An Excellent List Of Highly Reviewed Free Kindle Books For Monday

September 15, 2014

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For Monday we have an excellent list of highly reviewed free Kindle books. A great chance to grab a book or two for your reading enjoyment. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List.

Flinder’s Field

4.3 stars on 187 reviews.

Murder Mystery. Thriller.

With a quarter of a million downloads, the bestselling author of ‘Max’ and ‘The House of the Wicked’, D. M. Mitchell has been compared to Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Ruth Rendell, M. R. James, Linwood Barclay, Umberto Eco, the Bronte sisters, Charles Dickens and many others. Discover for yourself why D. M. Mitchell is being regarded by some as one of the UK’s most original and exciting writers of psychological thrillers and murder mysteries.

In November 1974, a young woman called Sylvia Tredwin goes missing. Nobody has the faintest idea where she’s gone. She was wearing only a light skirt and T-shirt, didn’t take anything with her, no suitcase, nothing. Simply went out one dark evening and never returned.

Some say she went off with another man, because there’d already been talk in the small Somerset village of Petheram that she’s that type of woman – attractive, flirty with it, dressed too provocatively. But her husband, Bruce Tredwin, doesn’t believe a word of the callous whisperings of the locals as they gossip about his outsider wife. So he never gives up searching for her. A fortnight later on a stormy winter’s night he finds her. She’s naked in a place called Flinder’s Field, wandering aimlessly, badly bruised and in total shock. But what she says to him will astound everyone.

She says she’s been abducted by aliens, and she was never to be the same again, with tragic consequences…

A Few of the Best of Monday’s Free Kindle Books.


4.7 stars on 129 reviews.

Contemporary Fiction.

The Branches of Time

4.7 stars on 63 reviews.


Lila Blue

4.7 stars on 52 reviews.

Contemporary Fiction.


4.4 stars on 56 reviews.


Last Call

4.0 stars on 58 reviews.



4.7 stars on 68 reviews.



4.6 stars on 37 reviews.

YA Contemporary romance.

Where in the OM Am I?

4.8 stars on 44 reviews.

Humor and Entertainment.

Too Little, Too Late

4.3 stars on 45 reviews.


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Renown of the Raithlin

3.5 stars on 17 reviews.


Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

A marauding horde. A famed city. A lone man who stands between them.

Can one man defy an army? Only one of the legendary Raithlin would try. But trying is not succeeding – or even surviving.

Lanrik is confident in the time-honored skills of the Raithlin scouts. He tries to slow the army long enough for a warning to reach his home city, unaware that political intrigue, duty and ties of loyalty will test him more than the enemy.

He enacts a bold plan against overwhelming odds to protect all that he loves. But his choices lead him ever deeper into a life-changing struggle. Dark forces of sorcery and witchcraft are on the move. So too are the powers that contend with them. The conflict draws him into a quest for the safety of the whole land and toward a girl who comes to mean more to him than anything. He enters a world of magic: sometimes beautiful, often perilous and always unpredictable.

An epic story spanning realms, empires, lands of beauty and peril, ten thousand years of history, the battles of men, the struggles of light against dark, the striving of courage against despair and the destiny of one man, born into an age when the very powers that form and substance the world vie for dominion. The Raithlindrath series…

See Lore of the Letharn (The Raithlindrath Series Book 2) on Amazon.

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Disguised with the Millionaire

New Release (Sept 15).

Contemporary Romantic Suspense.

Introductory price of $0.99!

Kate Meyers’ brother dies in a construction site accident involving faulty equipment. The police clear the company owner Trent Farrington of using bad products. Heartbroken, she is determined to find justice for her
brother and uncover the criminal activity that led to his death. Tweaking
her résumé, she lands a job with the Florida Corporation to do her own
investigation. When she meets Trent, Kate instantly dislikes the strikingly handsome millionaire. She can’t wait to see him rot behind bars.

Trent Farrington finds himself intrigued by the company’s newest employee, but previous bad experiences with women have taught him to be cautious. However, he is drawn to the alluring beauty, but he’s puzzled that she seems to hate him for some unknown reason. He’s used to women throwing themselves at him, and her attitude shocks him and is refreshing all at the same time.

