Marci Simon, a civilian with classified intelligence, is on the run. Despite imminent danger, Marci embarks on an unstoppable quest to unearth deadly secrets the government will kill to bury. ~Featured on Audible ACX University

Among Us
Bestselling Author Kristina Rienzi

Series: Communication Skills 101

Communications Crash Course
11 Strategic Conversation Frameworks for Everyday Scenarios to Enhance Your Conversations and Confidence

Book 1 of the bestselling Maggie Newberry Mysteries!

Murder in the South of France
3.7 stars on 1,636 reviews

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Book One in the exciting new St. Clair series has arrived!

Devoted to the Duke
Best Selling Author Alexa Aston

Small Town Romance. Whatever tomorrow brings for Dane and Gracelyn, their only choice is acceptance—to take one day at a time and face life as it comes.

Of the Cowboy's Own Accord
4.4 stars on 28 reviews

The three young children of Adelard de Blays—two sons and a daughter—are separated when their father commits treason against the King of England. Follow each of their stories in The King’s Cousins, a new trilogy by Alexa Aston.

The Bastard
4.9 stars on 31 reviews

Read Book 2 in the bestselling The Unconventional Ladies series!

Lady of Fortune
Best Selling Author Ellie St. Clair

An Possessive Dominant Alpha Male Romance Novel. I’m being hunted by a billionaire A mad man that will stop at nothing to take from the one thing I hold dear to me, my most prized possession.

His Captive Virgin
4.7 stars on 57 reviews

New Book Releases 2019

This page highlights a select group of New Book Releases. If you are looking for a something new to read then this page is a great place to start for a new book. 

New Releases 4/10 – 4/23/2019

Priced between $0.99 – $6.99 on Amazon.

Faltered Beginnings

Christian Historical

Western Romance

Ultra Sarin

Children’s Superhero


How to Find a

Piano Teacher

How To. Advice

Very Long(ing)

Poetry. Prose.

Self Help.

Before Today

Contemporary Romance


Nicole’s Song

Death. Cancer.

Dealing with loss.

Off-Ramp To The Void

Fiction. Short Stories.


Gamble on a Cowboy

Contemporary Romance




Lesbian Romance

Mr. Fantasy

Contemporary Romance



Romantic Comedy

New Adult Romance

The Stars in Her Eyes

Steamy Contemporary



Mr. Fantasy

Contemporary Romance

Better than your reality…

A Caribbean island.
A rich CEO.
A woman thrown overboard.
A delicious one-night stand.
Want to know what happens next?
Find all the answers and more between the pages
of this sizzling standalone romance—Mr. Fantasy.

*Mr. Fantasy is a standalone contemporary romance novel and contains an HEA*


LGBT, Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Fiction

From the author of Driven: “This is a fun read! Lizzy is totally adorable…” Curve Magazine

Is it wise to propose marriage to your undocumented girlfriend if she just moved in … and she’s already thinking of moving out?

That’s the question on auto mechanic Lizzy’s mind as she wrestles with what to do in Book Two of the Oaktown Girls series.

Commitment is definitely in the air for this tightly knit circle of Oakland lesbians. Tenika can’t stand the idea of marrying anyone – but her partner Delilah, a tattoo artist, has her heart set on it.

But then, when Delilah develops a strange, disabling tremor, Tenika’s forced to rethink everything she once held as true.

Meanwhile Frankie, a newcomer who happens to be an undercover cop, can’t find a date to save her life. That is until she happens to meet the ravishing charmer Tasha at Tenika and Lizzy’s garage.

Will Frankie’s PTSD undermine her ability to open up and find her love? And will it be Tasha, or the sweet, open-hearted Sally who seems to know a little too much about her?

And why won’t either of them tell Frankie what they do for a living?

Find out who falls in love for good in this warm-hearted page turner you can’t put down.

Gamble on a Cowboy

Contemporary Romance

Roll the dice. Take a chance. Play the cards you’re dealt. Gamble on a Cowboy.

From the international bestselling Western Romance authors, Gamble on a Cowboy tugs at your heartstrings as two women take a chance on love with a total stranger. Will they find their happily ever after or will they end up with a broken heart?

A Vegas Cowboy by Melissa Keir

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

Alicia Cortez turns failing businesses around and comes to Vegas to give the keynote speech at the National Restaurateurs’ Convention. Talented and opinionated, she knows what will work and what won’t, but she’s been unable to find love.

