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 She risks her life for him. Yet can never know his true identity.

The Highland Duke
4.4 stars on 20 reviews
$3.99 on Amazon.

Featured Book

Where do her loyalties lie?

Nowhere to Hide
Author Louise Lyndon
$4.99 on Amazon.

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New author, Ruskin Lines, releases his debut novel!

4.8 stars on 11 reviews
$6.99 on Amazon.

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 Create Clarity, Focus and Mastery For a Lifetime of Unlimited Success!

Bankroll Your Mind
5.0 stars on 18 reviews
$0.99. On sale for $0.00 (FREE) 3/27-3/31.

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Want to sell more books, learn social media? Buy this!

BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge
5.0 stars on 29 reviews
$4.99 on Amazon.

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The House of de Nerra Book 1.

Vestiges of Valor
USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn Le Veque
$0.99 on Amazon

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4.2 stars – 37 reviews
Spring Fever and Black Chocolate
$3.50 on Amazon

4.2 stars – 28 reviews
House Of Girls
$3.99 on Amazon.

4.4 stars – 14 reviews
Fashionably Dead
$0.00 on Amazon.
4.9 stars – 34 reviews
Mind to Mind Conversation
$3.99 on Amazon.

Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books for Friday?

Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Tuesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


The Case of the Not-So-Fair Trader

4.2 stars on 525 reviews

Mystery, Humor, Whodunit

Book 1 of 6 in the Richard Sherlock Whodunit Series

A despicable stock trader is found buried under an avalanche of his own garden rocks, causing fired-from-the force- Richard Sherlock to be yanked off the bowling alley and whisked to the crime scene by his pampered protegee Tiffany Richmond. He must prove murder and stop payment of the twelve-million-dollar Richmond Insurance policy.

Nothing makes sense. Crime scene is a mess. There is no money trail. There are too many motives from too many suspects who have too many alibis. Worst of all Sherlock’s bad back is acting up, his ex-wife wants more money and the murder investigation is putting a serious dent in his parenting schedule of his two daughters.

Richard Sherlock hates his job, and may be a reluctant dick, but he is better at finding the WHO in WHODUNIT than anyone else.

Click here to see all available books in the Richard Sherlock Whodunit Series by Jim Stevens on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Concrete Evidence

4.4 stars on 587 reviews

Romantic Thriller

The Debt Collector

4.3 stars on 199 reviews


Multiple Motives

4.3 stars on 246 reviews


Dropping Gloves

4.7 stars on 123 reviews


Love’s Unfading Light

4.5 stars on 118 reviews

Hist.Christian Romance

Miss Match

4.4 stars on 222 reviews


Four Days With
Hemingway’s Ghost

4.1 stars on 384 reviews


The Best Man

4.4 stars on 149 reviews


Dome City Blues

4.4 stars on 144 reviews

Science Fiction

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


The Death of Distant Stars

4.5 stars on 51 reviews

Legal Thriller. Mystery. Suspense

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Hugh Mahoney is the most powerful plaintiff’s attorney in America, with a self-admitted weakness for beautiful women. When the stunning public defender, Kathryn Andrews, asks him to bring a wrongful death suit against Wycliffe Pharmaceutical for the death of her public defender husband, Tom, Hugh agrees to take the case. But from their first meeting, Hugh has misgivings because he is convinced Kathryn is hiding a dark secret about her marriage. As Hugh and his team of high-priced of Goldstein, Miller attorneys prepare their case, they find more and more evidence that Wycliffe has covered up the deadly properties of the drug that killed Tom. And, at the same time, multiple attempts on Kathryn’s life confirm that the Goldstein, Miller lawyers are very close to uncovering the truth.

Feeling certain of a big win, Hugh and his team take the Andrews’ case to trial. But one by one his witnesses start to die, Hugh himself is arrested in front of the jury, and a surprise witness reveals the disastrous secret of the Andrews’ marriage. Will the Andrews’ case be the end of Hugh and his empire?


Death in Nostalgia City

4.7 stars on 34 reviews

Mystery. Suspense.

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

He thinks he’s on edge now…then people start getting killed…

Uptight has-been ex-cop Lyle Deming’s default setting for years, but his new job, driving a cab in a theme park, promises to cure his chronic anxieties. Nostalgia City is the ultimate resort for anyone who wants to visit the past. A meticulous recreation of an entire small town from the early 1970s, it’s complete with period cars, music, clothes, shops, restaurants, hotels—the works.

The relaxed theme-park atmosphere is just what Lyle needs—until rides are sabotaged and tourists killed. Then park founder, billionaire “Max” Maxwell, drafts Lyle into investigating—unofficially. As the violence escalates and employees get rattled, Lyle gets help. Kate Sorensen, the park’s PR director—and former college basketball player—becomes another incognito investigator. Except that she’s six-foot-two-and-a-half-inches tall and drop-dead gorgeous. So much for incognito.

Together, Lyle and Kate must unravel a conspiracy of corporate greed and murder.


Algorithms of Love

Science Fiction Romance

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 2 in the The Algorithms of Love Series

Nadja Graves doesn’t have time for sex or romance: that coveted valedictorian honor she’s been doggedly pursuing is now just a few weeks–and a couple challenging finals– away from finally being hers. Not to mention that dream job with New Tyco’s Legal Division that hangs in the balance. She must focus and not stumble at the finish line.

But a chance encounter with the android she’s been crazy for since she was seventeen is about to change her mind about that, and about a good many other things.

For years, Detective Duncan Derovich has been searching for love, with seemingly every woman he meets, but the last thing he expected was to find the real deal with his best friend’s daughter. Having lived his whole life among humans, he’s quite aware of their many rules about dating, but an android’s nanites are never wrong: when they say it’s love, there is no arguing with it. And why would he want to throw away the only woman who has ever made him want to be monogamous? Especially when he can’t get enough of her in bed?

This book is heat rated Blue Super Giant for: frequent explicit sexual scenes, coarse language, and mild violence.

Click here to see all available books in the The Algorithms of Love Series by R. Daneelia Giskardi on Amazon.