While Kate searches for the data to convict Trent, she has to work closely with him and her evidence against him isn’t exactly adding up. She dislikes how her traitorous body reacts whenever he is near, while he appears to enjoy her reaction immensely… She vows to find the evidence and get out, but she soon learns nothing is as it seemed… Whoever is sabotaging the equipment and products might be an outright killer!

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Hiking Survival Guide

Basic Survival Kit and Necessary Survival Skills to Stay Alive in the Wilderness

4.2 stars on 44 reviews.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $3.02. On sale for $0.99!

Conrad Blake is pleased to present completely revised and updated edition of “Hiking Survival Guide: Basic Survival Kit and Necessary Survival Skills to Stay Alive in the Wilderness”. This book is for outdoor enthusiasts, who just starting their journey to serious hiking. 

If you’re going hiking, you need to be aware of your surroundings. There are some dangers out there, and it’s important that you know what you’re getting yourself into. You also need to be prepared for accidents and emergency situations, as they can happen at any moment during your hiking and backpacking. If you’re going to be a smart hiker, you need to be ready to survive under any condition. Here is what you will find in this survival handbook: 

• How to prepare for a hiking trip 
• What to wear when your hiking 
• Hiking meal ideas 
• What to do when you get lost hiking 
• How to build a shelter 
• Wilderness survival kit 
• How to make your own survival kit 
• and much more. 

This survival guide is all about preparing you for emergency hiking situations. By the time you’re finished with this survival handbook, you’ll be ready to face whatever the great outdoors can throw at you during your hiking and backpacking!
Good luck and good hiking!

Steamy Romance Novels

September 14, 2014

Our highlighted books come from our “Steamy Romance” page. These featured romance books are from several sub-genres, but they all contain a little extra “steam and sizzle” in their romantic scenes.

Sunday Free eBooks – The New & Best Free eBooks

September 14, 2014

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Check out our list of the best free ebooks. A great chance to grab a book or two for the weekend. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Remember that many of the free kindle books are priced at $0.00 for a very limited time (24-48 hours).

Lost Innocence: The Accused

4.8 stars on 23 reviews.

Crime. Thriller.

Michael, an artist charged with a crime he claims he didn’t commit, and John, a self-confessed heroin smuggler, are brought together in the primitive and over-crowded prison infamously known as the BANGKOK HILTON. Michael fights for his freedom, while John, resigned to his fate, wants only to regain his dignity. Michael’s grandfather, a once brilliant lawyer, is brought out of retirement and flies to Bangkok to fight a case in a city where justice is bought and sold to the highest bidder and corruption is the oil that greases the wheels in the Land of Smiles.

Running out of time and unable to find the only witness, he searches for another way to succeed in what seems a hopeless case.

Meanwhile, in order to survive the most appalling conditions in jail, Michael and John must make the best of a dire situation as they wait for their separate fates to be decided. Will justice be served or will they see out the next ten years in that hell-hole of a prison?

Simon Palmer is a screen-writer and new novelist who lives in Bangkok and has spent months researching this novel visiting an Australian inmate called Mitchel Blake inside the Bangkok Hilton. This book is a must read for anyone thinking about taking risks in the Land of Smiles. Think twice.

Christmas in Greektown

Greektown Stories Book # 3

4.5 stars on 17 reviews.

Women’s Fiction. Crime Mystery.

As Christmastime approaches, the family prepares for another get-together in Greektown. Relationships blossom and some end during the hardest time of the year. But as Jill and others discover, when one door closes, another opens, often with more wonderful opportunities.

Books in the Greektown Stories series:

The Best of The Best Free Kindle Books For Sunday.


4.2 stars on 315 reviews.

Crime Thriller.

Searching for Glory

4.3 stars on 119 reviews.

Women’s Fiction.

For Nicky

4.5 stars on 68 reviews.

Contemporary Romance.

Dark Bayou

4.3 stars on 244 reviews.


Balloon Animals

4.6 stars on 27 reviews.

Contemporary Fiction.

Tyranny of Coins

4.3 stars on 52 reviews.

Action. Adventure.

Love Square

4.4 stars on 84 reviews.

Erotic Romance.

The Edge Of Darkness

4.6 stars on 116 reviews.


Phone Kitten

4.3 stars on 537 reviews.

Cozy Humorous Mystery.

