They sold her to pay her father's debts. For Anna, helping her family was priority one. She was not their priority. When is a sacrifice too much?

Young Anna
Author Dr. Sharon Mitchell

An innocent man spends five years in a Moroccan jail while the love of his life is told he is dead. When he discovers the who and why of it all, war breaks out.

Broken Fingers
Author Stephen Coombes

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1862. A group of young women set sail for matrimony in Canada, but somebody has different plans for them ...

The Case of the Missing Bride
Author Carmen Radtke

A woman's heartwarming search for friendship, this story is a fun, thoughtful and moving read.

Friends and Neighbours
Author Ruth Torjussen

“Garage Band Theory is a must for any musician." Rodney Crowell - 2 time Grammy winner "Something for every musician at any level.” Sam Bush - International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame

Garage Band Theory
Author Duke Sharp

Inhaling and exhaling is a motion that is done by everyone on a daily basis without acknowledgement. When we inhale, we receive and when we exhale, we release but what if we could apply this to our everyday lives.

Inhale Exhale
Author Francis Presley

Only the dead have seen the end of war

Author Peter Darman

New Book Releases 2021

This page highlights a select group of New Book Releases. If you are looking for a something new to read then this page is a great place to start for a new book. 

New Releases 5/05 – 5/18/2021

Priced between $0.99 – $6.99 on Amazon.

The Secret of Azuron



The Vatican Kylix



Luce Eterna

Erotic Romantic


The Undead

Mr. Tenpenny

Paranormal Mystery

Time Warriors

Young Adult

Time Travel

Beyond the Pale

Mind, Body, & Spirit


Hard Ware

Romantic Comedy


Coldwater Revenge



I Reside Here



Devil’s Lair

Romantic Suspense


Magical Twist

Paranormal Women’s


Bayou Baby




I Reside Here


Ruby is terrified of the menacing girl who haunts the hallway outside her bedroom.

The ghost orders her to leave, but Ruby has nowhere else to go – her parents went missing, so she’s been sent to live with a relative she hardly knows in a strange mansion brimming with secrets.

Specters haunt hidden closets, entire sections of the house have been declared off-limits, and Arthur, the young boy living with her, seems to possess a strange ability to see supernatural entities.

As she discovers the mysteries of the mansion, she learns just how dire her and Arthur’s situation has become – or is it all imagined? Just paranoia? To survive, she’ll need to unlock abilities of her own and come face-to-face with the terrors that inhabit their home.

I Reside Here is a fast-paced paranormal mystery, part of the River universe. It is a stand-alone novel; no prior reading of any other book is required in order to enjoy it.

Praise for Michael Richan from Amazon readers:

  • “Awesome ghost story with wonderful characters and a great plot!”
  • “Truly scary.”
  • “Finally found a book that got under my nerves!”
  • “Couldn’t put it down…wanted the story to go on and on.”
  • “Very few authors can pull me in immediately and make me feel as though I were reading about old friends. Stephen King always has, and I can now add Michael Richan to the list.”
  • “Some of the most delightful reading I have done in a long time.”
  • “This was a great horror book. I absolutely loved it, and I know you will too! Keep the lights on when reading!”

Coldwater Revenge


Bad things happen when a bioresearch research company on the verge of bankruptcy agrees to act as a conduit for anonymous shipments of vials, powders and Petri-dishes in exchange for quick cash. Trouble begins when a poxed corpse floats to the top of a nearby lake and an autopsy reveals it to be riddled with deadly toxin.

COLDWATER REVENGE is an atmospheric mystery/thriller that takes place during a ten day period in the Fall of 2002. The setting is a small upstate New York town with a centuries-long tradition of live and let live smuggling across the lake it shares with French Quebec. Murder suspects in a place turned inward by history and geography are of necessity friends, lovers and even family. The brother detectives of COLDWATER REVENGE face difficult moral choices when it appears the killer may be someone close to them. Especially when one begins to suspect the other and the catalyst is an ex-girlfriend they have in common.

Hard Ware

Romantic Comedy

“Absolutely unputdownable! I snort-laughed and swooned my way through this hilarious, steamy read.” ~ USA Today Bestselling Author Jane Henry

So, my Chihuahua fell in love with a bear. Excuse me, a giant, bear-like dog.

