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Holiday stories that will put a song in your heart!

Love, Christmas
4.9 stars on 17 reviews
$0.99 on Amazon

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Heartwarming stories that deliver Christmas magic and true love.

Romancing Christmas: Volume II
5.0 stars on 8 reviews
$0.99 on Amazon

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Become swept away in Alexa Aston’s new Knights of Honor.

Word of Honor
Knights of Honor Series Book 1 by Alexa Aston
$0.99 on Amazon

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Catch up now - book 4 releases soon in The Mage Craft series!

Cast in Faefire
4.8 stars on 75 reviews
$4.99 on Amazon.

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Gripping suspense. Only $1.99 in October!

4.6 stars on 223 reviews
$1.99 on Amazon.

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Bestselling urban fantasy on sale for $.99!

Cast in Angelfire
4.6 stars on 98 reviews
$0.99 on Amazon

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The Sacrifices of Our Veterans and Their Families

The Disabled Veteran's Story
5.0 stars on 16 reviews
$12.50 on Amazon (Free $0.00 from 10/17-10/21)

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Sunday Free eBooks – The Newest & Best Free Kindle Books

Check out our list of the best free ebooks. A great chance to grab a book or two for the weekend. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Remember that many of the free kindle books are priced at $0.00 for a very limited time. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Blink Once to Spread Snow

Literary Fiction Historical, Romance Historical

Eighty-two-year-old Cal Brenneman is dying. As he lies in his hospital bed, his mind wanders in and out of the past, reliving the events that changed his life — a death in an icy creek, his first love in WWII England, and a violent 1980 morning in Colorado where Cal does something that twenty years later his children find difficult to discuss.

Shadowing Cal’s life is the story of Emily Campbell, a Scottish girl whose lover dies in Cal’s WWII ambulance. Just before dying RAF Captain Connor McLaughlin hands a photo of Emily to Cal and pleads with him to deliver to her a tobacco pipe that had once belonged to her father. The return of the pipe sets in motion a chain of events that culminates in a deathbed visit by a millioniare claiming to be Cal’s son.

BLINK ONCE TO SPREAD SNOW is a moving story that resonates with the spirit of family and the consequences of love, loss, guilt and betrayal. A story of how Cal Brenneman during the last minutes of his life blinks once and spreads snow one last time.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Choice Of Weapon

4.4 stars on 187 reviews


Tanzi’s Heat

4.2 stars on 118 reviews


Behind Shadows

4.4 stars on 136 reviews

Psychological Thriller


4.7 stars on 456 reviews

Romantic Mystery

Talk Of The Town

4.3 stars on 363 reviews


Chasing The Sun

4.3 stars on 513 reviews

Christian Romance

Creatures of Appetite

4.5 stats on 1,102 reviews

Suspense Thriller

The Risk

4.6 stars on 116 reviews


Gray Ghost

4.4 stars on 129 reviews

Detective Mystery

The Girls From Alcyone

4.2 stars on 370 reviews

Science Fiction

Liberty Begins

4.1 stars on 190 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Murder at Volcano House

4.1 stars on 270 reviews

Detective Mystery

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

Do You Enjoy Mystery, Suspense, and Thriller Books?

Do you enjoy Mystery books? Or Suspense? Or do you enjoy Thriller books? Check out the great books listed below from some of the best Indie authors in the marketplace.

 Mystery, Suspense, & Thrillers

Mystery, Suspense, & Thrillers

 Mystery, Suspense, & Thrillers

After the Execution

4.4 stars on 12 reviews


In the Graveyard Antemortem

4.7 stars on 12 reviews

Mystery. Suspense. Thriller.

Curse of the Cobra

4.9 stars on 9 reviews

Mystery. Suspense. Thriller.

Red Hot Romantic Suspense

4.9 stars on 101 reviews

16 Heart-Pounding

Romance Page Turners

Product Details

Fast Track To Glory

4.5 stars on 27 reviews

International Action

Adventure Thriller

Acadia’s Law

4.6 stars on 74 reviews

Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi

Shadows of the Stone Benders

4.4 stars on 92 reviews

Mystery. Thriller. Suspense

Double Mayhem

4.4 stars on 19 reviews

Mystery, Suspense, Thriller


3.3 stars on 9 reviews

Fiction Thriller

Visions Through a Glass, Darkly

4.4 stars on 11 reviews

Psychological Suspense

Diamonds & Cole

4.4 stars on 1,035 reviews


The Unbelievers

4.6 stars on 25 reviews

Supernatural Thriller

Triple Tease

5.0 stars


Stella Hunter Mysteries

Books 2 & 3

Mystery. Suspense.

The Celtic Dagger

4.0 stars on 515 reviews


 Mystery, Suspense, & Thrillers

Mystery, Suspense, & Thrillers

 Mystery, Suspense, & Thrillers

Best New Free eBooks For Kindle for Saturday

Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Tuesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


After the Evil

4.5 stars on 51 reviews


Tormented detective Jake Roberts just killed a suspect in a firefight.