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Highland Seer

(Highland Talents Book 2)

4.4 stars on 62 reviews.

Historical Romance. Paranormal Romance.

Regular price $5.99. 

On sale for $0.99 until 9/26. 

Donal MacNabb is loyal to his adopted Lathan clan, yet he resents being a pawn in their treaty negotiations with the struggling MacKyries. The MacKyrie clan needs his skills as an arms master, but its Laird is bartering for more than Donal is prepared to give.

Ellie MacKyrie knows the Lathan treaty will help protect her clan from the neighbor determined to seize her holdings any way he can–including forcing her into marriage. But she has another reason to want the Lathan alliance. She has Seen the stubborn Donal MacNabb reaching for her in her dreams.

While Donal fights to save a clan in trouble, his desire for the MacKyrie Seer wars with his obligation to his Laird. Before she is forced into a marriage that will destroy her clan, Ellie must find the heart behind Donal’s gruff exterior and convince him he is the man of her dreams.

Also see The Healer’s Gift (Highland Talents Book 1) on Amazon.

Do You Enjoy Mystery, Suspense, and Thriller Books?

September 13, 2014

Do you enjoy Mystery books? Or Suspense? Or do you enjoy Thriller books? Check out the great books listed below from some of the best Indie authors in the marketplace.

Best & New Free eBooks For Kindle for Saturday

September 13, 2014

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We have a great list of the best free eBooks for Kindle to read that exceed our minimum guidelines. These are proven winners based upon user reviews. See the entire list of free eBooks for Kindle from The Best Free Kindle BooksEnjoy the best free online eBooks to read with our new books for Saturday.

Sky Hunter (Targon Tales Book 1)

4.1 stars on 191 reviews.

Science Fiction.

Air Command pilot Nova Whiteside is assigned to a remote outpost to guard the construction of a new orbiter, Skyranch Twelve against rebel sabotage. The difference between the well-ordered Union air fields and this dusty garrison is made painfully clear when she runs afoul a brutal commander of ground troops.

When she is trapped behind enemy lines in a bloody uprising she meets Djari, a civilian whose trust in the governing Union is shattered by what he has witnessed.

Her assignment takes her from the midst of a bloody uprising to the elegant new space station where she hopes to train for her Hunter Class pilot grade. But not all runs according to protocol and she soon suspects that more than farming is being done up there. When she uncovers the treacherous and illicit schemes taking place, it seems that local riots are the least of their troubles.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Bill The Vampire

4.4 stars on 249 reviews.


The Toymaker

4.4 stars on 96 reviews.

Political Thriller.

The Solitude of Passion

4.2 stars on 230 reviews.


Dream Lover

4.4 stars on 47 reviews.


Omega Dog

4.3 stars on 128 reviews.

Mystery. Suspense.

Kiss a Girl in the Rain

4.7 stars on 32 reviews.


Treasure Uncovered

4.3 stars on 127 reviews.

Mystery. Suspense.


4.5 stars on 35 reviews.


Shopping for a Billionaire 1

4.2 stars on 45 reviews.

Contemporary Romance.

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The Bridge

Science Fiction.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

London, 2035 

Howard finds himself between a London street gang and the prince of the Forty-Seven Kingdoms when a cyborg former soldier comes looking for his wayward son. 

He enlists the help of Angel, a gamer whose only interaction with the real world is through his avatar, and they enter London’s abandoned boroughs, a world Howard wants nothing to do with. 

At the center of it all is Hil, a child of the Forty-Seven Kingdoms. Someone messed with her head and turned her into a weapon. Now, with her mind splintered and the city after her, she needs to piece herself back together and remember. 

Note: Book 2, The Algorithm, is now available on Amazon.

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Trust (Running With Alphas Book 1)

4.7 stars on 82 reviews.

Paranormal Romance.

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Just when she thinks her life can’t get any worse, Taylor meets alpha wolf Alder—the most caring, gallant, and handsome man on the planet. On the run from the police, there’s no way she could possibly get involved with him. But somehow she does anyway.

Alder seems to be convinced that the two of them are going to live happily ever after in his mountain territory. But between looming pack wars, her dicey past, and his twin brother—the most obnoxious, sadistic, and handsome man on the planet—Taylor has a feeling that her new life among werewolves may be just as complicated as her human one.