Now the bear’s scorching hot owner is on my case, demanding an STD test… for my pet.

Another problem with this doggy love affair? The bear’s mysterious owner may be the key to funding my new venture and taking my toys company to the next level. And by “toys,” I mean the fun kind, the kind every woman (and man) needs.

If only I could figure out what he’s hiding–or get my libido to behave. Because mixing business and pleasure is a bad idea, and Dragomir Lamian may not be who he seems.

NOTE: This is a standalone, raunchy, slow-burn romantic comedy featuring a confident, toy-obsessed heroine who knows every Russian superstition under the sun, her meet-cute with a hot, mysterious stranger, and two dogs engaged in a love affair of their own. If any of the above is not your cup of tea, run away now. Otherwise, buckle in for a laugh-out-loud, feel-good ride.

Beyond the Pale

Mind, Body, and Spirit. Non-Fiction. Business

Ferdinand Foy is a mid-twenties Silicon Valley success story. Very successful, in fact. ‘On the fast-track to becoming a billionaire’ kind of successful. He assumes he knows what he wants and wakes up each day as an in-demand CEO everyone wants a piece of: girls, investors, the media…

While appearing on a podcast, Ferdinand is forced to ask himself the question: Why do I want to become a billionaire? After which, he takes a sabbatical from his successful tech company to go and find himself. His journey takes him across the USA and further adrift to Spain, England, Cambodia, Bali and South America. Along the way, he meets fellow entrepreneurs, authors, and investors. On Ferdinand’s return to America, he experiments with new ideas. From meditation to an ayahuasca retreat, he begins to build a new definition of what success and happiness means to him.

Beyond The Pale inspires readers to question their own pursuit of success. In a fast-paced world fueled by a hustle mentality, it forces them to reflect on their beliefs, goals, dreams, and purpose. Written for today’s non-stop entrepreneur that comes up with excuses as to why they don’t have the time to read a novel, Beyond The Pale offers them a story that empowers them to unhook, learn, and dive deeper while introducing them to aspects that not only help them grow their business, but also grow as a person.

Time Warriors

Young Adult, Time Travel

What if it were up to three teen ninjas to save the world?

Recruited into the exclusive and highly secretive Military Academy of Martial Arts, sixteen-year-old Genesis Mans relishes the challenge, even after upperclassman and super jock, Noah Jones, tries to convince her to quit. Yeah, he may be the best fighter in school, but he’s totally wrong about her. His warning makes the girl fight harder to succeed, to uncover secrets first years aren’t allowed to know. She’s curious, she’s smart, and her developing second sight leads to peril beyond her imagination—straight through an off-limits time warp—with Noah and mastermind, Amir, in her wake.

Genesis soon learns she’s not on a joyride. Only a chosen few can travel through time and they have no idea where in history they’re headed. All they have to rely on is their God-given talent, elite training, knowledge of the past and, most of all, their will to win. The Qiang are meddling with the past and if they’re not stopped, tomorrow may never come.

Landing in 1215 London, these highly trained ninjas must cast their differences aside and work together to find the enemy and prevent them from altering time. And there’s nothing like fighting for their lives to transform a heated rivalry into an indestructible bond. But this mission is no date-night sparring match. It’s as real as it is deadly.

The Undead Mr. Tenpenny

Paranormal Mystery, Humorous Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy

Work at a funeral home can be mundane. Until you accidentally start bringing the dead back to life.

“…a clever, hilarious romp through a new magical universe” –Sarah Angleton, author of Gentleman of Misfortune

Cassie Black works at a funeral home. She’s used to all manner of dead bodies. What she’s not used to is them waking up. Which they seem to be doing on a disturbingly regular basis lately.

Just when Cassie believes she has the problem under control, the recently-deceased Busby Tenpenny insists he’s been murdered and claims Cassie might be responsible thanks to a wicked brand of magic she’s been exposed to. The only way for Cassie to get her life back to normal is to tame her magic and uncover Mr. Tenpenny’s true killer.

Simple right? Of course not. Because while Cassie works on getting her newly-acquired magic sorted, she’s blowing up kitchens, angering an entire magical community, and discovering her past is more closely tied to Busby Tenpenny than she could have ever imagined.

If you like contemporary fantasy with snarky humor, unforgettable characters, and paranormal mystery such as Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series, you’ll find it hard to pry yourself away from this first book of the Cassie Black Trilogy.