Behind the ski mask was a sixteen-year-old girl. Cop-shop policy requires a visit to the precinct shrink after a shooting. Leaving the session in anger, Jake passes a beautiful woman entering the doctor’s office. Later that night, Dr. Thaddeus Abrams is found murdered. The kill is the work of a prolific serial killer and FBI profiler Mika Scott is obsessed with capturing the killer. She arrives to lead the investigation at the Atlanta PD where she was once Detective Jake Roberts’ partner and lover. Jake is sent to question the doctor’s clients and he comes face-to-face with the beautiful woman he passed in the office earlier, a flight attendant named Lori Powers. Jake and Lori fall into a steamy love affair.

Working with Mika, tensions are running high when Jake discovers who the killer is and the once cold trail is on fire.

Will they get there in time to stop another murder? The killer is within a fingertips reach.


The Middle Finger of Fate

4.7 stars on 113 reviews

Cozy Mystery

All Salem Grimes expects as she walks into the church is her regular Tuesday morning AA meeting, but when she encounters a dead body instead, she does what any self-respecting clueless amateur would do — she freaks completely out and shouts words good Christians aren’t even supposed to know.

But when Salem learns that her ex-husband Tony is accused of the murder, she wonders if God might be steering her toward a chance of helping him and thereby redeeming herself — or at least a chance to make up for the pain she caused him when they were married and she was drinking.

With the help of her new octogenarian BFF Viv and the emotional support of her dog Stump, can Salem keep her act together long enough to sow some good seeds for a change?

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Along Came A Spider

4.4 stars on 1,280 reviews


Witches Of Dark Root

4.3 stars on 288 reviews

Paranormal Mystery

I Spy, I Saw Her Die

4.7 stars on 111 reviews

Conspiracy Thriller

Heart of a Knight

4.3 stars on 106 reviews


American Bad Boy

4.7 stars on 521 reviews

Military Romance

Beauty and the Beast

4.5 stars on 213 reviews

YA Fantasy Romance

Caribbean Moon

4 stars on 711 reviews


Tamed By You

4.3 stars on 252 reviews


Last Of The Chosen

4.5 stars on 472 reviews

Science Fiction

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List



4.5 stars on 749 reviews

Thriller, Romance, Sci-Fi

Regular price $6.99. On sale for $0.99!

We are writing with some fabulous news! ICE has been named the Winner in the ACTION/ADVENTURE category of the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Congratulations!”
Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Archaeologist Leah Andrews stumbles upon something inexplicable in southwestern New Mexico: inside a dark cavern lies an undiscovered, Native American cliff dwelling abandoned for 800 years. While twisting through one of the narrow underground passageways, Leah’s flashlight illuminates the remains of a violent massacre.

Ancient human remains—all slaughtered in a long-ago massacre—cover the cavern floor, along with a number of brilliantly colored, granite crystals. The rare crystals are native to only one place on earth: a frozen mountain range in central Antarctica.

Could Native Americans have traveled to the frozen continent of Antarctica 800 years prior to the first known human exploration? If so how? And why?

There’s only one person who can get Leah to those mountains in Antarctica: her estranged husband and climbing guide Jack Hobson.

At their destination they make a stunning discovery that will change history and science forever. But Leah’s team is far from the only interested party.

As her secret makes its way to the highest levels of government, a race to seize the Russian-claimed Antarctic territory brings the world to the brink of nuclear conflict.

New Book Releases for October

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for September 2016 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

Tinsel, Sand & Snow

Holiday, Contemporary. Action/Adventure, and Scottish Historical Romance


For the first time, Kat & Stone Bastion share Christmas romances from three different genres in one special collection. All have been loved as standalones by new readers of their books. The Bastions hope you enjoy the stories together in Tinsel, Sand & Snow.

Tinsel, Sand & Snow: A Christmas Collection includes…
Three Christmases ~ 4.8 star contemporary romance
The Espionage Effect ~ 4.2 star action & adventure romance
Bound by Wish and Mistletoe ~ 4.6 star Scottish historical romance
…PLUS a bonus scene for Three Christmases: An Island Kind of Christmas
…PLUS a bonus scene for Bound by Wish and Mistletoe: An Angel Turned Santa Claus

Tinsel, Sand & Snow: A Christmas Collection


Adam’s Promise

Women’s Fiction

Madeline Oxley has been ruined by a scandal through no fault of her own, and her future looks bleak. When a gentleman from her past requests that she set sail for the New World to become his wife, she jumps at the chance to become a mail order bride and marry the man she has loved since she was a girl.

Adam Coates was a mere tenant farmer when he left England for the British Colony of Nova Scotia, but now he is a prosperous and influential landowner. What Madeline doesn’t know is that her father has hoodwinked them both–for the bride Adam truly wanted was her beautiful, older sister, Diana–his first love. When Madeline steps off the ship with romantic dreams of her long-awaited happily-ever-after, she is shocked and dismayed to discover the truth. Madeline is furious with her father for his treachery, but she has sailed across an ocean to an unfamiliar land and must remain, at least temporarily, under the protection of the man she still loves–the man who still intends to wed her sister.

Over the coming weeks, as their friendship deepens and grows, will Adam come to realize that he’d set his heart on the wrong sister all along? Or will it be too late to find the happiness they both desire?