RUNNING WITH ALPHAS: TRUST is a 100 page book and the beginning of Taylor’s journey. The story will contain themes of life in the wilderness and ménage romance. Due to sexual content, it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18.

Note: Book 2, Honesty, is now available on Amazon.

New Book Releases for September

September 12, 2014

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for September 2014 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

Broken Souls (Primani Book 4)

Dark Romantic Suspense

The Primani series continues with this stand-alone dark romantic suspense.

Stalked by evil…
Psychic Rori Austin’s life is over. She just doesn’t know it yet. Suffering from recurring nightmares and terrifying fugues, she’s hanging on by a thread. When she blacks out and wakes up in 1969, she knows she’s out of control. Broke and alone in the city that never sleeps, she’s desperate to find someone who can hold back the darkness in her mind. When too-good-to-be-true Declan shows up out of nowhere, she’s thrilled until he starts asking questions she has no intention of answering.

Haunted by guilt…
Declan Manning is a killer and a healer. Demons fear him. Humans love him. Life is good. The last thing he needs is a human woman. After saving Rori’s life, he walks away, but can’t forget the fear in her eyes. It haunts him, dredging up memories better left buried deep. Intrigued by her secrets, he uncovers the horrifying truth. She’s marked for Hell, and her time is almost up. Read more on Amazon.

A Hidden Element

Paranormal Suspense.

Evil lurks within…

When Caleb Madroc is used against his will as part of his father’s plan to breed a secret alien community and infiltrate society with their unique powers, he vows to save his oppressed people and the two children kept from him.

Seven years later, Laura and Ben Fieldstone’s son is abducted, and they are forced to trust a madman’s son who puts his life on the line to save them all. The enemy’s desire to own them—or destroy them—leads to a survival showdown.

Laura and Ben must risk everything to defeat a new nemesis that wants to rule the world with their son, and Caleb may be their only hope—if he survives. But must he sacrifice what he most desires to do so? Read more on Amazon.

Editorial Review:

“Chilling and dark, Donna Galanti’s A Hidden Element is a twisty journey into another world, where fathers and sons fight the ultimate battle, and ghostly strangers manipulate those left behind on Earth. Don’t miss it.” —J.T. Ellison, New York Times bestselling author of When Shadows Fall

Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books?

September 12, 2014

Order Page DBT Blog Post Feature Free Books

Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books? We provide a daily list of the best free Kindle books that exceed our minimum guidelines. Today we have a great list that are are proven winners based upon user reviews. Below are selected free online eBooks from The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free online books to read with these Friday freebies.

Sentinel Resurrection

5.0 stars on 20 reviews.


Adventure Thriller Bestseller!

When a renegade arms dealer salvages Hitler’s secrets from a sunken U-boat off the coast of Patagonia, he resurrects a terrorist weapon of the Third Reich. Only one man can save humanity from this rebirth of Nazi science. But an international conspiracy may cost him his life– and the lives of everyone he loves–before he has the chance.

Papa Cadwalader, the last member of the Sentinel spy ring, leads his makeshift family of five amazing fighters against Nazi technology, mercenary soldiers and a supernatural creature from the book of Genesis. From the hidden depths of the Drake Passage to the volcanoes of the Congo, from the lost mines of Poland to the forests of the Andes, Papa’s family races to destroy Hitler’s weapon before it’s too late.

Fans of Stephen King, Brad Thor and James Rollins will enjoy this novel.


4.5 stars on 67 reviews.

Romantic Suspense.

DEA agent Eve Taylor has had her fill of alpha males. When Resolutions’ operative and former lover, Dillon “Mac” McKenna, threatened her hard-earned independence, she ran. On a mission to gather evidence against a Colombian drug-lord, Eve discovers the drug-lord is helping terrorists plan an attack on American soil. Before she can escape with the vital information, she’s captured and comes face to face with her mortality…

As a teen, Mac watched his family fall apart after his mother died doing dangerous U.N. work. The possibility of losing Eve to a mission ignited an overwhelming need to protect her. When he forced her to choose him or her job, she walked away. Two years later, it seems all his nightmares have come true and he’s tasked with rescuing her from a Colombian prison. Mac has never stopped loving Eve, but does he dare risk his heart when he’s so terrified of losing…

On the run, Mac and Eve must learn to trust each other again in order to stay alive.

