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New Book Releases for August

August 1, 2014

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for August 2014 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

Saving Axe

Motorcycle Club Romance

Sometimes you have to lose everything to find the one person who can save you.

Ex-Marine Corps sniper Axe turned his back on everything he loved when he became the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Inferno MC. The fallen hero was determined to drown out the ghosts of war with an unrelenting path of self-destruction. He had no plans to set foot in his hometown of West Bend, Colorado ever again.

Until the Inferno MC betrayed him. Now, there’s nowhere left for him to run, except back to his father’s ranch. Where he would come face to face with her. She was the last person he ever thought he’d see again, after an unspeakable childhood tragedy ripped them apart.

June Barton.

The Navy surgeon was his first love, but now she’s all grown up. She gave up her scalpel to return home, tired of losing her patients to war. All she wants is peace and quiet, but when Axe shows up, he turns everything upside down. Can two broken and damaged people get a second chance at happiness? And when the Inferno MC commits the ultimate betrayal, will Axe’s need for vengeance destroy his soul – or could June be his salvation?

This is a STANDALONE full-length novel with a HEA and no cheating! The series can be read in any order, although it is recommended to start with book one, Taming Blaze, in order to understand the club dynamics. Read more on Amazon.

The Reach of the Banyan Tree

Romance. Historical.

Chip Carson intended to marry a young Vietnamese woman until a tragic accident lands him in prison, forever altering the outlook of their relationship. As he struggles to cope with his strained love, a mysterious stranger appears bearing a journal about Chip’s grandfather who parachuted into French Indochina at the end of World War II. As the words in the journal reveal a life that Chip never knew, he begins to understand the depth of love and sacrifice needed in order to have a second chance at love.

Part historical fiction, part contemporary love story, The Reach of the Banyan Tree is an adventure spanning two eras. It explores the effects of war, love, culture, and family obligation in twentieth century Vietnam through the eyes of three generations of American men, who each lost their soul in the tangled reaches of the banyan tree. Read more on Amazon.

Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books?

August 1, 2014

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Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books? We provide a daily list of the best free Kindle books that exceed our minimum guidelines. Today we have a great list that are are proven winners based upon user reviews. Below are selected free online eBooks from The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free online books to read with these Friday freebies.

The Road to Reality

Coming Home to Jesus from the Unreal World

4.9 stars on 34 reviews.

Do you find yourself conforming to the culture rather than transforming it? Do you ever wonder, Is this what Christ meant by “Follow Me”?

For more than two decades, The Road to Reality has helped thousands to escape from the plastic Christianity of our age and find true freedom as devoted servants of the Lord Jesus. In this prophetic and practical book, K.P. Yohannan will point the road back to authentic New Testament Christianity and help you take your first steps toward living with simplicity and purpose.

Grounded on timeless biblical principles, this revised edition of The Road to Reality is for a new generation hungry for reality in their lives.

Promise Cove

4.5 stars on 356 reviews.


2014 Kindle Book Review Semi-finalist for Best Romance!!!

Sometimes, a promise kept can change your life.

Reeling from the violent death of her husband in war-torn Iraq, Jordan Phillips is at her wit’s end, left to fend for herself and her baby. Alone and desperate in backwater Pelican Pointe, she faces an uphill battle against a judgmental and hostile town as she tries to rebuild her life. But when a mysterious and handsome stranger with a tragic secret appears, her fragile new world threatens to come crashing down around her.

A heartbreaking story of love and romance, Promise Cove will hold you breathless until the very last page.

A Sample of our Best Free Kindle Books for Friday.

Young Love Lost

4.3 stars on 149 reviews.

Romantic Mystery.

The Glass Girls

4.5 stars on 249 reviews.

Historical Fiction.

A Not So Singular World

4.9 stars on 69 reviews.

Science Fiction.

Billabong Ghost

4.7 stars on 57 reviews.

Literary Fiction.

Michal’s Window

4.1 stars on 115 reviews.


Jacob’s Daughter

4.3 stars on 474 reviews.

Christian Romance, Amish.

The Artificial Mirage

4.1 stars on 26 reviews.

Literature & Fiction.

Beverly Hills Is Burning

5.0 stars on 21 reviews.