New Releases 3/15 – 3/28/2017




People of the Sun

Sci-Fi. Dark Fantasy


Muffins & Moonbeams


Christian Romance

The Thief’s Countess

Historical Romance



Sci-Fi Romance

Paranormal Romance

Laird of Shadows

Historical Romance


Band of Bachelors:


Military Romance

Made of Steel





Self Help

Lord Lovely

Regency Romance


The Trident Legacy

Paranormal Romance



Teen & YA. New Adult


A Great List of New Free Books for the Amazon Kindle for Thursday

We have a great opportunity for book readers today to add some new free books to their Kindle or Kindle reading app. We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. Listed below is a sample of the free books that Kindle ebook readers will find on our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with updated list of new Thursday freebies. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Lost in Wildwood

Crime Thriller. Literary

Joshua just robbed your home. The locked front door slowed him down about as long as it will take you to read this paragraph. Your jewelry, silverware, small antiques, and the loose cash you were sure would be safe in the last page of the cookbook on the floor of the pantry all fit snugly in his backpack. Right now, Joshua is trudging along the street two blocks from your house, appearing for all the world like a twenty-something suburbanite out for a jog.

Now you are like everyone else in Joshua’s life. He’s passed you by, taking what he needs, without revealing any more than he needs to. His family, his business partners, even his precious few friends don’t really know him. Joshua thought he was smart enough and tough enough to live this way forever, but then he met Julia. This kind, pretty but unassuming girl is bringing up feelings that Joshua thought were just for other people. Unfortunately, Julia’s love for her long-time boyfriend is a far stronger obstacle than your front door was.

If it’s any consolation to your violated home, Joshua’s troubles have only just begun. Nick, his childhood friend, has a different kind of job all lined up, an armed robbery that promises a richer reward than anything Joshua has ever done. When things go wrong, Joshua is left fighting for his life just when he may have finally found something worth living for.


The Lucky Charm

3.9 stars on 52 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Book 1 of 2 in the The Portland Pioneers Series

**Recommended Read by Jane at Dear Author**

Also recommended at Smexy Books and KatieBabs Book Blog


Izzy Dalton’s about to strike out. Her new job as the sideline reporter for the Portland Pioneers major league baseball team is problematic on several levels:

1. Baseball is her least-favorite sport. Falling behind golf, tennis, and maybe even curling.
2. What Izzy knows about baseball could fill about three minutes of airtime.
3. Her last experience in front of a camera was in college. Six years ago.
4. The Pioneers’ second baseman has a wicked sense of humor and even wickeder blue eyes.


Jack Bennett couldn’t be more uninterested in a little sideline action. He just wants to show up at the park and win baseball games. Izzy is the one woman he should steer clear of, but she’s also the key to his success–and his heart, too.

All Izzy has to do is convince her misogynistic boss she’s competent, learn what the heck an RBI is, and stay away from Jack Bennett. Izzy tells herself it’ll be a snap, but 162 games is longer than she ever imagined and Jack more irresistible than she counted on.

Click here to see all available books in the The Portland Pioneers Series by Beth Bolden on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

72 Hours

4.3 stars on 362 reviews


Kill Someone

4.8 stars on 118 reviews



4.2 stars 2,896 reviews

Crime Thriller

Covered In Coal

4.5 stars on 213 reviews


The Billionaire

4.8 stars on 67 reviews



4.4 stars on 157 reviews

Vampire Romance

Sanity’s Thief

4.6 stars on 33 reviews

Paranormal Thriller


4.6 stars on 133 reviews


Trouble with Goodbye

4.4 stars on 401 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


The Irish Inheritance

4.3 stars on 191 reviews

Historical Mystery

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 2 in the Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mystery Series

July 8, 1921. Ireland.
A British Officer is shot dead on a remote hillside south of Dublin.

November 22, 2015. United Kingdom.
Former police detective, Jayne Sinclair, now working as a genealogical investigator, receives a phone call from an adopted American billionaire asking her to discover the identity of his real father.

How are the two events linked?

Jayne Sinclair has only three clues to help her: a photocopied birth certificate, a stolen book and an old photograph. And it soon becomes apparent somebody else is on the trail of the mystery. A killer who will stop at nothing to prevent Jayne discovering the secret hidden in the past.

The Irish Inheritance takes us through the Easter Rising of 1916 and the Irish War of Independence, combining a search for the truth of the past with all the tension of a modern-day thriller.

It is the first in a series of novels featuring Jayne Sinclair, genealogical detective.

Click here to see all available books in the Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mystery Series by M J Lee on Amazon.



5.0 stars on 7 reviews

Thought Proviking Drama

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Curandero is a novel chronicling one patient’s challenging journey into the realm of mind-body medicine.

Terminally ill at only twenty-seven years of age, Stefan Campeau has exhausted established treatment protocols to fight his disease, and inadvertently falls into the hands of enigmatic oncologist Dr. Miguel Calderón and controversial young herbalist Dr. Brian Sandler.

Working in concurrence with each other, the two doctors’ therapies catapult Stefan into an unsettling unscrambling of his inner self, leading to a healing beyond his imagining.

Curandero is a compilation of true experiences interwoven into a fictitious story.


All Hallows at Eyre Hall

4.0 stars on 61 reviews

Historical Romance, Literary Fiction

Promotional price of only $2.99!

Book 1 of 3 in the The Eyre Hall Trilogy Series

Rediscover the world of Jane Eyre…

Twenty-two years after her marriage to Edward Rochester, Jane is coping with the imminent death of her bedridden husband – and the revelation of his unspeakable secrets.

Richard Mason has returned, instigating a sequence of events which will expose Rochester’s disloyalty to Jane, his murderous plots, and innumerable other sins. Drawn into a complex conspiracy, everything Jane holds dear is threatened.

Who was the man she thought she loved?

What is she prepared to do to safeguard her family and preserve her own stability?

Click here to see all available books in the The Eyre Hall Trilogy Series by Luccia Gray on Amazon.

New Book Releases for March

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for March 2017 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

People of the Sun

Science Fiction. Dark Fantasy. Superhero

All life comes from the sun. Sometimes, death comes with it.

Filled with hope and compelled by fear, four would-be heroes are driven from their home planet in a desperate bid to save their civilization from extinction. But survival takes on a whole new meaning when a malfunction sends their ship plummeting toward Earth.

Surviving the crash is only the first obstacle on their path to salvation. The marooned aliens soon discover that Earth’s beautiful exterior masks an ugly foundation, a place inhabited by a warrior race that’s on a path toward self-destruction.

Brimming with action and intrigue, People of the Sun is sure to entice fans of dark fantasy and sci-fi thrillers such as Watchmen and I Am Number Four.