Note: Resolutions is a private black ops agency specializing in the near-impossible extractions of kidnap victims, hostages, and all forms of intelligence other agencies have failed to retrieve.

Treasure Me

4.5 stars on 106 reviews.

Women’s Fiction.

Welcome to Book One of The Liberty Series, where love, friendship and family life arrive with a second chance in the most heartwarming circumstances.

Petty thief Birdie Kaminsky has arrived in Liberty, Ohio to steal a treasure hidden since the Civil War. She’s in possession of a charming clue passed down in her family for generations: Liberty safeguards the cherished heart.

The beautiful thief wants to go straight. She secretly admires the clue’s author, freedwoman Justice Postell, who rose above the horrors of slavery to build a new life in Ohio. According to family lore, Justice left South Carolina at the dawn of the Civil War. Heavy with child, she carried untold riches on her journey north. As Birdie searches for the treasure, she begins to believe a questionable part of the story: a tale of love between Justice and Lucas Postell, the French plantation owner who was Birdie’s ancestor.

If the stories are true, Justice bore a child with Lucas. Some of those black relatives might still live in town. Birdie can’t help but wonder if she’s found one—Liberty’s feisty matriarch, Theodora Hendricks, who packs a pistol and heartwarming stories about Justice. Birdie doesn’t know that an investigative reporter who has arrived in town will trip her up—as will her conscience when she begins to wonder if it’s possible to start a new life with stolen riches. Yet with each new clue she unearths, Birdie begins to discover a family history more precious than gems, a tradition of love richer than she could imagine.

The books of The Liberty Series work as stand-alone novels you may enjoy in any order. Look for the other books in the series: Second Chance Grill, The Impossible Wish and Four Wishes.

A Sample of our Best Free Kindle Books for Friday.

A Moment

4.5 stars on 454 reviews.

Coming of Age.

The Unearthly

4.3 stars on 63 reviews.

YA Paranormal Romance.

An Unlikely Match

4.2 stars on 219 reviews.

Romantic Comedy.

Awake in the Night

4.6 stars on 41 reviews.



4.2 stars on 48 reviews.

Science Fiction.

Stealing Justice

4.6 stars on 97 reviews.

Romantic Suspense.

Rogue Alliance

4.8 stars on 28 reviews.

Mystery. Suspense.

Gluten-Free Baking Classics

4.7 stars on 367 reviews.


Informed Consent

4.0 stars on 79 reviews.

Medical Thriller.

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With or Without Coupons

How to Save 50% or More at the Grocery Store

4.2 stars on 24 reviews.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

eBook Updated & Revised 1/28/2104! Have you ever wondered how to save money on groceries without having to do hours of research and work? Have you ever tried to coupon but failed miserably – or worse, ended up with a bunch of highly-processed food that won’t work for your family? Do you want to coupon but feel like there’s no coupons that work for your family due to a dedication to an organic lifestyle or special diet?

The answer to these questions and more appear in my eBook, “With or Without Coupons: How to Save 50% or More at the Grocery Store.” It is the compilation of years of hands-on experience, hard work, research and a Mother’s guidance.

I go through a step-by-step process of how to shop at the grocery store – with or without coupons. You will change the way you shop in such a way that you will be able to consistently save at least 50% every time you go to the grocery store. Yes, it involves a few changes in your shopping habits – but they will pay large dividends in the end.

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Letting Go into Perfect Love

Discovering the Extraordinary after Abuse

4.9 stars on 26 reviews.


Regular price $7.69. On sale for $0.99!

Inspiring and unforgettable, Letting Go into Perfect Love is a riveting account of a journey through the terror of domestic violence to a faith that transforms all. As a college administrator, Gwendolyn M. Plano lived her professional life in a highly visible and accountable space–but as a wife and mother, behind closed doors, she and her family experienced unpredictable threat. The statistics are staggering–every 9 seconds in the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten–but to Gwen, this was her secret; it was her shame. When her husband eventually turned his brutality on her son, she knew she could no longer remain silent.