Adam’s Promise was a Romance Writers of America RITA Finalist – nominated for best short historical romance of 2003. It is a sweet and clean historical romance.

Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books for Friday?

Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Tuesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.



4.0 stars on 410 reviews


Book 1 of 4 in the Burton & Kazmaroff Series

Mia Kazmaroff has a gift nobody wants. She’s able to tell the story behind any object simply by touch. It’s a gift that comes in handy when her only brother, a detective with the Atlanta Major Crimes Division, is murdered. Determined to find his killer, Mia reaches out to the one person in Atlanta she believes can help her–Dave’s partner, Jack Burton. Unfortunately, Burton is also the prime suspect.
Together, Mia and Jack create a partnership that breaks all the rules, skirts every law, and lobs as many sparks and landmines at each other as if they were adversaries-which half the time they are–all while attempting to ignore their undeniable mutual attraction.

Can two people so different–one intuitive and inexperienced, the other cynical and by-the-book–work together to solve the murder?

And can they do it before the killer turns his attention to Mia?

RECKLESS is a finalist for the Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Books of 2016.

Click here to see all available books in the Burton & Kazmaroff Series by Susan Kiernan-Lewis on Amazon.


Aztec Gold

3.8 stars on 171 reviews

Action Adventure

Book 1 of 2 in the Alicia Myles Series

Starring the heroine of the Matt Drake series. Alicia Myles joins her old boss and a new team to hunt for ancient treasures believed lost in time. Full of history, suspense and written at a blistering pace this series will keep you entertained long into the night.

One of the world’s most famous treasures, hunted for over 500 years. . .

The legendary Aztec Gold, a nation’s greatest prize and possession, spirited away from under the noses of the conquering Spaniards, finally comes within reach when an old mystery is solved and new clues arise.

An all-action mission against deadly enemies. . .

With the treasure map in their possession and the mysterious clues to the legendary Wheel of Gold – the inspiration for the fabled Pieces of Eight – waiting to be solved, soldiers, friends and enemies set out on a thrilling quest to find the hidden tombs and a fortune in gold and jewels.

From Mexico to Arizona and Nevada, and in style of the Matt Drake series, the action comes fast and furious as Alicia’s new team chases one of the most sought-after prizes in history.

Click here to see all available books in the Alicia Myles Series by David Leadbeater by Amazon.


60 Ways To Hurt Someone: Halloween Edition

Non Fiction/Martial Arts

How prepared are you to take on a horde of zombies or a pack of werewolves?

Master Luke Robinson (a self-proclaimed veteran monster hunter) is here to help – use this book as a guide to becoming an epic monster hunter!

This Halloween; get prepared with 60 effective and resourceful ways to hurt people (paying special attention to the undead).

From eye gouging to stomping on feet, this book covers all kinds of weird and wonderful ways to attack a foe.

Every attack is clearly displayed and made easy to compare using the simple rating system.

“Buffy, Van Helsing and Blade all do there best when it comes to hunting monsters, but there is only so much one person can manage. This book allows anybody and everybody to become a lethal weapon. Using it, we can build a huge monster hunting army!”

For more in depth explanations and examples of the attacks in this book – check out the International Best Seller: ‘Master Luke Robinson’s Self Defence Book


Alchemy of the Afterlife

4.9 stars on 75 reviews


First Place Winner 2016 CIPA EVVY AWARD in autobiography/memoir

Second Place Winner 2016 CIPA EVVY AWARD in religion/spirituality

“As the body gets weaker, the spirit gets stronger,” Linda Kinnamon repeatedly tells her patients. Being a hospice nurse she spends her days caring for and visiting the terminally ill. But in the pre-dawn hours, as her patients near death, they occasionally pay her a visit instead.

Whether it’s perfume drifting through a room or a touch on the shoulder, the strength of spirit displayed at the end of life is as unique as the individual. Alchemy of the Afterlife is a memoir of life AFTER death based on Linda’s childhood as an orphan combined with her adult experiences as a hospice nurse. These encounters reveal both a glimmer of heaven and a flash of hell.

This is a child’s story about surviving abuse and neglect, only to be comforted by a visit from her mother, a visit that took place four years after her mother’s death. It’s a nurse’s story about patients of all beliefs, and their evolution from life to afterlife minus the harps and halos. Most of all, it’s an uplifting and universal story of the golden transformation we will all experience at death, a transformation with the heart of pure love.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

See Them Run

4.8 stars on 56 reviews


Body of Evidence

4.7 stars on 140 reviews

Political Suspense

The Arrangements

4.5 stars on 233 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Ten Below Zero

4.8 stars on 371 reviews


Drive Me Crazy

4.1 stars on 313 reviews


Summer at Sea

4.4 stars on 302 reviews


A Method to Madness

4.8 stars on 48 reviews


Chasing the Butterfly

4.7 stars on 107 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Under the Legend

4.7 stars on 131 reviews


Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List



4.2 stars on 263 reviews

Thriller. Mystery. Suspense

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

“A nuanced techno-thriller with both brains and brawn.”—Kirkus Reviews

One man on a decades old mission. A woman who hunts him. And the bullet they share.