“Jason Parent has penned a thought-provoking, gripping scifi thriller. This isn’t your grandma’s alien invasion. My own world stopped the moment I stepped into People of the Sun. Lovers of science fiction, horror and even super heroes will revel in this roller-coaster of a tale. A true must-read!” Hunter Shea, author of We Are Always Watching and The Jersey Devil

“With his own indelible blend of tension and dark humor, Jason Parent’s latest page-turner reminds me of what you’d get if you crossed Isaac Asimov with Kurt Vonnegut. In addition to being fast-paced and wildly entertaining, Parent’s novel also offers the occasional flash of insight into the human (and not-so-human) condition, and displays Parent’s talent for turning a given genre on its head.” -Michael Meyerhofer, author of The Dragonkin Trilogy


Contemporary Romance

Fake Girlfriend, Real Arousal

A woman I’ve never seen before just told her father I’m her boyfriend.
I walked into the restaurant to grab dinner between important meetings and there she was, red cheeked and fury in her electric blue eyes.
I figure I’ll help her out with whatever she has going on with her father, so I kiss her.
If she wants to be what’s on my menu, that’s fine by me.
As she melts into my arms, the taste of her lips and the fire in her eyes hits me in the gut.
She’s mine.
This might be a game to her, but I’m playing for real. And trust me when I say I never lose.
I’m going to use my vast wealth and power to get her exactly where I want her.
Who knows, I might even tell her who I really am.

*** A steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance with a hot bad boy billionaire alpha. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. Please note this contains a bonus book, both books are full length novels. The bonus books starts at 50%***

Free eBooks for Kindle for Wednesday

We have a great opportunity for book readers today to add some new free books to their Kindle or Kindle reading app. We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. Listed below is a sample of the free books that Kindle ebook readers will find on our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with updated list of new Thursday freebies. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


When Uriel Sang

4.6 stars on 54 reviews


A devoted father searches for a way to his autistic son’s heart: an unforgettable journey into the private life of a family dealing with autism.

After the end of his first marriage, Danny is remarried to Nataly, the love of his life. When their beautiful baby boy, Uriel, is diagnosed with autism, their lives are changed forever. At first, the family is devastated, anxious and confused, but the complex situations they are faced with will teach them insightful lessons and change them forever, as a couple, as parents and as human beings.

An exceptional story of fate, devotion, love and dedication that proves hope is the strongest weapon of all.

As Danny narrates in his honest and passionate tone, that will melt your heart and touch your soul, the family suddenly finds itself struggling with inconsiderate institutes and indifferent bureaucracy; dealing with social ignorance, discrimination and prejudice; coping with rejection, failure, frustration, anger, self-doubt and despair; collecting small victories, weaving dreams and making the impossible come true. By Exposing the most intimate and personal situations, it reveals a powerful and exciting world that is usually left out of sight, and teaches voluble lessons that are relevant to all.

Open your minds to an exceptional life story: prepare to laugh, cry, love, and believe.

When Uriel Sang exposes the topic of autism and addresses the general issue of exceptional people and people with differences. It promotes openness to unique children and adults in our society and opens one’s mind to see them as our equals, and not as a burden. It is an unforgettable journey for any reader, at any age.


Blood Therapy

4.4 stars on 51 reviews

Romance. Paranormal. Contemporary Fantasy.

Book 2 of 3 in the Vampire Psychologist Series

Bloody, Sexy & Funny . . .

How silly of me to think this would be a blood-free nightmare . . .

Denver psychologist Kismet Knight and the dark world of the vampires are back in this thrilling, sexy sequel to the wicked romp, The Vampire Shrink.

Still reeling from the so-called vampire murders around Halloween, Kismet is trying to adjust to her new otherworldly clients — including ghosts, witches, psychics, and wizards — and her unique relationship with drop-dead gorgeous nightwalker Devereux. She can’t deny her attraction to him, but is his intoxicating hold on her a loving embrace or a vice-like grip? And while Devereux has been clear about what he’ll do to any immortals who dare to lay a fang on her, Kismet is still being stalked by Lucifer, the obsessed bloodsucker targeting therapists for death. With Kismet scheduled to make a presentation at the American Psychological Association’s New York conference, handsome FBI profiler Alan Stevens feels it’s too risky to let her go without him. Not only is he concerned that the conference is a psychologist smorgasbord too juicy for Lucifer to pass up, but there is also some unfinished business with Kismet to be settled.

Can Alan – or Devereux – track down the elusive Lucifer, or is Kismet destined to confront him herself?

Click here to see all available books in the Vampire Psychologist Series by Lynda Hilburn on Amazon.


Hot Secrets

4.3 stars on 248 reviews

Romance. Romantic Suspense

Book 1 of 4 in the Tall, Dark, and Deadly Series

New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling series

HOT SECRETS has sex with a capital S for SEXY! ** HOT**There will be sex, there will hot sex.

Just under 55k — no excerpts included from other books

The Walker Brothers…

Tall, dark, and deadly, these three brothers run Walker security. Each brother is unique in his methods and skills, but all share key similarities. They are passionate about those they love, relentless when fighting for a cause they believe in, and all believe that no case is too hard, no danger too dark. Dedication is what they deliver, results are their reward.


Royce Walker, a former FBI Agent, who’s opened a private security firm with his brothers, has always had the hots for the prim, proper Assistant District Attorney, but considered her hand’s off because of a family connection. However, when danger threatens Lauren, he isn’t willing to stand by and watch her get hurt. Now the passion for survival is only rivaled by the passion burning between them. And that passion, might just be the death of them both.

Click here to see all available books in the Tall, Dark, and Deadly Series by Lisa Renee Jones on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Founders’ Keeper

4.4 stars on 186 reviews


The Alexandria Project

4.6 stars on 91 reviews


Devil’s Nightmare

4.2 stars on 193 reviews


Glass Hearts

4.2 stars on 157 reviews



4.5 stars on 59 reviews



4.5 stars on 225 reviews


Black In White

4.4 stars on 100 reviews

Paranormal Mystery

Stoking the Embers

4.3 stars on 116 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Unlikely Venture

4.4 stars on 134 reviews

Steamy NA Romance

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Hearts in Defiance

4.8 stars on 280 reviews

Historical Fiction. Western.

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 2 of 2 in the Romance in the Rockies Series


Charles McIntyre built the lawless, godless mining town of Defiance practically with his bare hands … and without any remorse for the lives he destroyed along the way. Then a glimpse of true love, both earthly and heavenly, changed him. The question is, how much? Naomi Miller is a beautiful, decent woman. She says she loves McIntyre, that God does, too, and the past is behind them now. But McIntyre struggles to believe he’s worth saving … worth loving. Unfortunately, the temptations in Defiance only reinforce his doubts.