Alternately heart-wrenching and joyful, this is a story of triumph over adversity–one woman’s uplifting account of learning how to forgive the unforgiveable, recover her sense of self, bring healing into her family, and honor the journey home. Accompanied by glimpses of celestial beings, Gwen charts a path through sorrow to joy–and ultimately, writes of the one perfect love we all seek. 

The story that unfolds is not a blow-by-blow account of savagery hidden within a twenty-five-year marriage; rather, it is a walk through innocent dreams betrayed–to courage found. “Tragedy spares no one;” Gwen points out, “it just courts each of us differently. One way or another, it finds a path into our hearts, and there we do battle with the intruder.” As a survivor who came out of her unhealthy relationship determined to start over, Gwen artfully depicts the challenges of balancing the obligations of motherhood and career with her family’s healing process, while offering hope to anyone facing monumental challenges.  Read more on Amazon.

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The Rhythm of my Heart

4.6 stars on 47 reviews.

Contemporary Romance.

Regular price $1.99. On sale for $0.99!

Grace Rivers is your everyday twenty-five year old. She could have the world at her feet, but instead chooses to help run the family business. After experiencing great loss early in her life, Grace values what’s most important: her family and friends. But she aches to find that certain someone—that one great, passionate love who values family as much as she does. 

Cole Tierney loves his life. He has a wonderful family, a loyal best friend and a successful career as an ER doctor. The only downside is he wants someone to share it with. After being used and left heartbroken, he wants to find someone who will love him for him and not his or his family’s status. 

“Every beat my heart makes is for you. Every time it beats faster it’s because of you—because you’re near me, because of your smile—because you take my breath away.” 

Their two hearts collide by chance and an undeniable connection is quickly made. 

But when others are plotting against their happiness, will their love flatline, or will the rhythm of their hearts continue to beat as one?

For Fans of Romance Books

September 11, 2014

Do you enjoy romance books? These are some of the Romance books that are featured on our Romance Books page.

  • Fierce  New Release (Aug 11). 4.9 stars on 8 reviews. Contemporary Sports Romance.

  • Netherworld  New Release (Aug 18). 4.7 stars on 37 reviews. Historical Romance.

  • Corporate Ties  4.5 stars on 32 reviews. Romance. Mystery.

  • Only Wheat Not White  4.7 stars on 10 reviews. Contemporary Romance.

A Great List of New Free Books for the Amazon Kindle for Thursday

September 11, 2014

Order Page DBT Blog Post Feature Free Books

We have a great opportunity for book readers today to add some new free books to their Kindle or Kindle reading app. We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. Listed below is a sample of the free books that Kindle ebook readers will find on our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with 30+ new Thursday freebies.

Horses and Heroin

4.5 stars on 280 reviews.

Romantic Mystery.

Jockey School Is Not What It Seems.

A talented rider disappears without a trace.

His frantic sister poses as a student.

A private investigator’s plans for quiet recuperation are shattered.

Megan is determined to find her missing brother even though no one else at the illustrious California Jockey School seems to care. Her only ally is a recuperating PI who unfortunately is the owner’s best friend. Soon she is caught between a blossoming romance and a far-reaching conspiracy…where misplaced trust can be deadly.

“The latest romantic mystery from Pettersen…enlivened by amiable characters and a robust setting.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Packed with both mystery and romance, conspiracy and emotion, with story lines centered on the polar opposites of horses and the Mexican drug cartel, this award-winning romantic mystery novel is a thrill throughout…a great read all around!” – Pacific Book Reviews

Death on Daytime

4.3 stars on 18 reviews.

A Tess Darling Mystery

FREETV producer Tess Darling is a gorgeous, grubby blonde who skids across bars, and slides under men, to escape the shadow of her famous father, eminent broadcaster Darcus Darling.

When a presenter on her show is murdered, it’s Tess who is thrust into the spotlight however. To save the jobs of her TV crew – including her best friend and worst cameraman Miller – she’s forced to turn investigative reporter.
Probing the dark underbelly of daytime TV, Tess encounters bloated stars, bristling talent agents and vicious competition from her own father. Will Tess prove the failure he’s always held her to be? Or can she stop the killer before they strike again? As the stakes rise, inhibitions drop: Tess may have Miller by her side, but it’s hunky Detective Selleck she’s got her eye on…

If you intend to spend any part of this summer on a beach/ hungover/ trying to duck flashbacks from the night before, DEATH ON DAYTIME is the book for you.