David “Daisy” MacKenzie reinvented his life after the death of his wife and daughter. He keeps their dreams of a family restaurant alive in small-town Whisper, Colorado. Now he’s in Vegas and up for an award when a beautiful woman literally falls into his arms.

When Alicia and Daisy wake up missing ten hours of memory and married, will they be able to compromise and see that love is what they both need…or will their marriage be lost like dollars in Vegas?

Vegas, Baby, Vegas by D’Ann Lindun

As a woman stock contractor, Bailey McKlellan is fiercely independent. A woman in a man’s world, she can hold her own with anyone. For some reason, a cocky newcomer gets under her skin and won’t let go. In an attempt to get him out of her system, she decides to spend the night with him…with unintended consequences.

New to the world of contracting stock, Maverick Cartwright’s intrigued by Bailey McKlellan…so much so he can’t get her out of his mind. He’s ecstatic when the lady decides to spend one night with him. Will he be so happy when they meet again in Las Vegas?


Fiction. Short Stories. Women.

Betrayal. Few experiences are as painful, disorienting, and devastating. Reality is shattered and the void stretches ahead: black, unfathomable, and deep. Trust is broken. How can it be restored when no grace remains?

The women in these seven stories are subject to different types of betrayal. From a girl whose parents leave her an orphan to survive on her own, to an abandoned pregnant girlfriend, to a best friend’s calculated disloyalty, a college girl’s sizable loss, a hospital worker’s misfortune to resemble a drug dealer, a woman who feels let down by life itself, and a young mother struggling with the fear of losing her child.

They respond in distinctive ways, but all face wounds, losses, and life-altering setbacks.

(Several of these stories contain violence and coarse language.)

Nicole’s Song

Death. Dealing with loss. Cancer.

Nicole’s Song is a touching story of a young lady who inspired people to live, love, and rise above sorrow and pain.

Dear Gentry Family,

I am deeply saddened by the news of your loss.
I feel blessed to have been able to meet and spend
time with Nicole. I will remember her always.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Larry Fitzgerald

Before Today

Contemporary Romance

Brooke Johnson has left her past behind her and moved to Sapphire Bay. The quaint Montana town has everything she needs, including a store she’s turned into a candy shop. Her life is as sweet as the fudge she makes, until Levi Montgomery rides into town.

Levi has spent too many years fighting a war no one can win. He thought he’d worked through most of his issues, found peace in the aftermath of hell. When he arrives in Sapphire Bay, the last person he expects to see is Brooke. Two years ago she broke his heart and he’ll do everything he can to keep his distance.

As the sparks between them ignite, Brooke’s past comes back to haunt her. This time, she needs to trust Levi – before it’s too late for either of them.

‘Before Today’ is the fourth book in the Sapphire Bay series and can easily be read as a standalone. Each of Leeanna’s series are linked so you can find out what happens to your favorite characters in other books. If you would like to know when my next book is released, please visit Happy reading!

Very Long(ing)

Poetry. Prose. Self Help.

It’s been a long time coming and there’s much to be said. In those painstaking moments of solitude you realized that as the world was changing around you, something was happening within. You’ve grown. Those silent lessons taught you what it was to be human, to empathize, to feel, to let go and to finally breathe. And so here you are speaking of the pain and using your voice to wrap comfort around the next person so that they may feel a little more safe at night.

Very Long(ing) is for those that feel overlooked. It’s the calling of our hearts. And it’s about time they hear what we have to say.

How to Find a Piano Teacher

Education, Arts and Humanities, Music, Pedagogy

“Her teacher says she’s very talented but that she doesn’t practice enough.” There’s no such thing as talent, get used to it. And no point blaming yourself or your child for not practicing. The right piano teacher knows how to work with the child’s natural interest in music, develop it, and build on it. But how do you find the right piano teacher? This short practical guide shows you what qualities to look for in a piano teacher, and how to assess them. It is based on a parent’s careful observation, over many years, of a teacher who has accomplished remarkable results with students of every stripe: both those headed for a life in music and those on the way to a lifetime of enjoyment of music. It synthesizes the author’s experiences in meeting with countless students and teachers of various instruments, spending many hours talking to parents, attending dozens of student concerts, and sitting through hundreds of lessons and master classes as his child went through twelve years of Conservatory, before going on to the Royal Academy of Music in London on a full scholarship.