Dangerous Waters

4.3 stars on 58 reviews.

Romantic Mystery.

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Veiled Mist

4.4 stars on 41 reviews.

Paranormal. Young Adult.

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

On the Caribbean island of Maurray, spoiled-rotten, fifteen-year-old Hanna wakes up to a nightmare. She is not the daughter of an aristocrat but the orphan of a Gypsy. She is the descendant to a mystical Gypsy tribe.

Their magic is strong and has lasted six hundred years. Ornella, the tribe’s guardian, arrives at the island with her mutt, Count Dracula, to guide Hanna. Hanna is told she must embrace her heritage or die at the ripe age of seventeen. But Hanna does the unthinkable, she chooses death. She hates Gypsies and would rather die. What she doesn’t know is that her death will destroy the entire tribe.

What she also doesn’t know is how persuasive Ornella can be. The nightmare begins.

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Take No More

4.0 stars on 103 reviews.

Mystery. Thriller. 

Regular price $3.99. 

Amazon Top 20 bestseller crime novel

From international bestselling author Seb Kirby, TAKE NO MORE is a captivating story of crime, corruption and duplicity. It is a must-read for fans of Harlan Coben, Daniel Silva and all who enjoy a thought provoking and exciting thriller.

An artistic voyage in crime – thrilling and original

When James Blake discovers his wife murdered in their London home, he is determined to find her killer. As the prime suspect, he flees England and sets out on a journey that takes him to Florence and Venice and into a dark underworld of corruption, a trail that will lead him to the killer – and the shocking truth behind the mystery.

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Happy Shorts

120 Essays on Life, Love, Happiness, & Inspiration.

4.5 stars on 13 reviews.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Because it’s just nice to know you are not alone!

Happy Shorts is a collection of 120 life lessons and fun-filled stories sure to make you smile, warm your heart, and help you embrace your joy.

In her trademark style—a vibrant and accessible mix of anecdotes, personal observations, and relevant advice—Susan Spira’s Happy Shorts will make you nod in agreement and sometimes laugh. Happy Shorts provides positive insight on life’s everyday obstacles. Whenever you wish to gain perspective or have a quick chuckle, you’ll find just the right story in the heartwarming treasury that is Happy Shorts.

• Heart-felt, Uplifting, Thought-Provoking
• Sure to inspire and encourage you to find your own happiness
• Great cozy afternoon or poolside read and wonderful friend gift
• Celebrates a woman’s heart

Happy Shorts encourages you to pursue your dreams, find your passion and seek joy in your life.

For Fans Of Romance Books

July 31, 2014

Do you enjoy romance books? These are some of the Romance books that are featured on our Romance Books page.

A Great List of New Free Books (30+) for Kindle for Thursday

July 31, 2014

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We have a great opportunity for book readers today to add some new free books to their Kindle or Kindle reading app. We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. Listed below is a sample of the free books that Kindle ebook readers will find on our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with 30+ new Thursday freebies.

Love Me Again

4.3 stars on 37 reviews.

Historical Romance.

Life for Abby Henley had been uneventful until a handsome, wounded stranger showed up on her doorstep. Abby did what any Christian woman would do; she nursed him back to health. As his strength returned Abby found herself drawn to Cord Sutton, a man who would reveal nothing about his past or the events of why he had been shot.

For three weeks, Cord had fought his feeling for the gorgeous, auburn haired – farm girl. Abby was sweet and beautiful, but Cord had no intention of getting married. He knew if he succumbed to his attraction for her, she would expect marriage. Abby’s desire for Cord impels her to seduce him.

When a stranger claims to know a secret about her, she must question her own past.

Will the secrets from their past keep Cord and Abby from finding happiness together?

The Best of the Best Free Books for Thursday.


4.5 stars on 216 reviews.

Teen and Young Adult.

So Much It Hurts

4.5 stars on 140 reviews.

Family Life.

A Rush to Violence

4.5 stars on 183 reviews.


By Chance

4.2 stars on 136 reviews.


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Dark Recollections

4.7 stars on 192 reviews.

Horror. Zombies.

Picking Lemons

4.1 stars on 78 reviews.


In Kelly’s Corner

4.3 stars on 75 reviews.