  • Selected as one of Apple’s Most Anticipated Books of 2021
  • Winner of the Novel Excerpt Prize from the League of American PEN Women
  • Finalist in the Yeah You Write Novel Contest

Luce Eterna

Erotic Romantic Suspense

The wait is finally over. After five years, The Luminara Series is back! Luce Eterna is the penultimate conclusion in Lucca and Lexi’s journey. This book is a full-length novel consistent with the others in the series. These books must be read consecutively to appreciate the storyline.

Other books in the series

  • Book 1 – Lussuria
  • Book 2 – L’amore
  • Book 3 – Lucca’s Lust
  • Book 4 – Luminoso

Synopsis – Luce Eterna: Part 1 Book 5 of The Luminara Series

Lucca and Lexi are back to stop and start your heart.

This is the ultimate love story. The most tragic love story.

In a heart-stopping and explosive two-part conclusion, Lucca and Lexi face every parent’s worst nightmare.

Lexi and Lucca are adjusting to parenthood with premature-born twins after their traumatic birth. With their son requiring a prolonged hospital stay, their pain is far from over. On the day of little Luciano’s chest x-ray, Lucca and Lexi believe they’ll be able to take the vulnerable twin home from hospital to start family life. Instead, they face excruciating agony and heart-wrenching despair. The worst trauma any parent should discover. Chaos erupts. An investigation begins. Lucca and Lexi fall apart.

Navigating through this new Hell, Lexi’s protective and maternal instincts are fierce. She will stop at nothing to ensure her babies are safe and unharmed. No longer passive, Lexi takes the reins, proving her courage, strength, and determination.

Lucca, ordinarily proactive and protective, losses control and his mind. Their horrific fate stirs up haunting memories, triggering his PTSD and abandonment issues. While Lexi manages the investigation, campaign, and Osurac industries, all while nursing one of their newborn twins, Lucca collapses in a downward spiral. He bypasses the stages of grief and plants himself straight into acceptance. He believes the other stages are wasting time. Meanwhile, Lexi roots herself in stage one – denial. Mother’s intuition.

Conflict of emotions, their moral dilemma and relationship complexities make Lexi question everything she thought she knew and felt. It tests them to their limits.
Lexi’s never felt as betrayed and abandoned. Lucca’s never felt as helpless and lost.
Lexi knows what she needs to do. Even if it breaks them.
In a final twist of fate, discovering a shocking and crucial secret is Lexi’s undoing but also her reawakening.

Is love enough to guide Lucca and Lexi through the toughest challenge they’ll ever experience?

Will she ever be able to trust again?

Will Lucca save himself from ruin?

Can they find their Luce Eterna – eternal light during their darkest time?

You think you’ve read it all… you haven’t.

This book is of adult content. It contains powerful language, sexual references, violence, and sensitive topics 

Deadline Rome


It is 1980 and Clare Phillips, a beautiful, young British free-lance journalist based in Rome and her friend Daniel, a young American priest, visit an Etruscan tomb and make a macabre discovery. Clare realizes that a kidnapping has taken place and, with Daniel’s grudging help, decides to do some investigating on her own.

With a background in archeology, Clare is also covering the announced purchase by the Vatican’s Etruscan Museum of a valuable antique Greek wine cup – a kylix – painted by the world famous Euphronius. A major exhibit has been planned. The purchase turns out to have been engineered by an unscrupulous Argentinian archbishop and a greedy French diplomat, and Clare – with Daniel’s help – uses her contacts to dig deeper. She gets advice from fellow journalists, including Luca, an Italian investigative reporter with whom she’d had a brief passionate fling, works closely with several of Italy’s top investigating magistrates. But her determination to make a name for herself leads her repeatedly to strike out on her own.

Gradually several things become clear. First, that the purchase may have been made with “dirty money”, and second, that a avaricious Christian Democratic politician and his henchmen may also be involved in the kidnapping. Then, once the identity of the kidnapping victim becomes known, that the two events are inextricably linked.

Clare’s ambition puts her at risk on more than one occasion. The kylix will leave a bloody trail and the story, spun out against its Roman background, highlights the life of a dynamic foreign journalist in Italy.

The Secret of Azuron


In a small fishing village in the south of Ruun, eleven-year-old Landau discovers a long lost artifact that will change his life forever.

