He’d learned many ways to stay alive, but he never lived. Book 5 in the bestselling series Hearts of the Highlands is now available. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Tempest Heart
4.8 stars on 24 reviews New York Times Bestselling Author Paula Quinn

He’d give his life for her, but his heart was never part of the bargain.

To Bargain with a Highland Buccaneer
4.7 stars on 27 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Collette Cameron

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Chelsea was last seen walking back from a friend’s house one summer afternoon. She never made it home…

Little Girls Sleeping
4.4 stars on 545 reviews Award Winning Author Jennifer Chase

When an abused woman leaves her marriage after 40 years, her daughters are forced to confront the past. No one is prepared for the horror that follows.

Hidden in the Dark
4.6 stars on 45 reviews Author RaShell Lashbrook

Not an expert but based on first-hand experience my book Relationship helps with Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage and even Divorce. Surprisingly, it got great reviews. Now only .99 cents.

4.7 stars on 5 reviews Author A William Benitez

Both wronged by their fathers . . . two damaged souls longing for love and salvation . . . Book 4 in the exciting new Soldiers and Soulmates series from bestselling author Alexa Aston has arrived. 

To Save a Love
4.8 stars on 25 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Alexa Aston

Marisa Lorrita has been set with an impossible task, find the killer of a local boy. The catch? He's Abyssalin, a being that transverses worlds

Even In Death
5.0 stars on 2 reviews Author Francesca Naismith

Immigrant overcomes poverty and Antisemitism to change newspapers and confront the powers that be of the Gilded Age.

Who was Joseph Pulitzer?
4.5 stars on 113 reviews Author Terrence Crimmins

Mia Kazmaroff is able to tell the story behind any object simply by touch, which comes in handy when her Atlanta police detective brother is murdered.  Mia reaches out to his partner Jack Burton to find the killer while they attempt to ignore the sparks flying from their undeniable mutual attraction. 

4.0 stars on 636 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Kiernan-Lewis

#1 in The Dukes’ Pact Series—six dukes take dire steps to force their heirs to marry, while those heirs fight just as hard to remain bachelors. A sweet regency romance. Read for Free in Kindle Unlimited!

The Viscount’s Sinful Bargain
4.3 stars on 27 reviews Bestselling Author Kate Archer

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Andalon Awakens

4.8 stars on 36 reviews


Eusari was kidnapped and sold to pirates at a young age. Now she must choose vengeance against those responsible or save the world beside Braen Braston, a quiet outcast from the northern kingdom of Fjorik. Magical powers awaken around them, challenging their knowledge of history and the world.

Across the continent Robert Esterling fights to come of age and struggles with physical limitations while leading a civil war against his usurper brother. Meanwhile centuries of stability unravel under the watchful eye of the magic wielding Falconers, a secretive sect of administrators sent to capture and farm those who can manipulate the elements.

Follow these unlikely heroes as they face political intrigue and work through personal barriers. Read along as they learn to use their powers without destroying the very people that they feel compelled to save against a new and much larger foe than Andalon ever dreamed.

Andalon Awakens is an emotional ride that will lead you to laughter, tears, and gasps along the way. T. B. Phillips is a craftsman who toys with your heart and leads you by the hand through expert world building, putting you inside each of his characters.


Caught Up In Me

4.5 stars on 153 reviews

Romantic Comedy. Contemporary Romance. Women’s Fiction.

Book 2 of 3 in Susan Wade Saga

Romantic Comedy at its finest!

Susan’s only thinking of a promotion when her friend convinces her to take a shortcut transfer. But she should have read the fine print. North Carolina, her personal purgatory, is the one place she’s been trying to avoid since high school. When she learns her new office is located in Havelock, she quickly discovers her brusque Northern attitude is not welcome down South.

Susan’s never had any trouble making enemies, and Pete Walsh, the town’s version of The Bachelor, is no exception. When they lock horns on her first day of work, Susan discovers this ridiculously sexy miscreant is a worthy adversary. And while his pranks and fake Southern gentleman routine make her homicidal, Susan is shocked by Pete’s uncanny ability to see the insecure girl hiding behind her carefully constructed facade. And she’s not the only one wearing a mask…

After Susan’s world blows up, Pete helps her pick up the pieces. Enemies become friends, but is there more? When Susan’s personal needs collide with her career wants, she is forced to make the toughest decision of her life.

Click here to see all available books in Susan Wade Saga series by Virginia Gray on Amazon.



4.3 stars on 473 reviews

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Reverse Harem

Book 1 of 31 in The Godhunter Series

I killed the first god I met.

