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September 18, 2014

Do you enjoy romance books? These are some of the Romance books that are featured on our Romance Books page.

  • Killer Romances  10 Dark, Deadly & Delicious Suspense Novels.

  • Corporate Ties  4.5 stars on 32 reviews. Romance. Mystery.

  • Only Wheat Not White  4.7 stars on 10 reviews. Contemporary Romance.

  • Fierce  New Release (Aug 11). 4.7 stars on 9 reviews. Contemporary Sports Romance.

A Great List of New Free Books for the Amazon Kindle for Thursday

September 18, 2014

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We have a great opportunity for book readers today to add some new free books to their Kindle or Kindle reading app. We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. Listed below is a sample of the free books that Kindle ebook readers will find on our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with 30+ new Thursday freebies.

Sacred Light Spirit Eagle

3.8 stars on 37 reviews.

Near-death Biography.

Cristael Bengtson is a quiet woman, a dreamer. A mother, a grandmother, a teacher, a caretaker for her dying mother, she has lived a life of secrets and silences. For Cristael is a visionary and a near-death experiencer.

A lifelong visionary  -  Cristael was seventeen when she saw a vision of the great eye of God, looking down at her. It was an experience of total love. After this experience she continued to have visions. Then when she was in her twenties her husband threatened to have her committed to the State Mental Hospital in Las Vegas, New Mexico because of her visions.

Cristael realized that no one around her could understand her seeing angels and having conversations with Divine intelligence. Silenced, she went to college and graduated, then got her divorce and began her career as a music teacher and a classroom teacher. She withdrew from life to teach and to raise her children alone.

As the years went on, her children left home and her parents died, and Cristael was left totally alone. She struggled with breakdowns and with years of bleak depression, winding up being totally dependent on her older son. And still her visions kept coming to her.

Near-Death Experience  - Fifty years after her first visionary experience, Cristael had her Near-Death Experience. And after years of struggle and loneliness, she knew she could no longer allow herself to be silenced or censored. But how could she stand up to the risk of rejection by the people she cared about? And could she accept the fact that there were those who would ridicule her and seek to discredit her and her life of visions?

Are Cristael’s visions and her near-death experience delusions? Or are they glimpses of glorious realms where the human soul really does live for all of eternity?

The Best of the Best Free Books for Thursday.


4.7 stars on 93 reviews.

Romantic Suspense.

Powerless Consent

4.2 stars on 32 reviews.

Romantic Suspense.

A Game Of Brides

4.7 stars on 70 reviews.


Hero Of Her Heart

4.2 stars on 83 reviews.


The Templar’s Apprentice

4.2 stars on 43 reviews.

Historical Fiction.

Deadly Fun

4.5 stars on 33 reviews.


After the Storm

4.0 stars on 172 reviews.

Romantic Thriller.

Lucifer Travels

4.4 stars on 33 reviews.

Mystery. Thriller. Suspense.


4.1 stars on 320 reviews.


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Cathedral of Dreams

4.2 stars on 26 reviews.

Science Fiction.

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

“Cathedral of Dreams” won the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Finalist Award.

In Newcity, everyone is content. Bad feelings are not allowed, because your monitoring chip will alert the police to bring you in for treatment. Getting better is mandatory. Unchecked emotions made the world outside Newcity dangerous, unruly, and violent. At least that’s the official story in Newcity.

Keith knows something is wrong. Strange visions lead him to become one of the few who escapes Newcity. He finds freedom and companionship outside, but pressure building to revolt against the city’s insidious regime of social control. Leadership is thrust upon him, with only his visions for guidance, only a small band of friends for support–and the fates of both Newcity and the outside world at stake.

Cathedral of Dreams is a compelling tale of a dystopian future and personal heroism.

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A Real Piece of Work

4.6 stars on 178 reviews.

The Dakota Stevens Mysteries.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

A Real Piece of Work, the 1st novel in the Dakota Stevens Mystery Series, delves into a world of forged and stolen art, secret identities and murder.

At the close of a case in Key West, PI Dakota Stevens and his associate Svetlana Krüsh return to New York, where the city is in the grips of its worst blizzard since 1888. When an art dealer stumbles in from the storm and hires them to find a stolen painting, they think it’s just another case, but in no time they’re neck-deep in a world of unstable artists, seductive gallery owners, mysterious collectors, deadly henchmen and a stunning femme fatale.

In a thrill-ride of a mystery that leads from Manhattan to the Catskills to Washington, D.C., what begins as the simple recovery of a painting soon reveals an international art scam and a chilling secret hidden for decades.