Joe Klingler’s acclaimed debut novel explodes from the remnants of a war long past to headlines of Washington secrets masquerading as corporate incompetence when two modern-day warriors face off. Both skilled at violence. And deception. Both accustomed to winning.

Summer greets the land of the midnight sun as a lone rider races across the last American wilderness, delivering on a promise he made long ago. He has many names, but the world only knows a shadow called the Demon.

Claire Ferreti, an Army sniper soon to be drawn into a black-ops mission, sips sake in Washington D.C. with her lover, a young, ambitious General whose geosecurity specialty remains classified. When a boy finds a small machine, Claire and the Demon embark on a collision course that leads to a test of skill, a clash of ideologies, and Claire’s unconscious body lying in a typhoon-ravaged jungle. In that instant she becomes the hunted, the Demon’s tool for survival, and an unforeseen threat. As the General pursues them into a labyrinth of cyber-secrets, political necessity and financial reality collide like a fireball piercing steel pipe.

“Klingler’s debut offers a deep logistical jungle sure to entertain buffs and newcomers to the techno-thriller genre. Throughout, he displays fierce writing chops. Short chapters balance action and subterfuge with political thought targeted keenly at modern drone warfare.”—Kirkus Reviews


Junkyard Druid

4.6 stars on 8 reviews

Urban Fantasy. Paranormal Suspense.

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel From M.D. Massey

ON SALE FOR .99 CENTS UNTIL 10/13/2016!

A cursed druid, blackmailed by a faery queen to find a missing magic rock. Let’s just hope they don’t hack the druid off… for everyone’s sake.

Name’s Colin McCool. Folks call me the Junkyard Druid. I hate that name.

Despite my last name, I’m not “cool” like the other hunters in town. I don’t run an occult bookstore, I’ve never owned a Harley, and I didn’t inherit a family fortune passed down through generations of hunters before me.

And I kind of have this curse on me that’s messed up my life.

So, things have gone to hell since I was cursed. I live in a junkyard, my mentor Finn is a heroin addict, I’ve got the Cold Iron Circle breathing down my neck, and the local Fae Queen Maeve is blackmailing me into doing her dirty work.

Now I’m in way over my head trying to retrieve Maeve’s stolen magic rock, all while helping my friend Belladonna solve a series of murders that may or may not involve the local werewolves.

And did I mention that my girlfriend is a ghost?

If I can just get the Faery Queen’s tathlum back, and help Belladonna solve the murders…

Then I just might live long enough to finish my first year of college.

New Releases

New Releases

New Releases

Mail Order Mishap

Christian Western Romance

$2.99 on Amazon

Historical Heartthrobs

Historical Romance

$0.99 on Amazon

Adam’s Promise

Women’s Fiction

$2.99 on Amazon

Tinsel, Sand & Snow

Holiday, Contemporary,

Action, Scottish Romance

$6.99 on Amazon

Hutchins Creek Cache


$2.99 on Amazon

Sweet Christmas Kisses 3

17 Wholesome

Holiday Romances

$0.99 on Amazon

New Releases

New Releases

New Releases

A Great List of New Free Books for the Amazon Kindle for Thursday

We have a great opportunity for book readers today to add some new free books to their Kindle or Kindle reading app. We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. Listed below is a sample of the free books that Kindle ebook readers will find on our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with updated list of new Thursday freebies. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Room of Tears

4.0 stars on 27 reviews

Paranormal Suspense

Out of tragedies come heroes and miracles…

At 9:59 a.m. on September 11, 2001, Diane O’Connor’s life as a firefighter’s wife changes forever, shattering her faith. Four decades later, a note still hangs on her kitchen cabinet in Queens, the paper yellowed with age. Diane knows the scribbled sentences by heart; she’d left them the morning of 9/11 for her husband, Billy.

In the summer of 2041, Diane invites Friar Antonio Ortiz to her home. He is a man destined to become counsel to the first American pope—her son, Peter. Antonio asks no questions and arrives in secret, promising to wait nineteen years before passing Diane’s journal to Peter. Only then will Billy’s story be told, along with answers to Peter’s questions about his father’s last days.

***Somewhere in this book is a hidden “Easter Egg,” a bold text link to 3 FREE Qwickie novellas by 3 bestselling authors. This is a time limited offer, so happy reading and hunting!


Rediscovering Charlie

Science Fiction, Mystery, Medical Fiction, Inspirational, Romance

“Genes don’t lie, and interestingly they always come back.”

Charles MacKinnon is the owner of a hospital at the leading edge of genetic research. He comes from a legendary family of three hundred neurosurgeons. His great-great-grandfather from the 1500s was one of the forefathers of neurosurgery and was executed for his talents.

Charles believes his young son Charlie will be the most gifted mind the MacKinnons will have ever witnessed. He is a prodigy and has unmatched brilliance. Working together they are on the verge of a cure for all diseases using gene therapy.

