose, to win, to fight and so on.  Writing is my joy and my way of contributing to the world I live in.

2. You paint a vivid picture of Dubai. Tell us about the expat life in relation to the challenges your characters face in your novel.

The biggest challenge Maya, Janet and Michelle face is not really specific to Dubai. They are all in search of love like their counterparts in other parts of the world.  But in Dubai they find the clash of Islamic values and modernity confusing. The Read more »

Weekly Featured Great Reads for 4-16-2014

April 16, 2014

free listing we provide as a service to promote Great Reads from Independent Authors. Digital Book Today has posted our Weekly Featured Great Reads on the right and left hand side of our site. Today we have 8 great reads for Kindle Books that are highly reviewed. Take the time to check out the “Great Reads” and read more about them on Amazon.

Weekly Featured Great Reads

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(4 stars or greater).

4.3 stars – 31 reviews
Julianne (Coastal Chronicles)

4.7 stars – 63 reviews
Dear Crossing

4.5 stars – 295 reviews

4.6 stars – 48 reviews
Love, Carry My Bags

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