Billy Page abandoned Hannah Frink when he discovered she was going to have his baby … and now he can’t live with himself. Or without her. Determined to prove his love, he leaves his family and fortune behind and journeys to Defiance. Will Hannah take Billy back or give him what he deserves for the betrayal?

Gritty and realistic, this is the story of real life and real faith in Defiance.

~~ The sequel to the highly acclaimed, best-selling western romance A Lady in Defiance! ~~

Click here to see all available books in the Romance in the Rockies Series by Heather Blanton on Amazon.


Bad Boys Unboxed

A Collection of Full-Length Contemporary Romance Novels

Promotional price of only $0.99!

The Bad Boys Unboxed collection is packed with full-length contemporary romance titles for every reader. Whether you prefer your romance sweet or hot or somewhere in between, you’ll find a sumptuous offering of titles in this boxed set to match your desires!

The pages inside are stuffed with everything from bad boy billionaires, rock stars, and movie stars to military men and business tycoons.

With over a million words of fiction, this is your one stop shop for revenge romance, small town romance, secret baby romance, beach romance, secret society romance…and more!

Don’t miss out on this limited edition collection from today’s NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, and International bestselling authors! Your future Book Boyfriend awaits.

Free Books for Kindle for Tuesday

Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Tuesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


All Fired Up

4.1 stars on 204 reviews

Contemporary Romance. Erotic Romance

Book 1 of 3 in the DreamMakers Series

Welcome to book 1 of the DreamMakers series. A red-hot collaboration from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors VIVIAN AREND and ELLE KENNEDY.

He’s ready to lead the way

As the owner of DreamMakers Inc., Parker Wilson takes the skills he learned as a Ranger to help men win in the love department, using every resource available to plan the perfect date. But when a routine recon turns into an unexpected night of fiery passion, Parker’s mission becomes personal—and he won’t give up until Lynn Davidson is all his.

She’s more than willing to follow

Lynn is a goner from the moment she lays eyes on the delectable Parker. She’s tired of sticking to the straight and narrow. It’s time to walk on the wild side, and what better way than in the arms of the most irresistible man she’s ever met? But when their red-hot affair is threatened, it’ll take a team effort to make their dreams come true.

Click here to see all available books in the DreamMakers Series by Elle Kennedy and Vivian Arend on Amazon.




4.7 stars on 310 reviews

With one look he consumed me.
With one touch he marked me.
With one kiss he owned me.
With one whisper he claimed me.

“No matter where you go or who you’re with, you’ll always be mine.”

Ellie Stevens thought she had moved on from the domineering man who abducted her. Now living in Hawaii and following her dreams, no one is going to keep her down. But things aren’t always as they seem.

Kayne Rivers reluctantly let Ellie go, but just because she’s gone now, doesn’t mean she’ll be gone forever. She is his, and he won’t stop until he’s reclaimed her as his own.

Claimed is a dark erotic romance. Please pay close attention to the use of the words dark, erotic, and romance. It has intense sexual situations, a Master/slave relationship, mild abuse and some violence. Reader discretion is advised.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.


4.4 stars 1,019 reviews

Crime Fiction

Blood Line

4.0 stars on 327 reviews


Spirits in the Trees

4.4 stars on 460 reviews


What Stays in Vegas

4.3 stars on 572 reviews


Forever Ours

4.4 stars on 378 reviews


Miss Match

4.4 stars on 218 reviews


Black Ice

4.4 stars on 51 reviews


Teasing Destiny

4.3 stars on 249 reviews


Twelve Months

4.4 stars on 310 reviews

Family Life

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Dirty Hair Puller

Contemporary Romance

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Attorney Geneva Lang has the right pedigree and attended the preferred Ivy League school. Hell, she even has the right last name to become a partner at the Lawrence and Larringer Law Firm. Nothing will stop her from climbing to the top. Well maybe one thing—the older partners would like to see her married. In a modern world, surely a woman doesn’t need a man behind her to be taken seriously?

Now her mother and friends are tossing men at her like confetti. She doesn’t want them shoved down her throat any more than she welcomes the men she works with hitting on her—whether they make six figure salaries or not. Just when she doesn’t think this month could get more annoying, she ends up in a traffic accident.

Liam Hart takes his job seriously. Almost so seriously that he almost didn’t look up from the mangled body of the Lexus and missed the gorgeous woman in a power suit standing in front of him. One look at the woman and he wants to peel off her hose and throw her legs over his shoulders. But first he needs to make her remember she’s a woman—with needs. Lucky for her he knows how.

Despite the fact that she’s falling for a hunk who is great with his hands—in bed and out—everyone believes she’s having a fling. Why is it so hard to believe a woman like her would fall for a blue-collar man? Their opposite lifestyles can’t possibly tear them apart, can they?


Howdy, Ma’am

4.3 stars on 23 reviews

Contemporary Western Romance

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 3 in the Bull Rider Series Series

Bull rider Caulder McCutchen wants to start living again. But this year he has a good chance of winning the coveted gold buckle, knowing he has to ride harder, go bigger, or go home. Winning consumes him, but it doesn’t take away the pain from a tremendous loss less than two years ago. On a whim, he hires a feisty photographer to travel the bull riding circuit with him for a season. A little extra publicity can’t hurt, and she’s easy on the eyes.

When he finds himself passionately attracted to her, will this sassy little Italian photographer prove to be just what his claim to fame needs—or a disastrous distraction?

Velia Armano had the strength to walk away from an abusive husband. After throwing a dart on the map, she moves from Chicago to Tucson, Arizona and opens her own photography studio—at the cost of leaving behind her close-knit, prominent Italian family. Recovering from the physical and mental abuse she endured, she builds confidence, welcomes independence, and regains her self-worth.

Six months into her well-ordered life alone, a hunky cowboy saunters in with his howdy, ma’am and flame blue eyes, offering a job any photographer would find hard to refuse. She accepts his offer and discovers they both have their own obstacles to overcome. Staying out of each other’s arms is only one of them.

Before the season ends, they both hope to find the right answer—to remain in their self-appointed exiles, or give in to a “happily ever after.”

When the season ends, who wins the real prize?

Click here to see all available books in the Bull Rider Series Series by Mary J. McCoy-Dressel on Amazon.


The Game Changer

Fiction. Literature

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $9.99. On sale for $0.99!