The insights gained from the book apply equally to the teaching of other instruments as well. Although each instrument presents its own characteristic technical issues, they all have music in common, and similar problems and dilemmas arise when they are taught: how much to practice and how; balancing technique with musical understanding; surviving student concerts; early exposure of high-performing children; separating from a teacher after many years. Although the book is intended as a guide for parents, piano teachers can also gain from it by comparing their own practices with those that elicited the admiration of a highly concerned parent.

The Web is awash with sites, blogs, and landing pages that give advice on finding a piano teacher. Typically, they say something like… “Before starting to look for a piano teacher, decide what you expect music lessons to accomplish for your child.” Or maybe “Learning to play an instrument will provide your child a lifetime of delightful challenges.” And again, “The best way to find a piano teacher is by word of mouth, although the Internet can also…” Then, “Make a list of potential teachers… seek recommendations from friends…” The book in front of you says nothing of the sort. Instead, it speaks about the qualities piano teachers must possess to nurture the child’s natural fascination with music and to instill quickly those qualities that children need for genuine, satisfying, and vibrant music making.

Click here to continue reading the entire book description on Amazon.

Ultra Sarin

Children’s Superhero Comic

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” —Oscar Wilde

Sarin in this book has epitomized the above quote. As a kid, he does not know a lot about what is right or what is wrong to be written. This book is a true picture of what is going on in his mind and may be the same goes through most of the kids of his generation. This book has not gone through any checks and balances of what-to and what-not-to write in a professional book which normally most of the books go through. It has come straight from him as-it-is and truly represents a kids thought. All the illustrations are also done by Sarin himself in pencil & paper. As both the illustrations & story comes from the same mind, it goes hand in hand represents the exact same thought. Kids will love this book .. Happy reading …

Brief about the book: This series is about the adventures of a superhero named “Ultra Sarin”. This book is Series 1, which has 6 chapters.


Faltered Beginnings

Christian Historical Western Romance

Mary Beth arrives at the Eastman ranch planning to marry Lex Willis. To her dismay Lex is already married to Iris the love of his life. Mary Beth then confesses she’d been attacked by the same man who tried to attack Iris in Button Hills Texas. Mary Beth also struggles with forgiveness and searches for the answer.

Marry Beth grew up wealthy and cared for in every way until her father throws her out. With nowhere to go and in need of a father for her expected child she accepts the first proposal that comes her way.
Ross Carter only has one true desire in life; to have own a house. If he marries, Parker Eastman will build one for him. His own father had ingrained in Ross that love is for losers. He decides to marry Mary Beth, not for love but for a house.

Married life is very awkward and to make things worse the man who attacked both Mary Beth and Iris is set on harming them.

Can Ross and Marry Beth find common ground for the sake of the baby? Will they learn to trust each other enough to keep each other safe from the man determined to take both Mary Beth, her child and Iris?

The Stars in Her Eyes

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Love in LA just got a whole lot hotter!

One woman. Three men. Some things are best kept secret.

When Creslyn Knight auditions for the role of a life time, she never expects three things:

  1. To know the casting director—intimately.
  2. To be insanely attracted to the three stand-in actors at the audition.
  3. That she’d soon be putting her morals to the test when her resolve weakens.

Acting is in Creslyn’s blood, and she’s focused her sights on one thing: landing the role of a lifetime. But she’s always been told that everything comes at a cost. The casting director names his when he tells her she must make him believe she can surrender to a harem of men, or he can’t justify giving her the lead role.

Determined to prove him wrong and show him she can tap into a passion that deep, Creslyn throws herself into rehearsals. But the fine line between script and reality soon starts to blur, leading her and three men into unchartered territory. The only problem? She has a jealous roommate, a disgruntled mother, and a string of paparazzi hot on her trail, making Creslyn question the cost of everything.

In a world where some things are best kept secret, is the price of fame too high when it comes to the heart?

The Stars in Her Eyes is book one of the Love in LA Quartet and is a new adult, steamy contemporary romance reverse harem LOVE STORY that can be read as a stand-alone or as an introduction to the series. All the heat you’ve come to expect with a reverse harem, AND a storyline worthy of a contemporary romance love story. Finally, the best of both worlds!


Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Romance New Adult

Holland Kelly wasn’t a people person. Okay, that’s not true, she wasn’t one particular man person. That man? Her next-door neighbor Dick Brooks. Fine, his real name was Reid, but Dick sounded better.

Life would have been perfect if she never had to interact with him again.

Unfortunately, life wasn’t perfect.

Now she is stuck spending hours with the neighbor she has always hated while they work to save their homes.

Have his eyes always been that shade?

Has he always been so good looking?

And those lips…