Their destiny takes an unexpected turn as they are challenged by the evil machinations of those who wish to harm them. With the hope of humanity hanging in the balance—an


A Halloween Hookup

4.6 stars on 10 reviews

Paranormal Romance.Romatic Suspense. Cozy Mystery. Romantic Comedy

There is something magical about Halloween…

Jerry Finney is a no-nonsense detective who believes in facts and hard evidence. But all of Finn’s beliefs are challenged when he gets thrown into a ghostly mystery on Halloween night with the sexy psychic whose office is down the hall from his.

A self-proclaimed psychic and white witch, Zia is surprised to find herself attracted to the boring uptight private eye next door. When their offices are ransacked, the unlikely pair must team up in order to catch the paranormal perpetrator.

As Finn and Zia share one spooky and sexy night complete with a stakeout, a dead body, a zombie, black lace undies, and some chocolate cupcakes, everything they believe is tested. Will this mismatched pair be able to ‘see’ beyond their differences to solve the ghostly murder and make a spiritual connection? If Finn and Zia can open up to one another, risking their hearts in the process, they just might find love is the greatest treat of all.

Fans of paranormal romance who love mysteries, ghosts, psychics, and tough but tender detectives, will love this enemies-to-lovers Halloween novella.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

The Senator

4.6 stars on 173 reviews


A Distant Eden

4.1 stars on 335 reviews


A Ghost for Christmas

4.3 stars on 140 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Until You

4.4 stars on 202 reviews


More Than Water

4.6 stars on 120 reviews


Cowboys are Forever

4.4 stars on 71 reviews


Death of the Coach

Potato’s Wife

4.0 stars on 168 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Demon Kissed

4.4 stars on 175 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Man of War

4.4 stars on 227 reviews

Science Fiction

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Cisco Bandits

4.8 stars on 51 reviews

Murder Mystery

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Newly trained and ready to rock her first assignment, Gwynn Reznick is about to go undercover for the first time. She will investigate one of the highly private companies who call on Ruben Dordi’s Investigation Group. Ruben is the boss—and he also happens to be Gwynn’s boyfriend.

When Ruben gives Gwynn her assignment—to pose as an accountant for the Prudell Energy Company—Gwynn resists asking exactly what she’s supposed to be investigating. She knows Ruben has his reasons—she’s just not sure why they require her to go two months without even a hint as to why she’s there.

But things change quickly when Gwynn witnesses the death of a Prudell employee. It’s made to look like an accident, but when Gwynn learns that another employee died just before she arrived, it seems like a little too much of a coincidence.

When the CFO tells Gwynn about missing project files and data that just doesn’t add up, Gwynn finds herself suddenly in over her head. Will she be able to maintain her cover, follow Ruben’s orders, and get to the bottom of the mystery? Or will the killers get to Gwynn before she cracks the case?

Click here to see all available books in the Gwynn Reznick Mystery Thriller Series by Inge-Lise Goss on Amazon.

New Book Releases for October

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for September 2016 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

Historical Heartthrobs

Historical Romance

This set includes five full-length novels from USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning authors! Take a look at these Historical Heartthrobs –

DANCE OF DESIRE by Catherine Kean
Desperate to save her brother’s life, veiled Lady Rexana Villeaux dances for Fane Linford, High Sheriff of Warringham. She entices Fane with the passion in her soul–and he is tempted. Rexana reluctantly marries him, but as she learns more about her husband tormented by secrets, she cannot deny his love.

MY FAIR DUCHESS by Julie Johnstone
After years of playing the rogue to hide a dark family secret, the Duke of Aversley feels tainted beyond redemption and cynical beyond repair. Never does he imagine hope will come in the form of a quirky, quick-witted lady determined to win the heart of another aristocrat.

ANGEL’S ASSASSIN by Laurel O’Donnell
Damien is an assassin, a man with a tortured past. Sold into slavery, he is trained to kill. Lady Aurora of Acquitaine is the epitome of purity and goodness. When Damien enters Aurora’s life, tempting her with promises of forbidden lust, he threatens to tear her peaceful world apart.

DANGER’S KISS by Glynnis Campbell
A beautiful thief can squirm out of trouble with a wink and a smile, until she meets the most feared lawman in the shire, who can’t decide whether to kiss her or kill her.

Intrepid and outspoken, Blythe Culpepper is dragged against her will to London for a Season. To her dismay, her guardian enlists the devilishly attractive Lord Leventhorpe, the one man she detests, to assist with her Come Out. Since their first encounter, hostile looks and cutting retorts have abounded whenever they meet, yet she cannot deny the way her body reacts when he’s near. So perhaps it’s no surprise that upon overhearing another woman scheming to entrap Tristan into marriage, Blythe risks all to warn him.

Free eBooks for Kindle for Wednesday

We have a great opportunity for book readers today to add some new free books to their Kindle or Kindle reading app. We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. Listed below is a sample of the free books that Kindle ebook readers will find on our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with updated list of new Thursday freebies. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.



4.1 stars on 26 reviews

Science Fiction. Fantasy

Book 1 of 4 in the Technopia Series

Sam Adamson would do anything to leave the climate-ravaged wastelands of Earth… even if it means working for pirates. So when he’s offered a job repairing a derelict spaceship’s computer, he jumps at the chance to head to the Kuiper Belt, an area at the edge of the solar system reviled for its lawlessness and tenuous ability to sustain life.