The illustrious company doctor Henk van Wijnen-Swarttouw, a born entrepreneur and flamboyant self-made man, gets in trouble when the justice department accuses him of corruption and tax evasion. At that same moment his daughter Julia begins her sabbatical after high school. Soon, she manages to make a name in the art world, using her devotion for a better, sustainable world as a driving force. She presents her art in the famous Witte de Withstreet. Through her art she is challenging her father to turn his live around. She wants him to restructure his heavy chemical industry business in the port of Rotterdam and the Maasvlakte, one of the biggest harbours in the world, into a sustainable, green company.

Julia, just turned eighteen, is allowed by her father to take a year off after ‘cum laude’ obtaining her high school diploma, under strict condition that she will afterwards start her medical study at the Erasmus university. During this sabbatical, she insists that she may use the art gallery of her parents as an exhibition space. She focuses on her passion, creating modern art and raise the issue of sustainability, while her father is trying to save his company, crammed with bad running businesses, from bankruptcy. Within one of these companies Cor Figee operates. He resides with his wife and eleven-year-old son Daan in a working class neighbourhood where different ethnicities live together. The Turkish and mentally disabled neighbour Elenoor frequently comes over to play with Daan. Cor Figee has pinned his hopes on Henk, the new owner of the business, and works day and night to finish a vital deal with the Russians. At the moment Henk should concentrate on saving the family business, he becomes obsessed with Julia her performance art and concern for sustainability, while she becomes embroiled in a complicated affair with the Moroccan named El Bachir. Her best friend, their Romanian housekeeper Tatjana (is that her real name?), tries to survive in her own special way. Then the mother of Julia and Jeroen (her brother in law), as they are afraid of losing the family business, turn to the German Psychiatrist von Stürmer. They want him to cure Henk and his daughter mentally.

Will Henk be freed by the psychiatrist from his obsession with Julia? Will his daughter seduce him through her artworks to do something better with the family business then making money only?

The Game Changer is a versatile and entertaining novel in which four themes are intertwined. The style is direct and lively, in accordance with the Rotterdam area prevailing way of live. The novel gives a funny yet rough idea of Rotterdam as a port city and metropolis in the making against a politically charged background: the uprising populism in Europe. This makes the novel timely, probably for the coming years. But it can just as well be considered timeless, in a literary sense.

New Book Releases for March

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for March 2017 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

Lost & Found

Contemporary Romance

Lost and Found by Shilpa Mudiganti – A second chance New York romance

Aisha lost the love of her life to fate. And then Liam happened.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Aisha, who is still grieving for her ex-boyfriend John is in for a surprise. Liam, John’s best friend, who has had feelings for her but had to keep his feelings in check is ready to prove his love for her. But is she ready to risk her heart again?

For just $0.99, this kindle ebook is sure to deliver an entertaining, heart-touching second chance romance story about love after loss and the undying love of the romantics at heart. Aisha and Liam from “Lost and Found” book are sure to bring in the New York charm to your hearts.

Read this contemporary romance kindle ebook for free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Enchanted Swans


In pre-Celtic Ireland, Fionnuala was a fae princess, born to a life of luxury.

She knew her duty and loved her family. She missed her mother, who died in childbirth when Fionnuala was but ten years old.

Still, she had hopes and dreams of love and a full life.

All her dreams were stolen from her, ripped away in a torrent of envy and magic.

Now she must care for her three brothers while learning to live under an evil curse.

Will she find a way to break the spell, or would they remain swans, tethered to three places for nine hundred years?

An Excellent List Of Highly Reviewed Free Kindle Books For Monday

For Monday we have an excellent list of highly reviewed free Kindle books. A great chance to grab a book or two for your reading enjoyment. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


The Eyes of Abel

4.2 stars on 23 reviews


He thought he was reporting a crime, while in fact he was an accomplice.

A terrorist bomb turns a jumbo jet flying over San Francisco into a flying inferno. In the aftermath, a shocked American public is ready to relinquish its precious civil rights in order to prevent a repeat attack. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Roger Charlin, refuses to let America transform into a police state. While investigating, Charlin encounters Israeli airline security agent Maya Cohen, a witty and seductive match to his skepticism. The two soon become entwined in a top-secret race against time and powerful international interests.

A suspenseful, intelligent, eye-opening thriller

In an intriguing, high stakes cat-and-mouse game, Charlin discovers that Maya Cohen is far more than just a security agent at Israel Airlines. A lead about a top-secret nuclear project points to a chance to crash a weapons market fueled by oil-money and prevent an impending conflagration of the Middle East. Only Charlin, watching as journalists whip the region into a frenzy, can save everything. Now he must abandon his position on the sidelines and take on a critical role in history.

In The Eyes of Abel, Daniel Jacobs skillfully challenges the role of journalism by presenting complex conflicts in a grippingly entertaining story that confronts the lens through which we view the Middle East.


Power in the Blood

4.1 stars on 289 reviews


Book 1 of 12 in the John Jordan Mysteries Series

Was it murder, accident, or suicide?

A baffling case. A brilliant detective.

A conflicted ex-cop who now wears a clerical collar investigates baffling cases of murder in these beloved, acclaimed, and bestselling suspenseful mysteries by New York Times Bestselling and award-winning author Michael Lister.

Ex-cop John Jordan, now a prison chaplain in the Florida Panhandle, witnesses the bloody death of Potter Correctional Institution inmate Ike Johnson. But what exactly did he witness? Murder, accident, or suicide? Jordan discovers that in the closed society of captives and captors no act goes unseen, and no one takes kindly to a cop in a collar. He soon finds his reputation, his career, and even his life are at stake.

If you like exciting, gritty, thoughtful mysteries, you’ll love Michael Lister’s POWER IN THE BLOOD.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

By Reason of Insanity

3.9 stars on 106 reviews

Legal Thriller

Grant of Immunity

4.5 stars on 271 reviews



4.2 stars on 83 reviews


Third Daughter

4.3 stars on 197 reviews


For The Love of Ash

4.3 stars on 77 reviews


Better Than Perfect

4.3 stars on 45 reviews


The Errant Flock

4.8 stars on 77 reviews

Historical Thriller

The Album

4.7 stars on 56 reviews

Women’s Fiction

A Cunning Plan

4.6 stars on 57 reviews

Female Sleuth

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


The Unbound Soul

4.6 stars on 60 reviews

Self Help. Spirituality

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Imagine what the soul could accomplish were it completely unbound.

#1 Bestseller in several Kindle Store spirituality/self help categories,this deeply personal memoir and guide tells the true story of a youngboy’s mystical vision and his subsequent search for enlightenment.