In A Small Town

4.0 stars on 218 reviews.


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Switchback Stories

4.4 stars on 11 reviews.

Mystery and Suspense short stories.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!


By the author of the Amazon bestselling novels ‘The Delta Chain‘ and ‘Disappear

Like switchback trails with their unexpected twists and turns, these tales lead us through a maze of mystery, murder and psychological suspense, deceit, obsession, romantic intrigue and family secrets. Switchback Stories explores the mixed fortunes of fate that can surprise any one of us at any time:

  • In Washington DC a charismatic anti-drug lobbyist is targeted by a powerful crime cartel. With precise planning, the assassins close in on their prey – alone in his house – only to confront the one scenario they could not envision.
  • A Boston airline disaster and an extraordinary twist of fate have given a selfish man the chance to commit an undetectable killing. No-one will ever suspect a crime has taken place. Is it the perfect murder?
  • An ambitious actor has a foolproof way of advancing her career, at the expense of another. Nothing can go wrong. Sometimes, however, everything going right delivers the most unforeseeable result.
  • A famed South African diamond, unique for its light reflecting brilliance, is guarded by advanced technology. A dynamic cat burglar uses a variation on movie stunt trickery to plan a daring heist.
  • and 13 more stories.

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Love is All Around

4.3 stars on 23 reviews.

Contemporary Romance.

Special offer for one week only–price reduced to 0.99!

Boxed set of three contemporary romance stories from award-winning author, Helen Scott Taylor.

Oceans Between Us

He’s a wealthy Italian celebrity used to dating beautiful women. She’s a guesthouse cook without a penny to her name. When tragedy brings them together for a few weeks, an unlikely romance blossoms. But he has commitments that take him back to his jet-setting life, while her future lies in a remote English village. Is it possible for two people from such different walks of life to find a way to be together?

Unbreak My Heart

They were inseparable until family conflict tore the teenaged sweethearts apart. Nine years later, she turns up at his prestigious hotel with the paparazzi at her heels and the six-week-old baby daughter of her celebrity ex in her arms. She has nowhere left to run except back to the place where she left her heart. Can they forgive the pain of the past, accept each other as they are now, and rediscover the childhood love that was snatched away from them?

A Family Forever

Adam thought he and his young son had the perfect life travelling the world together. Then they meet a beautiful woman and her daughter in a sleepy English village and the cracks in Adam’s jet-setting lifestyle begin to show–cracks that can only be healed by the love and stability of a proper family.

Author Interview #302: Season’s End by Will North

July 30, 2014

Our interview is with Will North author of Season’s End (4.2 stars, 45 reviews). Before we get to the interview a brief summary of Season’s End.

Every summer for generations, three families intertwined by history, marriage, and career have spent “the season” at their beach cottage compounds on an island in Puget Sound. Today, Martha “Pete” Petersen, married to Tyler Strong, is the lynchpin of the “summer people.” In childhood, she was the tomboy every girl wanted to emulate and is now the mother everyone admires. Colin Ryan, family friend and the island’s veterinarian, met Pete first in London, years earlier, when she visited his roommate, Tyler. He’s loved her, privately, ever since. Born in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen, son of a bar owner, he’s always been dazzled by what he sees of the sun-kissed lives of the summer people.

But this summer, currents strong as the tides roil: jealousies grow, tempers flare, passions clash. Then, on the last day of the season, a series of betrayals alters the combined histories of these families forever.

Author Interview with Will North

1.    When did you start writing, and was there a significant event that prompted you to do so?  There were three. It all began with an eighth-grade essay about Longfellow’s epic poem Evangeline.  The day the graded papers came back I didn’t get mine and the teacher stood before the class and said, “As you know, I give grades for both style and content. I have here a paper to which I’ve given a third A for something I cannot begin to explain to you.”  That’s when I knew there was something I could do better than others. I got degrees in English Read more »

Weekly Featured Great Reads for 7-30-2014

July 30, 2014

free listing we provide as a service to promote Great Reads from Independent Authors. Digital Book Today has posted our Weekly Featured Great Reads on the right and left hand side of our site. Today we have 8 great reads for Kindle Books that are highly reviewed. Take the time to check out the “Great Reads” and read more about them on Amazon.