But the repair proves difficult, and the pirates who hired Sam leave him to die in the computer’s core. Fortunately, the inhabitants of a utopian village rescue him and show him that human relationships can be more open and connected once Earth habits have been broken. He’s content to live the rest of his days away from Earth until he learns his work on the spaceship inadvertently created a new, all-knowing—but misguided—technology-based species. And their mistakes threaten to tear the very fabric of human interaction.

Forced to leave his Garden of Eden on the terraformed planet, he takes his wife, Jess—his link to all he holds dear—and goes back to Earth to face his responsibilities. Before Sam and Jess can ever hope to return to their village, they have to teach the next generation of the new species how to change the direction of mankind for the better.

Click here to see all available books in the Technopia Series by Greg Chase on Amazon.


Sin City Seduction

4.3 stars on 20 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Book 3 of 3 in the Seduction Series

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Jilted architect, Josh Powell, may have sworn off love, but he’s still a virile man. When he recognizes a sexy woman from a Vegas adult entertainment ad, he wonders if a night with an attentive call girl might be the perfect remedy for his deflated ego and raging libido.

Eager to be married to her ultra-righteous fiancé and finally consummate their love, Allison Miller is stranded without a dime in Sin City. When a hunky stranger mistakes her for a hooker, she eventually convinces him she’s still a full-fledged virgin and not the woman in the pornographic ad. Nevertheless, after Josh’s kiss ignites her passion, Allie questions her feelings for the fiancé who abandoned her. Desperate for cash, she reluctantly accepts a job as Josh’s temporary assistant. All goes well until someone slips a new street drug into her drink. Suddenly, doing it is all she can think about.

The only way Josh can keep Allie safe from the Vegas perverts eager to take advantage of her uninhibited state, is to tend the damsel himself. Despite her frantic attempts at seduction, his chivalrous nature won’t let him claim her chastity– not while knowing his frozen heart will never be enough for the sweet girl who refuses to comply with Sin City’s unwritten rule: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Click here to see all available books in the Seduction Series by L.L. Kellogg on Amazon.



4.2 stars on 217 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Book 1 of 6 in the Southern Arcana Series

Jackson Holt has carved out a life for himself as a private investigator in New Orleans, home of one of the largest underground supernatural populations in the United States. He and his partners have never met a case they couldn’t crack…until a local bar owner asks him to do a little digging on her newest hire.

New Orleans is the fourth destination in as many months for Mackenzie Brooks, a desperate woman on the run from a deranged stalker. After all, any man who shows up on her doorstep claiming to be her destined lover has more than a few screws loose. But crazy doesn’t explain why Marcus always finds her, no matter how far she runs.

When her well-meaning boss puts a PI on her case, Mackenzie comes face to face with the incredible, unbelievable truth: magic is real, and whatever spell has kept her hidden and separate from the paranormal world is rapidly deteriorating.

With time running out, she has no choice but to trust Jackson as they struggle to uncover the truth of her past–and her destiny.

Click here to see all available books in the Southern Arcana Series by Moira Rogers on Amazon.


Tidal Wave

4.8 stars on 5 reviews

Paranormal Romance

The ocean isn’t the only thing that’ll be wet tonight…

Her world is about to be turned upside down

When Alexia Colten is called home to the ocean-side village of Jaffrey’s Cove all she expects is a sad, short walk down memory lane. Instead, she’s gifted her grandmother’s dolphin-etched medallion. Suddenly, all the gorgeous men of the village are fawning over her while she’s blindsided by intense sexual cravings. Something mysterious is happening—and Alexia is thrust into a sensual, exciting world she’s never imagined.

They’ll give everything they have to help her survive

Cousins Joshua and Anthony Marley were content to live quietly in their secret merfolk community, but now that their childhood friend Alexia is back, all bets are off. The medallion that marks her as their next potential leader also marks her as a target for every ambitious male in town. Joshua and Anthony are determined to be the two lovers she’ll need to take to be able to shift fully into all her merfolk forms—human, dolphin and fire.

Convincing her to accept their help is going to be an exhilarating ride on the wild side Alexia never knew she had.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Apocalypse Island

4.3 stars on 494 reviews


Darcy Sweet Mystery
Box Set

4.4 stars on 147 reviews


The Infected

4.6 stars on 183 reviews


Advice of Counsel

4.4 stars on 149 reviews



4.8 stars on 472 reviews


Claiming Victory

4.2 stars on 211 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Bundle Of Trouble

4.2 stars on 205 reviews

Humorous Cozy Mystery

Royal Rock

4.7 stars on 277 reviews

Bad Boy Romance

The Clay Lion

4.8 stars on 138 reviews


Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List



Science Fiction. Fantasy

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 2 of 4 in the Technopia Series

When a dangerous interplanetary power play destroys his world, Samuel Adamson must once again leave the idyllic planet of Chariklo. Mankind should have left Sam in peace because now all hell is about to break loose.

With nowhere else to go, Sam and his village board a rescue ship and set out to integrate their utopian society with the people back on Earth, most of whom are still devoted to doctrines of repression.