Now a meditation, healing and martial arts teacher, Richard L. Haight is that young boy grown up. In The Unbound Soul, he reveals a unique meditation method and a set of powerful awarenesstools designed to help you on your own path to personal transformation.Learn how to integrate spirituality in your everyday life – and Feel Free!

“If you like Tolle, Singer or Millman, you will love this!”

In The Unbound Soul, amongst other things, you will:

  • Learn the frequencies of mind and consciousness, which have been described as “eminently mind-blowing”. Without this vital understanding we would continually be trapped in the disharmony of the mind.
  • Gain access to a unique and powerful unconditioned meditation that blends seamlessly into your daily life. – “This book is worth getting just for this, but it’s a whole lot more.
  • Discover an extraordinarily powerful method for releasing and resolving innerdisharmony, giving you access to inner spaciousness. – “IT WORKS!
  • Learn of the role that emotions, thoughts, memories and the senses play in both binding and unbinding the soul. – “This book would have made my life path a lot easier to understand had I read it years ago.”
  • Learn how to simplify your life and live fully in the present in a powerful and totally functional way.
  • Learn the nature of the soul and the spirit – how they relate to each other,the “pain body”, the mind, consciousness, the wheel of life and theuniverse itself. Most importantly, you will learn how they relate to your daily experience. – “Before we can prosper our soul must prosper. This book is all about that process.”
  • Learn the true transformative power of unconditioned love and its power to undo a sense of separation and reveal your True Essence. – “…one of the most profound books I’ve read in the search for answers to Love, Life, and Living!”


Illusive Intrusion

4.3 stars on 6 reviews

Mystery, Action & Adventure, Women’s Adventure

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Gran Canaria seems like a paradise destination for Bianka–an ideal escape from her ordinary life in Dublin. When her younger sister receives an unexpected offer for a modelling job on the island, Bianka eagerly agrees to accompany her. Why wouldn’t she? Ten days in a luxury hotel on a sunny island is a dream come true.

But Kacper, Bianka’s fiancé, isn’t thrilled with their departure. There’s someone living on Gran Canaria who doesn’t wish him well, someone who won’t allow Kacper to forget the darkest day in his past–someone who could even seek revenge.

Goyo, a freelance photographer from Barcelona, has no luck in pursuing his career. When he’s offered a lucrative contract for a photo shoot on the Canaries, he knows this is his big chance to turn things around. But he can’t ignore the unsettling feeling that a mysterious woman he recently met is the cause of his new lucky streak–and that her motivations aren’t exactly unselfish.

What begins as a relaxing getaway turns to uncertainty and terror when an inexplicable phenomenon engulfs Gran Canaria–and the people. Will Goyo and the sisters find a way to survive the unleashed darkness?

Publisher’s Note: This is a new and revised edition of the author’s debut novel which was first published in 2014.

For Fans of Romance Books

A wide selection of Romance books from several of the following genres: Contemporary, Historical, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Time Travel romance.





Historical Romance

Second Chance Marquess

Historical Romance


Romantic Suspense

Code of Honor

Historical Romance

Tangled Up In You

Contemporary Romance

Sophomore Slump

New Adult Romance




Sunday Free eBooks – The Newest & Best Free Kindle Books

Check out our list of the best free ebooks. A great chance to grab a book or two for the weekend. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Remember that many of the free kindle books are priced at $0.00 for a very limited time. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Romeo Alpha

4.1 stars on 99 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Book 1 of 4 in the Romeo Alpha Series

Amanda Walker thinks that she has a normal and boring life. That is until after her 24th birthday.

***Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***

Everything changes when Amanda meets the man who says he is supposed to be her husband. Denying everything the man says, she fights him every step of the way. But after he kidnaps her, Amanda discovers that there are some things about her family that her parents kept a secret all these years. Among the history of the family she learns secrets she thought only happened in story books.

Can Amanda tell the difference between truth and lies or is she this mysterious woman that holds the key to a legacy?

Click here to see all available books in the Romeo Alpha Series by Darla Dunbar on Amazon.


Uscolia: Learning without Teaching

4.4 stars on 31 reviews

Parenting, Education, Literature & Fiction

Learning without teaching – a journey to the land of native fluency
The human brain is a brilliant self-learning machine, proficient at rule-building and pattern-recognition. What we generally refer to as “teaching” – an instructor conveying knowledge to a student and then testing the amount of information absorbed – is an illusion. We are fooled into thinking that schools can teach us anything, because in the midst of all the wasted instruction, they also provide some necessary exposure, which the brain utilizes for learning. But all learning is in fact internal, beginning and ending inside the brain.

Beyond the illusion of teaching
We all acquire our native languages without fail and without any teaching proper – by exposure, observation and imitation. Understanding this process provides valuable insight into the brain’s method of learning, and reveals how we can achieve effective learning without teaching in other areas as well.

A first-hand account of the legendary Uscolian studios
Uscolia tells of an extraordinary journey to the island of Uscolia, where there are no schools, and generations of creative youths acquire fluency in various disciplines such as music, math, and sciences without teaching, in free-flowing facilities called studios. The author also describes his hands-on experience in applying Uscolian principles within the context of an ordinary family home.

Discover the capacity for native fluency and learning without teaching in Uscolia.


Self Helpless

4.5 stars on 17 reviews


Jenny Peterson is a single, self-help junkie looking for her soul mate. But despite being an expert in self-improvement, her life still seems to be stuck in a rut. Her designer clothing rental business, even with its well-heeled Orange County clientele, is mysteriously losing money. And although it goes against every fiber in her moral makeup, the one guy she pines for happens to be her best friend’s husband.

But are her fortunes about to change?

A super-cute mystery guy has just recommended a new self-help book, and from the moment she opens the pages of A Better Life, her world is turned upside down in ways that not even Dr Phil could have predicted.


Beautiful Chaos

4.0 stars on 23 reviews

Young Adult Romance

“A surprising mix of romance and adventure…highly recommended.” ~ Midwest Book Review

While most seventeen year-olds work part-time delivering pizzas or whipping up frappuccinos, Brady O’Connell’s job is a little less conventional. Helping his dad with the family ‘business’ is a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly, especially when thousands of dollars are being exchanged. There are rules to be followed, timetables to be kept. But when his best friend Jay gets backstage concert tickets, and business interferes with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet their favorite band, Brady decides to break the rules, just one time.

And one time is all it takes to send his life spinning out of control.

When an envelope full of cash ends up in the wrong hands—specifically in the hands of a pretty red-head named Vivienne—things get messy in a hurry. Where Vivienne goes, a whole lot of chaos seems to follow.