Dakota Stevens is a former FBI agent with experience in the field and the lab, a modern PI who combines the wit and grit of Marlowe and Spenser with the sleuthing skills of Sherlock Holmes. However, Dakota’s “Watson” is anything but. A Ukrainian-American chess champion with runway legs, predator eyes, and fluency in seven languages, Svetlana Krüsh is much more than a sexy sidekick, bringing worldly sophistication and a razor-sharp mind to their cases.

A fast-paced and intelligent mystery in the noir tradition, A Real Piece of Work is a pristinely well-written page-turner for readers who like a great story told with literary style.

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Captured Boxed Set

9 Alpha Bad-Boys Who Will Capture Your Heart

New release (Sept 16)

Regular price $35.91. On sale for $0.99!

CAPTURED is a steamy collection from today’s hottest authors featuring 9 sexy bad boys trying to capture your heart, every way they know how. New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Opal Carew, Cathryn Fox, Eve Langlais, T. J. Michaels, Sharon Page, S.E. Smith, and Pepper Winters, along with Teresa Morgan and Mandy Rosko bring you nine tales of sensual seduction featuring alpha male heroes determined to have their way, and willing to do anything to get it, even if that means a little seductive persuasion…

We’ve included a real mix of stories, from light & funny to dark & sinister, contemporary to paranormal. Seriously, for .99 you can’t go wrong!

  • DEBT OF HONOR by Opal Carew
  • YOURS TO TAKE by Cathryn Fox
  • JAGUAR’S RULE by T. J. Michaels
  • FAST AND MINE by Sharon Page
  • BURNS LIKE FIRE by Mandy Rosko
  • DEBT INHERITANCE by Pepper Winters
  • CHOOSING RILEY by S. E. Smith

Author Interview #316: Olympia Heights: The Pantheon by Amy Leigh Strickland

September 17, 2014

Our interview is with Amy Leigh Strickland author of Olympia Heights: The Pantheon (4.4 stars, 31 reviews, $0.00 – FREE). A brief book description before the interview: They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice, but for Zach Jacobs, that just isn’t true. It’s hard enough being seventeen– juggling school, football, friends, and teenage romance– but Zach’s about to find out just how complicated it can get when he begins to suspect that maybe he was the lightning. Teenage woes hardly seem significant when you’ve got lightning shooting from your fingertips and a couple of murderous Titans trying to settle an ancient score.

Author Interview with Amy Leigh Strickland

1.   Give me the elevator pitch: what is your book about?

Olympia Heights: The Pantheon is the first book in the Olympia Heights series. It’s about a group of teenagers in Miami, Florida who find out that they are the Greek gods reborn into mortal bodies. They have to juggle their school work, their social lives, and attacks from vengeful titans all while figuring out who they are and why they’re here.

2.  What makes this series special to Young Adult readers?

When teens reach out to me to tell me what they liked the most about Olympia Heights, it tends to be their connections to the characters. It’s a large cast, and every character was inspired by the traits of their Theoi identity, making them a very diverse group of personalities. There are lots of different characters to relate to. Different people latch on to different characters.

On the surface this is a series about teenagers shooting lightning, talking to animals, seeing ghosts, lifting cars, etc. Beneath that are the universal YA themes: discovery, responsibility, and identity.

3.  Which of your characters do you most relate to? Read more »

Weekly Featured Great Reads for 9-17-2014

September 17, 2014

free listing we provide as a service to promote Great Reads from Independent Authors. Digital Book Today has posted our Weekly Featured Great Reads on the right and left hand side of our site. Today we have 8 great reads for Kindle Books that are highly reviewed. Take the time to check out the “Great Reads” and read more about them on Amazon.

New Book Releases for September

September 17, 2014

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for September 2014 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.


Urban Fantasy/Mystery.

Tavie has just died, but that isn’t the end of her existence. Instead, she ends up “living” in Deadsville, where the dead play games, look for entertainment, and wonder when they will move on.

Reapers walk the streets occasionally, taking “deadies” who are ready to move on.

All of that’s normal until two deadies are murdered in a way that the residents of Deadsville have never seen before. They need someone to figure it out before more bad stuff happens. They need Tavie, that is, Detective Tavie, as she was known in the living world. Tavie isn’t exactly happy about the promotion to Deadsville Sheriff. She sees gods of the dead, people who died in bizarre ways, and is presented with a mystery that requires unusual creativity to solve it. And that’s all before the dust settles from her arrival in the land of the dead.

Nothing in Deadsville is ever boring. Read more on Amazon.


Young Adult.

