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Our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books list averages between 11,000 –  15,000+ Amazon free book downloads per day.

We list over 95% of submitted Fiction books that meet our guidelines (18+ Amazon reviews & 4.0+ stars) for up to four (4) days. Perma-free books will be listed for 2-3 days per month. Most free book sites only list your book for the first day.

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Digital Book Today has been producing a daily Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books List since 2009.


Minimum guidelines for listing free books are 18+ reviews and a rating of 4.0+ stars. If your book does not meet these guidelines see Promo #13. For more details, please see the info below the registration box.

We give priority to full length novels (100 + pages). Short stories (less than 100 pages), novellas, essays, partial books (ex: Chapters 1-4), and erotica are not accepted.

Non-Fiction/ Health/ fitness/ dieting/  advice/ gardening/ cooking/ finance/ business/ publishing/ internet/ self help/ tech guides and other short guide/advice books are added at our discretion. In most cases if your non-fiction is less than 75 pages, it will not be listed. Non-fiction books with less than 75 pages will be given consideration if they have 40+ Amazon reviews and 4.2+ stars or higher.  This policy is effective 5/1/2014 simply due to the large amount of non-fiction titles appearing on Amazon. There is a paid option for these books to be listed. Follow this link for details, price, and to order.

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  1. We give priority to full length novels.  Short stories (less than 100 pages), novellas, essays, and segments, volumes, chapters of books and erotica are not accepted. Health/fitness/dieting/cooking/publishing/finance/business/internet/parenting/self help/tech guides and other short guide/advice books are added at our discretion. This is not a guarantee that they will be added to the list if your book falls into any of these broad categories.
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  3. Our readers have indicated that they want full-length books, so we rarely accept books under 100 pages in length, except for some children’s books and highly rated Kindle Singles.
  4. Books that do not meet the 18+ reviews and 4.0+ rating will not be accepted. No exceptions. See point #5 below another option for your free book.  
  5. For a limited time we are testing listing up to 4 books per day who do not meet our guidelines for a minimal fee. Follow this link for more details if interested in getting your new book to our readers.
  6. Why do we have a minimum guideline to be listed? We do not produce an all-inclusive list of free books. If we did than we could list every book but the list would be in the thousands on a daily basis. We produce a list of the Top 100 Best Free Books. There are some pro’s and con’s to this format including not being able to list all submissions. A positive is a book will remain on this list usually for the length of time it is free (max of 5 days) instead of only showing on a free book list the first day it is free. We have been producing this list for 3+ years. We have a large and loyal following of readers who prefer this style of list.
  7. Why are there fewer free book listing sites or more of them are charging to have a featured book? This is due to Amazon affiliate changes that were effective on 3/1/2013 which eliminated income for book sites that only featured free books. The reason we continue to list free books is to drive traffic to our site for our advertisers.
  8. Our promotions page does list other opportunities for books including a New Book Releases ListRomance Books“Steamy” Romance Books, and Perma Free Books lists
  9. In our opinion, running a free day for only 1 day is not as effective as a 2 or 3 day promotion.
  10. We reserve the right not to feature a title for any reason. Erotic (steamy) romance is accepted but not erotica.
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One to Hold
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A Drunk, A Nun, The Apocalypse


Sexy, naughty, magic mischief…

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