When all creatures of myth begin to reveal themselves to him, Jema the knight is tasked to safeguard him to the wizard leaders of the Capital to find an answer to why these demons pursue him.

What they discover will lead young Landau on a perilous journey across Heldorn to battle the greatest evil the land has ever known.

Devil’s Lair

Romantic Suspense

Live-in tutor wanted for four-year-old. Must be willing to relocate to a remote mountain estate. $3K/week cash.

On the run from ruthless killers, I’m down to ten bucks in my wallet and a half-tank of gas in my ancient car when I spot the ad. The job sounds like the answer to my prayers, but there’s a catch.

The child’s father is the most beautiful, most dangerous man I’ve ever met.

Darkly seductive and filthy rich, Nikolai Molotov is a tantalizing mystery, a lethally alluring contradiction. Bruised knuckles and tailored suits, tender endearments and dirty promises—my new employer draws me in like a magnet, even as my instincts scream for me to run.

I should’ve heeded them… because I’m not the only one with secrets.

My safe haven just might be the devil’s lair, and once he’s claimed me, it will be too late to run.

Butterflies and Hazel Eyes

Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, OwnVoices, Disabled Romance, Environmental Romance

When the Lady of the Lake speaks, she expects you to listen…

Never one to linger, computer security expert Charity Puck doesn’t expect to be romanced by the small-town charm of her latest job. But when her RV rolls into Plentiful, Wisconsin, nestled along the breathtaking shores of Lake Superior, she’s convinced nothing could be more alluring—until she gazes into the delectable hazel eyes of her new client.

Underestimated due to the crutches on his arms and braces on his legs, CEO and researcher Gulliver Winsome doesn’t expect his job to put his life in danger. But as he rushes to bring an eco-friendly pesticide to market, in an attempt to save the pollinators, he finds himself the target of a sinister plot—uncovered by the tiny blonde dynamo he hired to fix his servers.

Someone is trying to steal Gulliver’s research, and they’ll stop at nothing to bury the evidence. With feelings in bloom and the would-be couple’s lives in peril, it’s up to Charity to decipher the clues before they both end up in the Lady of the Lake’s cold-water castle.

The Super Twins 2

Children’s, Middle Grade

Why have one Super Twin book when you can have two?

Since the infamous Battle of Wheatsheaf Hill, Ryan and Jake have become local celebrities. The people of Trincaster are to honour the Super Twins’ bravery by erecting a statue of them at their annual Fast Food Festival.

But not everyone wants to join in with the festivities. A dark force is lurking in the shadows intent on destroying all the fun.

Can the Super Twins stop the return of Evil Dad and save their town (again) from total destruction?

The Super Twins 2 can be read as part of the series or as a stand-alone book. If you like action, adventure and comedy capers then you’ll love Andy Slinger’s hilarious second instalment: a laugh-out-loud book for kids aged 7 to 12…

Mountain Men of Liberty Series


Journey to the picturesque mountains of Liberty, and take part in the heart-pumping romances of four deliciously rugged mountain men and the lucky ladies who capture their frozen hearts.

All four books hit the Amazon Top 100 charts!

Book One: Triplets for the Mountain Man **An Amazon top 16 Bestseller!**

It’s the perfect arrangement
With a doctor on the mountains.
A secret NO ONE can know.
He gets his family – and I avoid my nightmare.
But can Abe save us when we need him most

Book Two: Taken by the Mountain Man **An Amazon top 75 Bestseller!**

While my attraction to the town Sheriff is ironic,
Carrying the mountain man’s baby is just plain INSANITY.
And when disaster strikes…
Will I regret ever returning to the town I fled?
And can Teddy save us when we need a hero more than ever?

Book Three: Mountain Man’s Secret Baby **An Amazon top 50 Bestseller!**

She kept the baby a secret.
But when I see my sister’s best friend again…
My instincts go on overdrive.
Cassie is pregnant with my baby.
Now I have one goal: Protect them both – or die trying.

Book Four: Mountain Man’s Accidental Surprise **An Amazon top 50 Bestseller!**

“I’m ready for my private striptease.”
My bestie’s bachelorette had to be amazing.
Luckily, my hired stripper blew everyone away.
Later that night, he gave me a private show I’ll never forget.
But now…no can know our secret. Because the life of my baby literally depends on it.