“Predator is a fast-paced, creepy page-turner! Bashman had me at the opening sentence and she’s still got me. I want more!”  —Nancy Holder, New York Times Bestselling Author, The Rules

“Every twist and fascinating revelation fell into place smoothly, with an ending that will leave readers wanting more. With this kind of originality on the page, it is exciting to speculate at the surprises Bashman will unveil next.”  —Suspense Magazine

The hunt is on! Sixteen-year-old Bree Sunderland must inject herself with an untested version of her father’s gene therapy to become a werewolf in order to stop a corrupt group of mercenaries from creating a team of unstoppable lycanthrope soldiers.

When Bree went with her scientist father to Ireland, she thought it would be a vacation to study bog bodies. She never expected to fall in love with a mysterious young Irishman and certainly never expected to become the kind of monster her father said only existed in nightmares.

Dr. Sunderland discovers that lycanthropy was not a supernatural curse but rather a genetic mutation. When they return home, her dad continues his research, but the military wants to turn that research into a bio weapons program and rogue soldiers want to steal the research to turn themselves into unstoppable killing machines. Bree’s boyfriend Liam surprises her with a visit to the United States, but there are darker surprises in store for both of them. Read more on Amazon.

Free eBooks for Kindle for Wednesday

September 17, 2014

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Are you looking for Free eBooks for Kindle that are ready to be download for $0.00. These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free eBooks from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books list

Collapse (New America Book 1)

4.1 stars on 896 reviews.


BOOK ONE in the NEW AMERICA series.

America is falling, ready to join the Roman Empire as a distant memory in the annals of history. The year is 2027. Tired and desperate, the American people are deep in the middle of The Second Great Depression. The Florida coastline is in ruins from the most powerful hurricane on record; a second just like it is bearing down on the state of Texas. For the first time in history, the Middle East has united as one and amassed the most formidable army the world has seen since the Third Reich.

A hidden army of terrorists is on American soil. This is the story of three men: Howard Beck, the world’s richest man, also diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Richard Dupree, ex-Navy SEAL turned escaped convict. Maxwell Harris, a crippled, burned out Chief of Police of a small Texas town. At first they must fight for their own survival against impossible odds. Finally, the three men must band together to save their beloved country from collapse.

Fallen Autumn

4.7 stars on 18 reviews.

Young Adult Fiction.

Fourteen year old Petra is an average teenager until her life is suddenly turned upside down when the trees in the forest plead for her help. Shortly thereafter, Petra learns from her grandmother that she will die in a matter of weeks if she does not realize and fulfill a particular quest determined before her birth. She seeks help from her best friend Ty, and even comes to rely on her arch nemesis, Isabel, while discovering her true destiny.

Filled with sentient animals, Greek and Native American mythology as well as determined gnomes, Fallen Autumn follows Petra’s urgent search for answers to pursue this journey, her utter dismay discovering who—and what—she really is and the gauntlet of turmoil endured by the one being she is spiritually connected to. She must save this one life if she wishes to save herself—and ultimately, the entire world—from complete annihilation.

The Best of the Best Free Books for Wednesday


4.2 stars on 535 reviews.



4.1 stars on 94 reviews.

Historical Fiction.

Attorney at Large

4.5 stars on 66 reviews.

Legal Thriller.

Forty-Four Book Two

4.2 stars on 99 reviews.


Cold Blooded Killers

4.1 stars on 53 reviews.

True Crime.

Mine To Take

4.2 stars on 345 reviews.

Romantic Suspense.

Death in a Summer Colony

4.0 stars on 41 reviews.


The Plague Within

4.2 stars on 40 reviews.

Medical Thriller.

Mountain Hero

4.5 stars on 60 reviews.


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The Twelfth Child

4.5 stars on 314 reviews.

Historical Fiction.

Regular price $4.99. 

From the #1 Bestselling Author of SPARE CHANGE (4.5 stars, 374 reviews) comes a heartwarming tale of trust, love and friendship. Abigail Anne Lannigan searched for these things all her life,now, when she is at the tail end of her years, she teams up with a free-spirited young woman. A nobody from nowhere, who suddenly moves in across the street. Their unusual friendship comes under suspicion when a million dollars goes missing and a distant relative, claims embezzlement. Abigail knows the truth of what happened but, unfortunately, she’ll never get the chance to tell. 

The Twelfth Child is Book One in the Serendipity Series. Book Two is Previously Loved Treasures (4.8 stars, 55 reviews). 

Reminiscent of Fannie Flagg’s “Fried Green Tomatoes” the May-December friendship of these two unforgettable women is sure to settle in the soft spot of your heart. 

The Twelfth Child, a novel rich with emotion, humor and tenderness, explores the splintered relationships of a Shenandoah Valley family and their willful daughter’s struggle to survive America’s Great Depression and overcome the past. 