It was self-defense. The kills that followed were not, but they were necessary. Preemptive. It was them or me. Until he showed up; eyes full of lightning, a jawline that could cut glass, and the body of a Norse god… which is exactly what he is. One of them. He represents everything that I’m against. Everything that I fear. I should kill him, but I have the strangest feeling that I should trust him. As a witch, I always listen to my gut but as a woman, I know that this time those feelings might be coming from somewhere a little lower.

The Godhunter Series is a Paranormal Romance with Gods, Shapeshifters, Witches, and mythical beasts that will keep you hunting for more.

Praise for The Godhunter Series:

  • “Anita Blake, eat your heart out!”
  • “I laughed so much, I often got asked if I was okay!”
  • “A hidden gem in a sea of dreck.”
  • “Vervain’s one of the best female heroines today!”
  • “(Amy Sumida is) literally a genius when it comes to characters, plots, and romance.
  • “They are so good, they should be savored, but instead I binged on them like a kid on Halloween.”

Myth and magic collide in this award-winning, action, paranormal reverse harem romance. Grab your copy and start hunting TODAY!

Godhunter: Winner of the SpaSpa Book Award for Best Paranormal Romance 2014

Click here to see all available books in The Godhunter Series by Amy Sumida on Amazon.



4.9 stars on 19 reviews

Fantasy. Supernatural Thriller.

Saved by Donovan from an attempted suicide, Joel has a vision. He can’t simply die: he needs to ascend as an angel. With Donovan at his side, Joel has to figure out how, but are things what they seem?
On the night Joel Stevens attempts suicide, he experiences a vision that instills in him an obsession to ascend as an angel.

Rescued by Donovan, a passing vagrant who claims to be an angel capable of leading him through ascension, Joel yields to his guidance.

Joel welcomes Donovan into his home, where tensions build with his wife, Sarah, who believes her husband is having a psychotic breakdown.

Donovan insists Joel must put his life in his hands and helps him achieve three near-death experiences where he visits broken, incomplete souls in Purgatory. Each visit diminishes Joel’s physical and mental capacity, bringing him closer to a state of being “less,” which is essential for ascension.

After Joel’s final visit to Purgatory, Sarah physically intervenes trying to wrestle Joel out of Donovan’s grip.

Joel and Donovan get out and race to Philadelphia to fulfill Joel’s destiny. They arrive at the Pyramid Club, a site used across the millennia for those ascending. But little does Joel know that his destiny has been written for centuries, and not everything—or everyone—in his life is what it seems to be.

Ascension is an intense and thought-provoking supernatural thriller.


Are We There Yet?

4.4 stars on 4 reviews

Driver’s Education, Safety & First Aid, Health

Are you safe driver? Been in a collision? Need to get a drivers license? Why do drivers speed? These and many other questions are answered in Are We There Yet?

It is an in depth look at an unseen epidemic that is on going every day in all the lives of drivers here in the U.S. (averaging 200 deaths daily)and in fact throughout the entire world (1.3+ million deaths every year). From how we all drive to an actionable plan to end this epidemic. The book will take you on a “trip” of self discovery that will challenge you as either a new driver or very experienced.

Are We There Yet? is an in depth look at the elephant in the room that has gone unrecognized far too long and predominantly ignored by too many drivers of what is essential to being safe, especially in our present driving culture. That of actual but unrecognized driving risk.

In each section of this book, there is a course of low risk exercises included as a basic plan for improving, not only an experienced drivers skills but also new drivers. Especially teen drivers who are often pegged as being unaware of risk and too willing to take risks.

A bonus section addresses the concerns that new adult drivers and concerned nervous parents may have around learning and teaching how to drive and suggestions for everything from getting lessons to taking the dreaded drive test and beyond.


The Agency Blueprint

Small Business, Business & Money, Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Every business starts out with an idea; the business owner endeavoring to make a dream a reality. Between starting the business and the realization of success, almost everything changes.

In the Agency Blueprint, Creative Agency financial expert Robert Patin draws on his experience to outline and demystify how businesses lose their way from the original vision. Through methodical processes, Patin outlines his tried-and-tested approaches to bringing businesses back in line with what entrepreneurs want their company to be. This book provides a refreshingly straightforward and insightful read, with plenty of real-life examples of its approaches implemented. The Agency Blueprint demonstrates that change is attainable and motivates the reader to accomplish their dreams.

UPDATED ON 7/16/2020 AT 7 AM CST. Many free Kindle books are only available for 24-48 hours (sometimes even less). Please make sure the price is $0.00 when downloading. Prices can change at any time. If by chance you download a book and it is actually not free you can do a return of a Kindle book up to 7 days after the transaction. We try to make sure our list is accurate and up to date, but we can’t control Amazon or authors when they decide to remove a book from being free. We hope you enjoy your free Kindle books.