But sometimes…chaos can be a beautiful thing.

From the author of Hope for Garbage comes another fast-moving, emotionally-charged tale, full of plot twists that will keep you guessing, and true-to-life characters you will root for. Most of all, this is a story of first love—crazy, chaotic first love—love that hits us hard, and never lets go.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Aim True, My Brothers

4.7 stars on 101 reviews

Political Thriller

The Hummingbird Wizard

4 stars on 394 reviews


Murder On Moloka’i

4 stars on 317 reviews


His Doll

4.5 stars on 477 reviews


License To Date

4.4 stars on 289 reviews


Burning Bright

4.6 stars on 130 reviews

Hist Fantasy Romance

Lost Girls

4.3 stars on 159 reviews

Crime Thriller

The Dean’s List

4.5 stars on 144 reviews



4.5 stars on 388 reviews


Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List



4.6 stars on 135 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 2 of 3 in the Breaking the Declan Brothers Series

“Some boys will keep it, some will break it, and some boys, they just won’t want it. You gotta be careful who you give your heart to…” Slate Declan

First loves, we all got them. Mine is Slate Declan. He was kind, gentle, and caring. Still, he managed to break my heart. So I put miles between us, and eventually, my heart healed.
I haven’t seen Slate in years, but a couple friends and I are going back to the Bayou for the summer. While I’m visiting my hometown, I’m going to look up Slate Declan. And I plan to break his heart, just as he did mine. I’ll remind him of what he has lost, and then I’ll prove to him that I’ve moved on.
It should be real easy, right?
Well, let me tell you, Slate Declan is not the same guy that I left behind. And there’s another problem. How do you break someone’s heart when they no longer have one?Standalone Series
Warning ~ This book contains explicit sex scenes, graphic language, and is intended for mature audiences.

Click here to see all available books in the Breaking the Declan Brothers Series by Kelly Gendron on Amazon.


Shadow Born

4.5 stars on 469 reviews

Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Supernatural Suspense

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 3 in the Shadows of Salem Series

Chicago Police Detective Brooke Chandler is keeping a secret… and if she’s not careful, it could get her killed.

Brooke is no stranger to the supernatural. In Chicago, vampires are just as prevalent as drug lords, and infinitely more bloodthirsty. So when her partner and fiancé dies in a mysterious fire while chasing down a lead in Salem, she suspects something dark and otherworldly is at play.

Blessed with the ability to see into the past by touching inanimate objects, Brooke transfers to the Salem PD, hoping her talent will help her get to the bottom of things. Between dodging assassination attempts and being stonewalled at every turn, the going is tough. Add in a mysterious fae club owner with secrets of his own and a personal grudge against her, and it becomes nearly impossible.

If Brooke wants to play in the supernatural sandbox, she’s going to have to roll up her sleeves and get dirty. But how many people will have to die for Brooke to discover the truth about her fiance? And is she even ready to know?

Find out what lurks in the SHADOWS OF SALEM by reading SHADOW BORN, the latest Urban Fantasy hit readers are comparing to Karen Marie Moning and Patricia Briggs.

Click here to see all available books in the Shadows of Salem Series by Jasmine Walt on Amazon.

Saturday Free eBooks – The Newest & Best Free Kindle Books

Check out our list of the best free ebooks. A great chance to grab a book or two for the weekend. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Remember that many of the free kindle books are priced at $0.00 for a very limited time. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


No Exchanges, No Returns

4.3 stars on 381 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Book 4 of 7 in the Return to Redemption Series

There were never such devoted sisters…

Dr. David Lambert and his wife, Brianna, received the ultimate gift from her fraternal twin. They gratefully accepted it, of course, because everyone knows you can’t return a baby like an itchy sweater. Yet, that’s essentially what Brianna does when she has a meltdown and unexpectedly divorces David. She runs from their home in Redemption, Pennsylvania, and leaves their surrogate–her sister, Casey–pregnant with his little bundle.

When David chose her beautiful twin over her, Casey MacIntyre hid her hurt behind a wall of sarcasm. Now that her sister has divorced her husband, it’s increasingly difficult to remember why the hunky pediatrician is supposed to be off limits–especially since Brianna doesn’t seem to want him or care if Casey and he get involved.

David always liked and admired his selfless ex-sister-in-law–despite that the sassy preschool teacher is always busting his chops. Consequently, after his wife bails on marriage and motherhood, it’s only natural he turns to Casey for sympathy. Unfortunately, the exasperating pixie becomes more irresistible with each day she carries his child. He already mistook lust for love once and jumped way too fast into marriage. He’s not about to botch up his life that way again.

Casey wants whatever happiness she can grab, whether it’s temporary or not. The only problem is, if she lets herself love her baby (or David), what will happen to her when her sister inevitably realizes her mistake and returns to Redemption?

Click here to see all available books in the Return to Redemption Series by Laurie Kellogg on Amazon.



4.6 stars on 169 reviews

Coming of Age, Fantasy, Myths and Legends, Sword and Sorcery

Book 1 of 3 in the The Windwalker Archive series

From USA Today bestselling author Michael James Ploof comes the epic debut of an exhilarating new fantasy adventure series.

TALON: Book 1 of the Windwalker Archive follows the early years of a unique boy, a fifteen year old runt living on the barbarian island of Volnoss. Born premature during the frozen plague that took his mother, shunned by his father, and raised by his grandmother, Talon has always felt like he doesn’t belong.

For years he dreams of growing big and strong like the giants that surround him. But as the day of measure draws near, he begins to realize that he will never be named a Vald, and will be cast to the village of the Skomm to live a life of slavery.

Barely surviving the beating that follows his failure to meet the measure, Talon is banished to the village of misfits. There he finds friends in the most unlikely of places, and begins to hope he might find some happiness as a Skomm.

As Talon tries to settle into his life in the slave village he is challenged at every turn. The Vaka overseers have it in for him, as does the Chiefson of Timber Wolf Tribe. The Kelda Agaeti is drawing near, called by the Skomm the night of dying, when seven warriors from neighboring tribes win the right to go on a bloody rampage through the village.

After barely surviving a random attack by drunken Vald that left nearly a dozen dead, Talon and his friends decide that they must somehow escape the island. For Chiefson Fylkin has vowed to kill him first on the night of dying.

What follows is a fast-paced race against time, an underdog story wrought with action and adventure, rich with magic, culture, friendship and lore.