Be prepared to be swept away into the life of a girl who will tug at your emotions while never leaving your heart. Crosby has crafted a story that will enchant readers. Steena Holmes, author of Finding Emma 

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

4.8 stars on 36 reviews.

Contemporary Romance.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

How long would you wait to be with the one that you love? How much of yourself would you hide in order to keep them?

Brooks knows the moment he meets Vivian that he will do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it means leaving her. Running from his past, he spends the next decade trying to forget the shattered heart that he left behind.

Is there any betrayal worth the cost? Are there some sins that cannot be forgiven?

After a lifetime of rebuilding the walls guarding her heart, Vivian confronts the harsh reality that some fortresses are not meant to stand. Winding through a gray fog of disappointment and deceit, she must conquer her deepest fears to accept the love she believes she is too unworthy to have.

As the paths of these two battered hearts cross once more, together they seek redemption for their sins. However, when the secrets of their pasts come knocking on their door, forgiveness and love will be tested, and they will be forced to answer the question: “When the lies run out, will the truth finally set you free?”

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Breakaway Hearts

(The Kelly Brothers, Book 2)

4.3 stars on 33 reviews.

Contemporary Romance. Sports Romance.

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

A new contemporary romance series that’s a sexy, modern twist on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Can he melt her frozen heart?

Hockey star Ben Kelly has retreated to his mountain cabin in the ski town of Cascade, BC, to recuperate from a season-ending knee injury and contemplate his future in the NHL. He never expects to run into the one woman who got away. Nine years may have passed, but nothing has dulled the explosive chemistry between them. Now he wants more than just one night.

Hailey Eriksson had Olympic-sized dreams until an accidental pregnancy from a one-night stand halted her ambitions. Her life was shattered when her son died. Nothing will keep her from fulfilling her promise to him to make the Olympic team, especially not the charming Ben Kelly. Unfortunately, he’s out to sweep her off her feet this time, and she finds him harder and harder to resist with each passionate kiss. But when he learns about the child he never knew, will their rekindled romance be on thin ice?

Warning: Contains two hockey stars with ice in their blood, a hero who is willing to battle his fears for a second chance, a heroine with a mean slap shot who lays it on the line in a bet, a small town full of busybodies, and a meatloaf that should be served with a four alarm warning. This story may also bring tears to your eyes (and not just because of Cindy’s cooking).

Books in The Kelly Brothers Series


How To Get Your Workout And Reading In At The Same Time

September 16, 2014

Our guest blogger is Deirdra Eden author of Knight of Light (The Watchers Book 1).

How To Get Your Workout And Reading In At The Same Time

 Leg Lifts
Crunches. Or get in this position and hold.
One handed push-ups

Read more »

30+ Free Books for Kindle for Tuesday

September 16, 2014

Order Page DBT Blog Post Feature Free Books

Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with 30+ new Tuesday freebies.

Sisters in Love

4.1 stars on 556 reviews.


Lovers at Heart (The Bradens, Book One) AND Sisters in Love (Snow Sisters, Book One) are both free for a limited time.

Sisters in Love is a steamy contemporary romance with alpha male heroes and sexy, empowered women. They’re flawed, funny, passionate, and very relatable for readers who enjoy new adult romance, contemporary romance, and women’s fiction.

“Powerfully written and riveting from beginning to end.” National bestselling author, Jane Porter
“Contemporary romance has found its new breakout author. Melissa Foster does not disappoint! Steamy sciences interlaced with strong family values. I have found my newest poolside favorite author.” A Gluten Free Mom, reader review (on Sisters in White)
**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**
Sisters in Love is the first book in the Love in Bloom series (Snow Sisters, The Bradens, & The Remingtons). Be sure to pick up the next book in the series, Sisters in Bloom!

The Best Free Books for Tuesday


4.3 stars on 113 reviews.

Teen and Young Adult.

Her Sudden Groom

4.2 stars on 247 reviews.


Operation Parsifal

4.6 stars on 91 reviews.

War. Thriller.

Lady Bess

4.0 stars on 267 reviews.



4.0 stars on 93 reviews.

FBI Thriller.

Sweet Girl

4.6 stars on 80 reviews.

Romantic Suspense.

Young Annabelle

4.3 stars on 40 reviews.

Young Adult Series.

The Search for Melchizedek

4.4 stars on 45 reviews.

Mystery. Suspense.

Fun Loving You

4.7 stars on 46 reviews.

Self Help. Marriage.

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Order Page DBT Book of the Day

The Clearing

Outside Series Book 2

4.3 stars on 45 reviews.