Tensions run high as Sam resumes his role as the god of the Tobes and owner of Rendition, the most powerful corporation in the universe. But events boil over when a radical church devoted to restrictive ideas about sexuality kidnaps his daughter… and the Tobes’ response unleashes a techno-human hybrid with godlike powers even greater than Sam’s.

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4.5 stars on 42 reviews

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Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 2 of 6 in the Southern Arcana Series

Despite his family’s psychic gifts, Derek Gabriel kept his distance from the dangers of the supernatural world–until an attack by a rogue wolf shifter stripped away his humanity. The change didn’t drive him insane, but the cultural bias he faces as recently-turned shifter might. And it doesn’t help that he’s fallen for the daughter of the most powerful wolf in the country.

Almost from the moment she was born, Nicole Peyton planned her escape from the strict confines of elite shapeshifter society, an old-fashioned world where women are valued most for their bloodlines and bank accounts. In New Orleans, she has a bar she loves, friends in decidedly low places, and smoldering sexual tension with the incredibly attractive–and perfectly unsuitable–Derek.

Their forbidden longing erupts into unbridled passion–until Nick’s sister burns into town with a Conclave strike team hard on her heels. Saving her means that, for once, Nick must play by their society’s rules…and give up the man she loves. But Derek has another idea–work together, and they can do more than save her sister.

Click here to see all available books in the Southern Arcana Series by Moira Rogers on Amazon.


Kissing Jessie

4.1 stars on 68 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 7 of 7 in the Return to Redemption Series

A Reluctant Groom
Just one kiss and he knew . . . he’d made a terrible mistake

Growing up unwanted left contractor, Mike Danvers, unwilling to risk his heart. Despite wanting marriage less than an incurable disease, he yearns for the family he never had. At nearly thirty-eight, he feels time running out and reluctantly proposes to his uptight girlfriend, Tracy, fearing he may regret settling. When he meets his fiancée’s much younger sister, Jessie, he’s enchanted by her exuberance and wishes there weren’t thirteen years between him and the bubbly pixie.

Twenty-four-year-old culinary school graduate, Jessie Perkins, is hesitant to accept Mike’s offer to turn the old Victorian she’s inherited in Redemption, PA, into a B&B. The heart-thumping attraction she feels for her sister’s hunky intended could become a big problem. The last thing she wants is to provoke Tracy’s perpetual jealousy. Unfortunately, with an extremely tight budget, she’d be a colossal idiot to turn down Mike’s help and expertise.

Within weeks of starting the renovation, they forge a precious friendship. Mike is bummed when Tracy suddenly breaks their engagement, but he and Jess are both confident she’ll change her mind about wanting children. Then, one night, Jessie’s innate sensuality shatters his resistance. He kisses her and realizes he made a huge mistake proposing to her sister. Despite that he would never ask Jessie to give up her youth to become his wife, there’s no going back with Tracy–especially after his sizzling, unforgettable night with the girl who taught him to trust a woman’s love.

Jessie couldn’t care less about their age difference. Even so, she refuses to destroy her relationship with her sister. Somehow, she must convince Tracy Mike isn’t right for her. Meanwhile, she won’t hesitate to use all the secrets he shared–about what men want and how to tempt them–to lure him back into her bed and persuade him to stay there for a lifetime.

Click here to see all available books in the Return to Redemption Series by Laurie Kellogg on Amazon.

Free Books for Kindle for Tuesday

Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Tuesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


The 13th Star

An Action Adventure Sci-F Apocalyptic Novel

4.2 stars on 21 reviews

Dark forces can destroy the world. Friendship can save it.

Rettoul, a magnificent warrior, was marked as a baby with a scar on his head, so that the dark forces – lead by Bergin and Rod Kolder, his Protégé – would be able to recognize and assassinate him when he grows up.

Only Benya, a crazy women dwelling in her mystic ways, understands his destiny. She is committed to put him on the right path to rule over the world. Will she succeed? And is there truth in the ancient prophecy about a scared child that will lead the 13th planet in a war of renaissance?

A grasping fantasy thriller about the power of teamwork and the value of friendship.

Together with Matui, Zoi, Thor and Berez – warriors known all around the galaxy for their triumphant battles – Rettoul sets out to find the 13th star. When one of the warriors is about to break, it is the team that pushes him to the end of the journey. In face of countless battles and dangers, they will discover the biggest power of all.


From I-80 to Galway Bay: Searching for a Savior

Literary Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Christmas morning. A blinding snowstorm. Three cars, two tractor trailers. Two lives linked by death then disconnected by life. CPR for one. An aspirin for the other. For both, the guilt of survival. The inability to cope. Then a heart-wrenching discovery and the search for a savior. The savior himself also searching, but only for final peace.

Adam Connor thinks he is doing the right thing, pulling his car with his pregnant wife and two children off I-80 during a Christmas morning snowstorm. A car has crashed into the wooded thicket separating the east and west lanes, and he is overwhelmed with the need to help. Fifty feet into the woods he finds a car with the driver dead and the passenger dying. When the unconscious passenger’s breathing stops and no pulse can be found, Adam brings the young woman back to life with CPR just before the EMTs arrive.