Set two hundred years before the events of Whill of Agora, TALON, Book #1 of the Windwalker Archive, reveals the origins of Dirk Blackthorn’s spirit wolf, Chief. Fans of the Legends of Agora books will be introduced to unforgettable new characters, and revisit a few old friends.

Although Talon takes place chronologically before Whill of Agora, it can be read before or after as a standalone series.

Click here to see all available books in the The Windwalker Archive series by Michael James Ploof on Amazon.


Be Still, My Love

4.4 stars on 180 reviews

Horror. Ghosts.

Book 1 of 6 in the Tess Schafer-Medium Series

After suffering personal loss, medium Tess Schafer’s beliefs are thrown into question and her communications with “the other side” severed. Though two years have passed, she cannot seem to move on with her life. Her friends convince her to go on a vacation. Where better than a haunted resort on the coast of Maine?

Her arrival there initiates the return of her special gift and causes a spike in paranormal activity. The haunting, she soon discovers, is more than the results of a tragic love story. Troubled souls are indeed trapped there and despite their repeated warnings to leave, she’s not going anywhere. Something is menacing the beautiful resort and though Tess must battle skeptics, her fears and a distracting attraction to another guest, she is determined to solve the mystery.

But can she do it before its time for her to leave? Or before the menacing presence turns on her?

Click here to see all available books in the Tess Schafer-Medium Series by Deborah Hughes on Amazon.


Chained Guilt

4.2 stars on 206 reviews


Book 1 of 2 in the Hidden Guilt (Detective Series)

First time reader of Terry Keys. Good story, lots of twists. Suspense, drama, twists and turns a very good read. I have found a new mystery writer for my bookshelf.(Amazon Customer)

A page-turning thriller in the tradition of James Patterson, Jack Reacher and Harry Bosch, Chained Guilt pulls you in and never let’s go!

Love is blind and lust is too…

Detective David Porter had just closed the file on his latest serial killer case when horrific murders with the same MO start happening in and around Houston. A fifteen-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, Porter was one of the best serial killer detectives in the country, his talents known worldwide. The recently promoted officer couldn’t ask for much more. He was husband to one of the hottest women on the planet, former-model-turned-news-anchor Miranda Porter. He also had two beautiful daughters. Yes, life was good . . . or so it seemed.
A cunning serial killer was on the prowl, brutally killing every child he could get his hands on. Porter was hot on his trail, but the killer was an expert – no mistakes. A late night of work, a storm and a car accident would lead David head first into another case – a kidnapping – and this time it was personal. Could there be a connection between the two? David was staring face-first down the barrel of both cases and time was running out.
Does Detective Porter have what it takes to bring these criminals to justice and solve they mystery? Will the good life he once enjoyed elude him forever? Only time will tell.

Detective David Porter is a former Army Ranger and a leading criminal profiler specializing in serial killers. He works for the Houston Police Department and lives just south of Houston with his wife Miranda and their two daughters.

Click here to see all available books in the Hidden Guilt (Detective Series) by Terry Keys on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

City Of Beads

4.2 stars on 689 reviews


Fuzzy Navel

4.2 stars on 568 reviews


9th Cycle Antarctica

4.2 stars on 222 reviews


Riding for Redemption

4.5 stars on 377 reviews

Romantic Mystery

Her Best Match

4.4 stars on 311 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Tender Love

4.6 stars on 294 reviews

Christian Romance

Sundown On Top
Of The World

4.4 stars on 246 reviews


Goodbyes & Second

4.6 stars on 287 reviews


The Cat Manual

4.4 stars on 351 reviews

Humor & Entertainment

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Missing Mona

4.4 stars on 54 reviews

Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Cozy

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Foreword Reviews 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Finalist — 2016 New York Book Festival – Runner Up

“Klingler presents his craftiest yarn to date, summoning the pulpy spirits of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. The setting of Chicago rattles from the page in lines such as, ‘The buildings held noise and exhaust fumes around me like a torture chamber.'” –Kirkus Reviews (Kirkus Recommended List)

Tommy has boomeranged back to his parents residence and a dead-end job after too many years in college. As he looks squarely at his next decade of life, his smartphone convinces him the time is ripe for a change. A gift from his grandfather provides the means, so he embarks on the path of blues artists and beatniks before him–and hits the road.

He immediately meets a damsel in hitchhiking distress who says her name is Mona. Her presence persuades him that the bright lights and dark clubs of Chicago might be his kind of town. So on a summer Saturday night they settle into a fancy hotel overlooking the beaches of Lake Michigan.

On Sunday…Mona disappears.

But she leaves behind more than a sweet memory that involves Tommy in a brand new cash flow problem he never imagined. While trying to sort out how to stay on the right side of the law and get back on the road, he meets a young criminologist who helps him, a DJ who doesn’t, and a librarian who teaches him about the city, women, and the art of the makeover. After truth and lies are stirred like a blue martini, being assaulted by a pink monkey, and witnessing a drive-by shooting that drowns a Ferrari–Tommy is desperate to help Mona.

If he can find her.


Between Clouds and Stars

4.5 stars on 69 reviews


An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

My life is perfect. I have money, power, good looks and countless women ready to do anything to get their hands on me, and my rather large package. My business brings in billions every year and my airline has the fastest airplanes in the world. In short, I have everything a man can dream of. Or so I thought until I met Estelle Klide.

The second I saw her, I decided to make her mine.

Her body was sinfully sexy. She had amazing, mesmerizing indigo eyes. Her sweet scent was the epitome of temptation and evoked images of wild, animalistic sex in my mind.

I couldn’t help but fall for her – hard. Letting her slip through my fingers was not an option.
In involving myself with her, I entered waters I’d never thought I’d have to swim in. I set off on a journey filled with mystery, fear and a lot of love.

The only thing that threatened to ruin this paradise and destroy everything, was her ex-husband, who turned out to be a real monster.

BETWEEN CLOUDS AND STARS is a standalone romance novel, which takes place in the fantastical world of the future.


Looking for Clara

4.3 stars on 9 reviews

Women’s Fiction / Romance

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

When a friendship turns into love, and meets Italy and jazz. A woman’s journey in search of herself

How did I get here? Clara asks. How did I make the choices in life that I made? Was I influenced by something, someone, or just myself?

A law firm, a career, a path that seems predetermined, perfect from the outside, but filled with nonsense, the ones only she sees. Before she even tries to figure this out, a travel to Italy sets everything off balance. Her friendships, her feelings, her dreams. And so Clara searches, looking under water, brave, with her eyes wide open.