Rescued by the Cowboy

Action and Adventure Romance. Western Contemporary Romantic Suspense.

Ross Wynton, leader of WEST Protection.
He’s got a head for the tactical and an instinct for danger.
Then in walks the one person who reminds him that he’s also a man.

After a big breakthrough with her gene editing project, Doctor Pippa Hamlin is neck-deep in danger and threats. On the run, she turns to the only person she knows who can protect her—the hot cowboy crush from her gawky teen years. While she still burns for the man, she hopes he’ll help her reach Seattle for a big conference without meeting more danger.

Discovering who is threatening Pippa becomes Ross’s number one priority. So does easing that fear he sees in her beautiful hazel eyes…and fighting to keep his hands off her tallies is a close second.

Ross fears he’s too distracted and missing something, while Pippa battles to keep her wits to fight for the medical discovery she believes in. Traveling with a sexy, alpha, muscled bodyguard who brings all the heat to places a nerdy doctor ignores is hard enough without wondering if Ross will save her—or break her.

If you like your romance with a dose of suspense, danger and desire, book 1 of WEST Protection, RESCUED BY THE COWBOY is your 1-click now. Walk away from that sink full of dishes and make it romance night!

Heaven Help Us, Now!

Religious Nonfiction

Learn How to get heaven’s help from God’s Own First Responder!

“Ó Fianghusa … has a gift for explaining the most sublime theological concepts in plain, everyday language that reminds me of Archbishop Fulton Sheen.” — Msgr. Patrick Brankin, Exorcist of the Diocese of Tulsa

Free yourself from desperate difficulties, hopeless cases, impossible situations, and lost causes. St. Jude Thaddeus, Apostle and relative of Jesus Christ, has helped millions throughout the centuries and want to help you, now.

Heaven Help Us, Now! is the most comprehensive self-help guide to effectively praying to St. Jude yet published.

Have you or someone you love ever suffered from:

  • depression or anxiety
  • bankruptcy
  • homelessness
  • addiction
  • childlessness
  • false accusations
  • bullying
  • violence
  • severe illness
  • natural disaster

just to name a few? You name the desperate, hopeless, or impossible situation, and Jude Thaddeus will help you get out of it!

Find out…

  • Who benefits from devotion to this saint (hint: Everybody) and who exactly is St. Jude Thaddeus.
  • What we should do to tap into St. Jude’s power, and what is going on with the saint himself when we pray to him.
  • Where we can pray to him more effectively, and where in the world his devotion is practiced.
  • When it’s best to pray to him, and when he will answer our prayers.
  • Why it’s supremely beneficially to us to pray to Jude Thaddeus in our trials, and why the saint loves to help us.
  • How prayer really works, and how it’s possible that St. Jude really has the power to get us out of trouble.

Includes a compendium of prayers to the Apostle and guidance on how best to show him gratitude, as well as helpful appendixes containing Jude’s biblical epistle and the basic Christian prayers. This book is grounded in proven wisdom which has worked without fail for millennia, because its source is the Good News of the Son of God! Let St. Jude the Apostle help lead you to the life of satisfaction and joy that only God can give.

Jude Thaddeus is the Patron Saint of Hope.

Wild Hearts

Contemporary Romance

When horses run wild, there will always be people who appreciate their beauty. Wild horses are found across the United States and serve as a backdrop for these compelling and gripping romances. Ride along as five amazing contemporary western romance authors share stories of true love, second chances at love and everlasting love. Grab a copy of Wild Hearts and fall in love!

A WILD RESCUE– Melissa Keir–Lucy Justice proved she could be successful on her own, running a bed-and-breakfast in a small South Carolina town. Determined to be something more than a man’s arm candy, she vows to stay single. But her new guest stirs feelings she can’t push aside, and she can’t stop thinking about the sexy man.

When Liam Fields’ brother returns to the family ranch, Liam isn’t willing to become second banana. To escape a family war, he leaves but vows to return. But the curves of the bed and breakfast owner cloud his need for his Texas ranch.
Hurricane Candy sends them into danger and leaves behind more than damage. Can these two broken people find a way past their own demons and save the wild horses, or will their happy ending be washed away with the storm surge?