Science Fiction. Dystopian.

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

In the ravaged future, children are disappearing. 

Riley lives safely behind her Perimeter Fence, but soon she’ll have to confront the terrible truth of what’s happening outside. An old enemy is approaching. Threatening to extinguish her way of life. 

To save herself, Riley must fight to save another. She must put herself in the last place she ever wanted to be. 

This is the terrifying sequel to OUTSIDE (3.9 stars, 219 reviews).

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Transcender Trilogy Box Set

5.0 stars on 11 reviews.

Science Fiction

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $5.99. On sale for $0.99!

In TRANSCENDER: First-Timer (4.5 stars, 94 reviews), Seventeen-year-old Jaden Beckett is plucked from her quiet Connecticut existence and dropped into a post-apocalyptic alternate earth where the surviving population resides in enormous domed cities. Agent Ralston of the Inter-Universal Guidance Agency befriends Jaden and helps her assume a new identity while promising to find a way to get her home safely. But in her new life Jaden’s a princess, and she has her mother back–a dream she never imagined possible. So when she finds herself falling for the darkly compelling Ryder Blackthorn, all thoughts of returning home quickly vanish. Will IUGA force Jaden out? Or will she discover the truth–she’s a Transcender and capable of traveling among parallel worlds at will. 

In STREAMING STARS (4.7 stars, 59 reviews), Jaden returns to Domerica for an opportunity to choose her ultimate destiny. Agent Ralston sets out three paths open to her: remain with her loving family in Connecticut; resume her alternate life in Domerica with the man she loves; or embrace her astonishing gift and join the Transcender community permanently. Jaden believes she knows where her destiny lies, but her mother’s grave illness, Ryder’s confusing actions, and a scheming uncle who has his eye on the throne complicate her decision. Will Jaden finally follow her heart? In the end, her decision is anything but simple.

Order Page DBT Blog Post Deal of the Day

Danger and Desire

Ten Full-Length Steamy Romantic Suspense Novels

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Hold on tight for ten full-length books of intrigue and passion from New York Times Bestselling and award-winning authors. Men in uniform, sexy spies and pulse-pounding action fill over 750,000 words of this limited edition boxed set. 

  • New York Times Bestseller Katie Reus – Sensual Surrender
  • RITA Award Winning Author Carolyn Crane – Against the Dark
  • USA Today Bestseller Pamela Clare – Skin Deep
  • New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love –Deceptive Treasures
  • Dee J. Adams – Against the Wall
  • USA Today Bestseller Norah Wilson – Guarding Suzannah
  • USA Today Bestseller VK Sykes – Lethal Confessions
  • Amber Lin – Giving It Up
  • USA Today Bestseller Misty Evans – Deadly Pursuit
  • New York Times Bestseller Kaylea Cross – Singed

The individual novels cost over $35 in total and have more than 2,000 5-star reviews on Goodreads. This set is only available for one month, so grab your copy now!

Please Save the Puppies

September 15, 2014

Save The PuppiesOur guest blogger is Suzanne Vince author of The Many Lives of June Crandall.

Please Save the Puppies

A few years ago, in order to quell the tedium of my 110-mile round-trip commute, I began listening to audio books. It quickly became an addiction. Though I write romance books, my supplier prefers murder mysteries, so that’s what I listened to. And hey, as expensive as audio books are, who am I to argue.

But then I listened to a book where the antagonist (bad guy) beat a poor, defenseless puppy to death. I stopped listening to the book immediately and got my own subscription to so I could listen to my own kind of books. Ones that do not involve the savage murder of innocent animals. I mean, seriously, who would want to listen to listen to such a book? More, what kind of person actually writes that kind of book?

And so I began listening to women’s fiction and romance novels, and listening to books on tape became safe again.

But recently, my friend and author Jansen Schmidt posted a blog entitled,Sometimes You Just Have to Kill ‘Em. In the post, Jansen talks about how upset her husband was when one of his favorite characters in a book he was reading was killed off. She argues that sometimes it’s necessary to kill off a character (for various reasons), and asks if any of us (writers) have ever killed off a character.

My reply? No, none of my characters have ever ticked me off enough. Read more »

Kindle Best Book Award Finalist Horror/Suspense

 Promise me Love Historical Romance

Amazon Bestselling Crime Fiction!

Weekly Featured Great Reads

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provided for authors
featuring highly reviewed books with a great price.
(4 stars or greater).

4.7 stars – 72 reviews
Second Chance Grill

4.4 stars – 58 reviews
The Butterfly Storm

4.5 stars – 33 reviews
Where the Dead Walk

4.5 stars – 63 reviews
A Human Element