The Liberation of Ravenna Morton

4.8 stars on 12 reviews.

Women’s Fiction. Historical Fiction.

Ravenna Morton is an American Indian woman living a very old-fashioned life in a primitive cabin at the edge of the Kalamazoo River.

Facing modern problems when her lifelong affair with a Greek artist is closely examined by their children after a child she gave up for adoption dies, The Liberation of Ravenna Morton captures the small-town dynamic of a family’s private secrets being exposed to the world.

A poignant look at the melding of two Americanized cultures observed under a microscope.

Adult content.

The Best of the Best Free Books for Thursday.

Low Tide Bikini

4.5 stars on 231 reviews.


More Than Rivals

4.2 stars on 106 reviews.

Women’s Fiction. Romance.

Stealing Jenny

4.3 stars on 350 reviews.

Suspense. Christian Fiction.

Extermination Day

4.3 stars on 59 reviews.

Apocalyptic Thriller.

The Moonglow Cafe

4.6 stars on 44 reviews.


Don’t Wait For Me

4.4 stars on 427 reviews.

Inspirational Fiction.


4.8 stars on 34 reviews.

Short Stories.

Torn Apart

4.7 stars on 20 reviews.

Mystery. Suspense.

Lip Reading

4.8 stars on 40 reviews.

Medical Mystery.

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How Bridge McCoy Learned To Say I Love You

4.9 stars on 21 reviews.

Romantic Comedy.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

An off center love story about a man who walks two steps forward and one backward, hates change, and after his wife leaves him because he is a lousy writer and will never be able to buy her gold and diamonds, moves to Lost City, an obscure art town, and opens a gallery called WHY AM I HERE, vowing he will never fall in love again. But, as life goes, he tumbles head over heels for Vivian, owner of a coffee house named the WAKE UP OR DIE, but when he tries to tell her I love you all he can stammer is, “I, I, I, Lo, Lo, Lo,” and he starts choking like there is a meatball stuck in his throat. A zany look at modern life with a cast of not so normal characters – a blind painter, a lady that believes there is a rock of rocks that will enlighten mankind, people that are paranoid because there is only six billion years until the sun devours the earth, two hundred dogs that are tired of organic dog treats, a woman that is so happy bubbles trail behind her, a man with sixteen girlfriends, and many many more. A love story that will leave you with a smile and a warm feeling in your heart and shaking your head saying, “I have never read a novel like this one.”

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My Story as an American Au Pair in the Loire Valley

French Illusions Book 1

4.1 stars on 150 reviews.

Coming of Age Memoir

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Most lies are told with the expectation that no one will uncover them. When I was twenty-one I told a monumental lie, fully aware mine would be discovered.

My Story as An American Au Pair in the Loire Valley, the first of two books in the French Illusions series, is based on the author’s diaries from the summer of 1979. Linda Kovic contracts to become an au pair for an aristocratic French family in the Loire Valley. In order to secure the position, she pretends to speak the language, confident she’ll be forgiven once she arrives at her destination. This book captures Linda’s fascinating real-life story inside and outside the Château de Montclair. Her compelling memoir details her challenges and triumphs as she tries to adjust to her new life with Madame and Monsieur Dubois and their children. When Linda encounters, Adam, a handsome young student, her life with the family becomes more complicated, adding fuel to her internal battle for independence. Join Linda on her unforgettable adventure of discovery and romance in an extraordinary part of the world.

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Enchanted by an Emerald

5.0 stars on 9 reviews.

Paranormal Romance.

Seven original, never before published novellas!

$0.99 for a limited time!

One enchanted emerald… Seven couples in need of its magic to find true love.

  • A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER by Catherine Kean
  • WHEN WE GET TO PARIS by T. Elliott Brown
  • EMERALD INTRIGUE by Wynter Daniels
  • WHAT TO KEEP by Nancy Robards Thompson 
  • FORTUNE’S FOOL by Mimi Wells
  • CHARMED BY THE THIEF by Katherine Garbera


Kindle Best Book Award Finalist Horror/Suspense

 Promise me Love Historical Romance

Amazon Bestselling Crime Fiction!

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