BORN TO BE WILD– Cheryl Gorman–Born to ranching royalty and into the arms of a loving family, Rafe Hetherly, owner of a wild horse sanctuary wants someone to share his life with. He believes The One is out there. But when he meets Miranda Walker, she’s not interested. How will he convince her that his arms and heart hold the safety and freedom she needs to explore her wild side and move in any direction she wants to go?

Born to a wild child, who died right after giving birth to her, Miranda Walker has returned to her hometown of Silver Lake, Montana to settle her grandmother’s estate, discover the name of her father, and jump start her stalled art career. Becoming attracted to Rafe Hetherly wasn’t part of her plan. But how can she resist the sexy cowboy and the promise of his steadfast, generous love?

WILD HORSES DON’T LIE– Mary Ellen Blackwood–Jessica Walker Wilkinson is at a crossroads. The ranch she and her dead husband owned needs opportunities to stay ahead financially. Stopping her is her childhood sweetheart who is back in town for good. He owns the property she needs but seems determined to keep her dreams from happening, again.

Dalton Randall has spent his adult life running from his past. He knows he has ruined more than one relationship along the way. But now it’s time to get it right. Can they forge a new relationship out of the ashes of their past?

NOWHERE TO BE FOUND– Lyssa Layne–Camp Cali Mustangs was a fun, summer camp that boasted campers would be able to see the mysterious Carter Reservoir Wild Horses. The lure of the wild horses brought Ryan Park back year after year. For Maverick Clarke, it was Ryan Park that made him return summer after summer.

Through the summers, their friendship grew until they were the best of friends, taking it to the next level during their last summer at camp.

Now twenty years later, tragedy strikes. Ryan has changed, she hardened, she gave up, but Maverick never did. Knowing his best friend needs help, he plans a last minute trip to visit her, a trip that could change things between them again.

MODEL BEHAVIOR– D’Ann Lindun–Supermodel London O’Connor drops everything the moment she learns her sister has gone missing. Upon her arrival in Black Mountain, Colorado, she is disappointed to find the sheriff less than interested in locating an adult who may have only taken off a few days to camp in the mountains.

Fortunately, a local reporter is intrigued enough to investigate Krissy’s strange disappearance. Joss Hamilton agrees to help the supermodel locate her sister, while vowing to keep his heart protected. Previously torn between a love interest and a story, making the wrong choice cost him his career. An option he’s unwilling to make again. No matter how attracted to London he may be.


Women’s Fiction. Suspense. Mystery. Thriller. Paranormal Thriller. Crime Fiction.

It has been ten months since forest conservationist Sienna lost her daughter in a tragic home accident when she was the only other person around. Kira’s death transforms Sienna into an overprotective mother to her son. But then Kai dies under similar circumstances. Desperate to keep from losing her mind, if only to preserve the memories of her children, Sienna climbs into the treehouse where Kai took his last breath.

While meditating to connect with him, terrifying images of a “mother tree,” a nurturing hub tree Sienna studied in an isolated meadow near their lake house, corrupt all memories of her kids. No longer a majestic, colorful sentinel, the tree menaces her with its limbs draped in leaves that morph into skeletal hands. As Sienna’s thoughts fester, convincing her that her children’s deaths were not simple accidents, those around her try to persuade her she must be guilty of harming Kira and Kai, even if she can’t remember. Anxious to unveil the terrible truth hiding in her psyche, Sienna instead finds herself in very physical danger as secrets come to light.

Two Hearts’ Reconnaissance

Contemporary Romantic Suspense Thriller

Their traumatic childhoods draw Eve Loughlin and Harry Giordano together, and eventually, they fall in love. When their careers send them in different directions, can they find their way back to their hearts?

Drawn to each other from the moment they met, Eve Loughlin and Harry Giordano are teenage survivors of unconscionable abuse who’ve overcome the odds. And there’s a huge mystery to solve when Harry’s abusive foster parents end up murdered.

When they’re rescued from similar circumstances and given a chance to thrive, life eventually pulls them into different directions. Eve has inherited her mother’s talent and becomes a Grammy-winning vocalist, while Harry decides to enter the Air Force, eventually training service dogs.

Successful careers and jealously splits them apart, but when Harry is sent on a reconnaissance mission overseas and realizes that Eve is in danger from a stalker, instinct tells him that they’ve always been meant for each other.

Can they find their way back to their hearts?