The Red Cobra

4.2 stars 1,140 reviews


Above All Things

4.7 stars on 439 reviews

Christian Literature

Saving Ferris

4.8 stars on 264 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Ruthless Love

4.5 stars on 259 reviews


The Others

4.1 stars on 574 reviews

Medical Thriller Mystery

Beyond Dead

4.5 stars on 387 reviews

Cozy Mystery


4.1 stars on 320 reviews

Vampire Romance

California Man

4.3 stars on 270 reviews


The Iron Sword

4.6 stars on 303 reviews


Tell Me To Go

4.6 stars on 302 reviews

Psychological Thriller

Turn My World Around

4.6 stars on 184 reviews

Southern Romance


4.4 stars on 200 reviews

College Romance

The Fallen Empire

4.5 stars on 723 reviews

Science Fiction

The Trials of Max Q

4.1 stars on 147 reviews

Legal Thriller

DSLR Photography

for Beginners

4.3 stars on 384 reviews


4.1 stars on 230 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Slave Graves

4.1 stars on 275 reviews


The Baobab

Beach Retreat

4.3 stars on 24 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Truth or Date

4.3 stars on 516 reviews



4.1 stars on 92 reviews

Romantic Suspense

The Survivors

4.1 stars on 232 reviews

Science Fiction

Fire in Frost

4.3 stars on 469 reviews

YA Paranormal

The Chair Man

4.6 stars on 19 reviews


Read, Write,

Love at Seaside

4.3 stars on 744 reviews

Sweet Romance


4.6 stars on 113 reviews

Horror. Sci-Fi.


4.4 stars on 849 reviews

Urban Fantasy

Happiness is a

Smoking Gun

4.2 stars on 205 reviews

Cozy Mystery

One to Hold

4.3 stars 1,346 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Mark of the Loon

4.5 stars on 560 reviews


Charming Academy

4.4 stars on 41 reviews

YA Fantasy

Just the Way You Are

4.3 stars on 78 reviews

Contemporary Romance

A French Girl

in New York

4.3 stars on 817 reviews

Young Adult


Quinn Gets His Kicks

4.5 stars on 279 reviews


Divided House

4.2 stars on 378 reviews

British Mystery

Fate Bound

4.0 stars on 116 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Lie To Me

4.5 stars on 78 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Space Prison

4.4 stars on 80 reviews

Science Fiction


4.7 stars 1,008 reviews

Women’s Christian Fict.

Skinny Dipping Dare

4.4 stars on 65 reviews

Romantic Comedy

An Endless Love

to Remember

4.7 stars on 56 reviews

Hist. Western Romance

Magic Ops

4.4 stars on 108 reviews

Fantasy Act. Adv.

A Charming Christmas

4.4 stars on 110 reviews

Cozy Para Mystery


4.4 stars on 108 reviews

MC Romance

Abi and the Boy

Next Door

4.5 stars on 141 reviews

Young Adult Romance

Plain Roots

4.7 stars on 109 reviews


Luck Be a Lady

4.7 stars on 130 reviews


Highlander’s Desire

4.2 stars on 190 reviews

Historical Romance

Protector Mate

4.7 stars on 143 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Emma Frost

4.3 stars on 204 reviews


Don’t Speak

4.0 stars on 292 reviews



4.6 stars on 210 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Flawed Heart

4.2 stars on 248 reviews


The Purge of Babylon

4.5 stars 1,782 reviews

Post Apocalyptic

Fire Starter

4.2 stars on 122 reviews

YA Fantasy

Hearts Unfold

4.4 stars on 87 reviews


Christmas Dreams

and Santa Schemes

4.7 stars on 75 reviews



4.0 stars on 465 reviews

Paranormal Romance


4.2 stars on 57 reviews


Lost and Found

4.5 stars on 157 reviews


She Belongs To Me

4.1 stars 1,271 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Mademoiselle at Arms

4.1 stars on 91 reviews

Historical Romance


4.2 stars on 283 reviews


Brave Hearts

4.5 stars on 28 reviews


Loving Lieutenant


4.1 stars on 104 reviews

Hist. Fiction. Romance

The Tumor

4.0 stars 5,380 reviews

Non-Legal Thriller

Dragon Dreams

4.1 stars on 90 reviews

Romance. Fantasy.