New Book Releases for July

July 30, 2014

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for July 2014 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

Torch Scene

The Reed Ferguson Mystery Series Book 6

Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson is between cases when a​ house​ fire threatens to consume ​the home of his girlfriend​,​​ Willie​​. The police think it’s arson, and they look to​ Willie – the owner of the building – as​ the logical suspect. ​Worse yet,​ when a body is found in the charred third​-​floor apartment, the police think Willie is the killer. Reed hops into action to clear her name, but as his own list of suspects grows, so does the danger. Can Reed find the culprit who committed murder, or will his investigation go up in flames?

The latest installment in the Reed Ferguson mystery series is sure to keep readers riveted until the final page.

Click here to see all The Reed Ferguson mystery series on Amazon.

• Book 1: This Doesn’t Happen In The Movies (Free eBook)
• Book 2: Reel Estate Rip-off
• Book 3: The Maltese Felon
• Book 4: Farewell, My Deuce
• Book 5: Out Of The Past
• Book 6: Torch Scene
• Book 7: coming soon
• short story: Elvis And The Sports Card Cheat

Magnificent Medieval Champions

Historical Romance.

From the 4 #1 Best-Selling Amazon Romance Authors who brought you the #1 Best-Selling Magnificent Medieval Men collection come 4 more medieval romance novels in the Magnificent Medieval Champions collection!


Add this great historical romance novel boxed set to your Kindle library today. And don’t miss theMagnificent Medieval Men collection available right here on Amazon!

Free eBooks for Kindle for Wednesday

July 30, 2014

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Are you looking for Free eBooks for Kindle that are ready to be download for $0.00. These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free eBooks from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with 27+ new Wednesday freebies.

Rapture of the Deep

5.0 stars on 11 reviews.

Contemporary Fiction.

In the middle of the night, the doorbell rings, and Jennifer Johnson is pulled from a deep sleep. Outside her front door stand two police officers, messengers bearing tragic news. Joe, Jen’s recently estranged husband, is missing, the victim of a scuba diving accident.

Joe “Puck” Johnson is a master carpenter. He is quiet, thoughtful, and passionately loves his deeply scarred wife. Their separation, unwanted, painful, and immersed in unfinished business, is now punctuated by this unfathomable loss.

Tom Hyden is a high profile banker. He has the perfect home, the perfect wife, the perfect child, the perfect everything; yet beneath the surface of his well manicured life Tom carries a dark and shameful secret.

Born and raised in the small Iowa town of Lake Pulaski, these two men cannot remember a time before their friendship. It is a bond most recently sealed by their mutual love of scuba diving. Beneath the waves diving provides a peaceful respite. However on the surface, their worlds are reeling and the peace they so desire is being torn asunder. Both men find their families disintegrating and their lives twisting apart, the result of events they cannot talk about, even with each other.

So Tom and Joe are lost, and they must now take a journey that for one will lead to tragedy and the other redemption…

The Best of the Best Free Books for Wednesday

Everyone Burns

4.2 stars on 141 reviews.


Unleash Me

4.7 stars on 82 reviews.


The Victim

4.3 stars on 190 reviews.


Amish Love Of A Lifetime

4.4 stars on 33 reviews.

Amish Romance.

The Summer I Learned to Dive

4.2 stars on 145 reviews.

Coming of Age.


4.3 stars on 52 reviews.

Paranormal Romance.

Griffith Park Edition

4.4 stars on 20 reviews.

Women’s fiction.

Life Lessons from Nature

4.8 stars on 52 reviews.


3 a.m.

4.5 stars on 818 reviews.


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30+ Free Books for Kindle for Tuesday

July 29, 2014

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Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with 30+ new Tuesday freebies.

The Adventures of Don and the White Animals

4.8 stars on 24 reviews.

Children’s book. 108 pages.

Do you love animals as much as Don?

Find out what Don does for them. The main character of the book is a six year old boy named Don White. Don is gifted with a mysterious power: from birth, he has had the ability to communicate with animals of all kinds, especially with white animals that have a birthmark on their right limbs ”” the same birthmark that Don has on the palm of his right hand.

When Don realizes his powers, he nominates himself as the “Ambassador of all animals” and fights for their rights in a naive yet glorious way, as only a child can do.