Emerging from a weeklong coma twenty-eight year-old Addie Harris is told she is now a widow. She is also told that she is alive only because of a Good Samaritan. As Addie recovers, her few attempts to locate the Samaritan go nowhere and she eventually returns to the life of meaningless sexual encounters she had been living before meeting her late husband.

Several months later, Addie discovers the heart-wrenching headline of a newspaper article. And so begins the search for the man to whom she now owes more than her life. A search that eventually leads to Dublin and the coast of Ireland, and her savior, who possibly now needs someone to save him. From himself?

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

A Dead Red Heart

4.2 stars on 382 reviews


Southern Spirits

4.6 stars on 528 reviews


Dear Crossing

4.4 stars on 287 reviews



4.6 stars on 125 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Thoroughbreds And
Trailer Trash

4.4 stars on 629 reviews


Amongst The Flames

4.4 stars on 139 reviews

Christian Romance


4.3 stars on 1,051 reviews

Historical Fiction

The Kindness of Strangers

4.2 stars on 252 reviews

Mystery Thriller

Moon Dwellers

4.4 stars on 694 reviews

Teen/Young Adult

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Our Wild and Precious Lives

4.7 stars on 21 reviews

Historical Fiction

Available for only $3.99.

In 1960 Cold War Germany, Tom and Melly McCarron, teenage Army brats, contend with adolescence on a small American base near Bavaria, where their father, a decorated war veteran, begins a three-year tour of duty. As tensions in Berlin rise between the Allies and the Soviets, and threaten to bring about World War III, the base teenagers forge bonds of loyalty and love stronger than any of the adults understand.

Leaving New York on a night flight to Germany, the quiet, thoughtful Tom, and feisty, emotional Melly, are apprehensive about life in a foreign land. While they will attend the American high school in Würzburg, brother and sister realize they are the only stability each has had in their young lives. They also leave behind the sole adult they came to trust, their Aunt Deeny, a librarian who introduced them long ago to a way to cope with life’s ups and downs—reading and books.

Confronting the overwhelming challenges of making new friends, adjusting to a foreign environment, and enrolling in yet another school, they also must endure their abusive father and moody war bride mother. But they are not fully aware of how their father’s wartime experiences and sacrifices have left him scarred. Relying on their inner strength and resilience, they navigate the boundaries of military dependents—American teenagers with the same needs, yearnings and heartbreak as any of their generation.


To Hell and Gone in Texas

4.3 stars on 59 reviews

Suspense. Thriller.

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 3 in the An Al Quinn Novel Series

Trouble big as all hell.

Retired sheriff’s detective Al Quinn hasn’t spoken to his brother, Maury, in twenty years. When Maury lands in the hospital under suspicious circumstances, though, Al reluctantly abandons his quiet country seclusion to look into the matter. A second attempt to take Maury out drives the brothers back to Al’s lakeside home, where Al knows the territory, but they’re not alone for long. ICE agents demand that Maury rat on his silent partner, city cop Fergie Jergens comes investigating the murders of Maury’s lady friends, and someone takes a match to Al’s house.

Al soon learns his problems are only getting started—his brother’s in trouble on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Caught in a ruthless power struggle between the ICE and Los Zetas, a vicious Mexican mafia bent on ascendancy, Al learns the hard way who he can trust—and who’s willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Click here to see all available books in the An Al Quinn Novel Series by Russ Hall on Amazon.


A Wicked Halloween

A Paranormal Romance Box Set of Tales Featuring Witches, Vampires, Shifters, Ghosts, and More…

Promotional price of only $0.99!

A set of paranormal romance tales that will thrill and chill you just in time for All Hallow’s Eve.

With many of the stories set in Salem—the ultimate city for witchy, demon, and shape-shifting delight—these tales will enthrall you with their sexy heroes and spellbinding characters.

Salem has never been this hot!

New Book Releases for October

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for September 2016 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

Mail Order Mishap

Christian Western Romance

Amber Wakefield travels to Hunter’s Grove, Kansas and walks into a very unwelcoming atmosphere.

Charles Turner, her intended, seems cool and aloof. His brother Garrett is down right rude.

She wants nothing more than to rush back to Virginia, but Edna Smith, her chaperone, falls ill, and she’s forced to stay.

She knows Charles harbors a secret, and she isn’t sure whether Garrett is her hero or her enemy.

When she finally discovers the truth, she wants nothing to do with either of them. One of the brothers vows to win her love.


Sci-Fi. Romance. Paranormal

Jaz was a clone her destiny was to die. Mick was an A’rouk his destiny was to be alone.

Dying didn’t bother Jaz. She was created with the knowledge that her life was limited, subject to the will of man. That changed the day she saw Mick. Death was no longer a given; she would do whatever it took to live one more day with him.

Mick was born under a curse. The minute he laid his eyes on his mate, death would come for them both. He resigned himself to being alone and defending part of the galaxy from the Darkness until he saw Jazz. Everything changed at that moment.

Mick and Jaz are headed for death as the two of them fight against the forces that would not only tear them apart but leave part of the galaxy unprotected.

Love didn’t always prevail, but it was the only chance they had.