Vampires Rule

4.3 stars on 317 reviews

YA Paranormal Fantasy

Angel of Death

4.1 stars 293 reviews

Religious Fantasy

A Black Deeper

Than Death

4.3 stars on 26 reviews

Mystery, Young Adult


4.2 stars on 228 reviews

Young Adult

Her Best Match

4.4 stars on 773 reviews

A Romantic Comedy


3.8 stars on 52 reviews

Paranormal Romance


The Man Who

Was Thursday

4.0 stars on 602 reviews

Political Thriller

Coming Home Again

4.5 stars on 228 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Her Texas Cowboy

4.4 stars on 685 reviews


Variant Lost

4.7 stars on 677 reviews


Murder in Grenoble

4.4 stars on 197 reviews


Kilty As Charged

4.3 stars on 192 reviews


Before That Night

4.4 stars on 478 reviews

New Adult Romance

Hell’s Knights

4.3 stars on 606 reviews

MC Romance

Of Murders and Mages

4.4 stars on 151 reviews


Blind Impact

4.6 stars on 123 reviews


A Promise of Home

4.5 stars on 345 reviews


Shelter for Sophie

4.8 stars on 381 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Nailgun Killer

4.1 stars on 166 reviews

Crime Thriller

The Rise of a

Forsaken Lady

4.3 stars on 127 reviews

Hist. Regency Romance


4.7 stars on 279 reviews

French Mafia Romance


4.7 stars on 305 reviews

MC Romance

Loup Garou

4.2 stars on 211 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Sand River

4.7 stars on 37 reviews


Winter Date

4.8 stars on 25 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Taking Chances

4.1 stars on 246 reviews

Cont. Erotic Romance

Switching Hour

4.4 stars on 809 reviews

Paranormal Romance

The Collins Case

4.5 stars on 149 reviews

Christian. Mystery

More Than Pancakes

4.2 stars on 518 reviews


The Falling of Love

4.5 stars on 189 reviews


The Change

4.5 stars 1,855 reviews

Urban Fantasy. Sci-Fi

The Watchers

4.5 stars on 354 reviews

Teen & Young Adult

Kindling Flames

4.3 stars on 540 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Love, Lies, & High Heels

3.9 stars 1,113 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Walker Pride

4.3 stars on 54 reviews

Contemporary Romance

The Black Parade

4.3 stars on 134 reviews

Urban Fantasy

Tiger Lily

4.1 stars on 161 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Fallen Star

4.3 stars on 300 reviews

Science Fiction


Conclusive Evidence

4.6 stars on 572 reviews


Odd Billy Todd

4.6 stars on 527 reviews

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction


4.6 stars on 365 reviews


The Wrong Kind Of Love

4.5 stars on 422 reviews


Miami Burn

4.5 stars on 260 reviews


Gone But Not Missed

4.2 stars on 460 reviews


Can’t Get You Off My Mind

4.3 stars on 157 reviews


My Warrior Wolves

4.5 stars on 172 reviews

Shifter Romance

The Harbor Of Lies

4.6 stars on 160 reviews


Ugly Girl

4.3 stars on 113 reviews


Queen Takes Knights

4.6 stars on 439 reviews

Vampire Romance

Darker Water

4.5 stars on 335 reviews


Shock Collar

4.4 stars on 114 reviews


Murder On The Links

4.3 stars on 799 reviews


Under Her Skin

4.3 stars on 215 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Marcia Schuyler

4.6 stars on 176 reviews


An Ignorance of Means

4.5 stars on 25 reviews

Historical Fiction

Nonni’s Moon

4.5 stars on 198 reviews



4.9 stars on 19 reviews

Thriller. Fantasy.

Angel Beneath My Wheels

4.4 stars on 106 reviews


Spirit Dragon

4.4 stars on 25 reviews

Young Adult Fantasy


4.3 stars on 472 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Between Mountain

and Sea

4.5 stars on 102 reviews

Sci-Fi Action Adv.

Maids of Misfortune

4.2 stars 2,656 reviews

Historical Mystery

Sign Off

4.4 stars 1,871 reviews

Cozy Mystery

I Don’t Want

to Eat Bugs

4.5 stars on 621 reviews


The Babbling Brook

Naked Poker Club

4.6 stars on 690 reviews

Cozy Mystery

The Nysian Prophecy

4.4 stars on 25 reviews


Bound Souls

4.6 stars on 31 reviews

Fantasy Romance

A Dance of Dragons

4.3 stars on 340 reviews

YA Fantasy

Dreams for Stones

4.6 stars on 120 reviews

Women’s Fiction


4.3 stars on 430 reviews

Fantasy Romance

Out of a Dream

4.3 stars on 979 reviews

Christian Fiction


4.2 stars on 318 reviews

Paranormal Thriller

Highland Barbarian

4.4 stars on 362 reviews

Historical Romance

Tempted by the Boss

4.2 stars on 333 reviews

Contemporary Romance