The animals not only gather around Don, but they also come to his rescue in times of trouble and defend him from attackers in spectacular, curious, amusing and nonviolent ways.

The storyteller is Don’s father, Jack White, who is compelled to confront an invasion of massive animals and a super-natural, mature and independent child.

Don manages to drag his family into extraordinary adventures – he is kidnapped by a big white monkey from the circus, wins a horse race riding a white horse, and escapes after being kidnapped by a group of malicious people. Don is saved, of course, but the book ends with the kidnappers still on the loose, waiting to meet him in the next book.

The Best of the Best Free Books for Tuesday

Livin’ Lahaina Loca

4.2 stars on 173 reviews.


On The Rocks

4.6 stars on 134 reviews.


Falling for Rain

4.5 stars on 55 reviews.

Contemporary Romance.

Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms

4.2 stars on 185 reviews.

Mystery. Suspense.

Alliance of Evil

4.7 stars on 48 reviews.


Vampire Shift

4.2 stars on 167 reviews.


Accidental Leigh

4.8 stars on 72 reviews.


The Memory Box

4.8 stars on 39 reviews.


Love Square

4.5 stars on 75 reviews.


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Night of the Black Bastards

4.2 stars on 27 reviews.


An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

“Gaddafi’s billions found in SA” reads the headline of a story published in The Sunday Times on the 2nd day of June 2013, it continues:

“The hunt for slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s missing billions has moved to South Africa, where a fortune in cash, gold and diamonds is believed to be stashed.”

This book, Night of the Black Bastards, was written by the author, Casey Christie, a security consultant and former South African policeman, in 2011 and published that same year.

He tells the story of how before his death, the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi arranged for a vast hoard of gold bullion and many millions in cash to be transported to and hidden in South Africa… and how a trio of Special Forces cops-A veteran Sergeant, a former army commando, and his two cohorts: a Zulu giant and an expat Russian Spetsnaz operator-wage a ruthless war against a Satanic criminal, a Zimbabwean army colonel, who sets out to steal this fortune for himself. Night of the Black Bastards, fact or fiction? You decide.

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4.7 stars on 11 reviews.

Young Adult Mystery novel with Paranormal elements.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Thanks to her offbeat mother, Shade’s full name is Galactic Shade Griffin. Having a name like that while being the new girl in school is pretty much catnip for bullies. The summer before Shade’s junior year of high school, her mother breaks up with yet another boyfriend and moves them once again to a new town.

This time, they move into a dilapidated old house where Shade has an entire attic bedroom to herself—at least until she discovers it’s haunted by the ghost of a teenaged boy named Brandon Yates. When Shade’s best friend goes missing, her life becomes even more complicated. With the help of Brandon who’s struggling with his own issues in the world beyond, Shade faces the question of whether or not she has what it takes to become a true hero.

Although this novel deals with a number of serious issues—drug and alcohol abuse, cutting, and disturbing world events—it’s primarily a novel about a teenaged girl finding out who she really is and that she’s capable of so much more than she ever thought possible.

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All My Relatives Are Dragons

4.8 stars on 47 reviews.

Children’s book. 39 pages.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

This fascinating, educational book for kids contains many colorful images and interesting facts about mythological and real Dragons. Kids will learn about the lives of different reptiles to understand their habits and behavior.

There are many amazing reptiles inside this book including:
Crocodiles And Alligators
Marine Iguana
Eastern Water Dragon
Bearded Dragon
Monitor Lizard
Gila Monster
Komodo Dragon

Draco has a big family and all his relatives are Dragons. People created a lot of tales about Dragons. They think Dragons are scary and angry. Little Draco is going to show you that Dragons, in fact, are endangered and they really need your help and support.

Note: This book is suitable for children 4 – 8 years and older (or parents may want to read this book with their children).

Historical Romance

Award-winning Metaphysical Fantasy

Weekly Featured “Great Reads”

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featuring highly reviewed books with a great price.
(4 stars or greater).

4.5 stars – 59 reviews
Shannon's Law

4.4 stars – 206 reviews
Dear Crossing

4.2 stars – 30 reviews

4.6 stars – 34 reviews
The Migraine Mafia